Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


2day is forum day. Yes, tat mean hav to do another forum presentation and tis is not the last..... Hav to do another forum presentation wen the date is settled. Well, 2day less ppl come to the class as u all knw raya is juz leave and they need more raya holidays. Tat very common wer v chinese also wan more new year holidays as tis years new year holiday not more than 1 week. I remember few years back wer new year holidays is almost 2 week. Very syok not like wat Amanda say ss (syok sendiri) =p Okok, my forum title.... 2day only 2 group is presenting wer other giv excuse not enough member..... (I think not enough member also can start a forum mah as forum no need many ppl. 2 or 3 ppl also can start) Well, Pn Nana tell us to prepare for 2 week and i done nothing. Not i lazy but dunno wat the point is. My title is so difficult and also cracked my head not into half but many pieces.... Tell u later my title, make 'Sam gua gua' =)

Wen Pn Nana ask us to come out to present but no one dare to come out. I guess they same like me not ready yet. Then, she say "If like this, v continue our study" OMG, i din bring my book as 2day is forum day. So, fast fast ask one group to present and ask which group is enough ppl. Then, she ask Roy's group to start first. Wao.... Fast fast ask my group member wat the point and quickly think how to elaborate it and talk. Din quite pay atention of wat the group is presenting as i 2 bz to prepare my forum. All i knw is their title is bout Firework. Gosh, tat can b the forum title meh..... Anyway lah, can present tat god lah. Giv them a clap.....
p/s : This clap is only appear in tis post not in the class ah.... Hehe.....

Great, think bout firework, and think bout Pn Nana ask "Is firework tat fun?" Yeah, i agree wif wat she say... I seldom play firework and dun get it wat so fun. I prefer to stay at home and watch new year movie. And Pn Nana also agree wif me but she say the raya movie all sad movie. Very boring.... Is my group turn to present. Like i say b4, 4 boys and 2 girls. B4 holidays, v hav discuss all must wear formal cloth. Girls dun wear baju kurung but wear like office formal cloth. But wat happen 2day is tis morning, Haniff sms me to ask me whether wan wear formal or not. And he say 2day he wear normal cloth. No idea... so, follow him wear normal cloth lol. Wen i reach college, i saw Xord wear a smart formal cloth..... Then, followed by Haniff and Hafiz who wear normal cloth like wat they sms me tis morning. Then, i heard they say tat 2 girl really wear the office formal cloth. I nearly wan to c how they wear. Reach the class, the 2 girl really wear them and quite nice..... Well, kena lah din wear formal cloth......

The forum is like normal start wif MC Hafiz who try to explain 2day forum topic. The topic s SEXIST!!!! I thought the meaning is ppl who do sex but is wrong. It mean hatred toward opposite sex. Like man hate woman, and woman hate man. Tis is wat i found from Internet but wat they wan to talk is man look down at woman and the opposite.... Quite confuse wat should i talk and wat the point is.... Tat y i dun do it during the holiday.

Discussion start wer girl start to say tat nowadys woman is trying to catch up wif the man and dun wan being looked down by the man. She also say tat man cant do wat woman can do.... Time to fire back.....

Girls : Man cant do wat woman can do.....
Boys : Tat not true, v man can do anything..
Girls : Oh, yeah? Can u handle the baby, do housework....
Boys : This happening right now. Not cant, but no time to do it...
Girls : Y no time?
Boys : U c, man is responsible to find job to earn money...
Girls : Woman can also find job to earn money. wat i try to say is if woman go out to work, can man do wat woman do at hosue.
Boys : Like i say, there nothing man cant do....
Girls : Tat not true. Wen woman ask man to do house work, they sure giv excuse tat work so tired....
Boys : Tat true... Work is really hard.
Girls : Is excuse. Cuz u all dunno how to take care the family...
Boys : U c, man can do anything. U c nowadays famous chef, fashionist, and many more. All man... This show tat man can do better than wat woman can do.
Blah blah blah..... This topic continue for bout 30minutes and i manage to giv some equation to state tat woman is a problem for all the man. Actually, v are a bit out of the topic cuz real meaning is bout hatred not who better. Ai..... If talk bout the real meaning, i got plenty of point.....

Sorry to all the woman, not i wan say tat woman is not good, but in this forum i hav to kejam sikit.... Feel sorry to myself.....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Love or Marriage

2moro is my relative wedding. I cant attend their weeding as i going back to Kuantan 2moro morning and my mum ll leave me alone at the bus station as she going to attend at round 9am. I din pack my thing yet. I now having terrible flu. I sneeze till my heart so pain and nearly wan explode. I din tell my mum cuz dun wan make wori since my dad case is also a heart attack. I think i take some rest is ok gua. 2day i juz realise their marriage and i think of a question. U believe in love or marriage. From tat moment, i cant c the happy face of the marriage. Is marriage tat bad for both couple wer they prefer to b lover? For me, i dunno which i prefer. If i choose love, it so hard to express the feeling. Mb i prefer to b alone and love the ppl i really love in my heart or i prefer some ppl to care for me or ???? Dunno wat i talking bout. Sometime, i think tat love is as bad as marriage. Love v cant obtain so easily but marriage is very very easy nowadays. U juz need to do sth wrong (u knw wat i mean) then i can hav ur marriage no matter at wat age. Love is really so hard and suffer. U can love others but others dun love u. U dun love others but others love. Sometime, u can love more than 1 ppl. Is tat called love or "fa sam". Till now, i dun quite get it wat is love. So hard to understand it and use it. Even to win this love battle is like paper vs knife. Love is like a knife. So easy to hurt ppl and sometime till death. So, which i should choose. Love make me hurt and marriage always not very happy. Alone i ll feel jealous to others who hav a perfect relationship. Hard to choose.........


Nothing to post as no mood. Dunno wen and y? Juz no mood....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Yesterday, i go to Raub to visit Lee cuz her hand seem very serious liao. As the raya is coming, i nt allowed to drive motor to Raub. She say 2 dangerous to drive alone after wat happen to my fren's mum. Nothing can do, drive to bus station to take the bus to Raub lol. So funny, i din hav small change so juz giv RM50 (my harta) and the drive ask me wat the time now? 7.30am lol. Tat early, wer can change for me oh. So, the bus is delayed to giv change to me. Not feel guilty =p Reach at the place around 8.10am and hav to go up the hill to reach her home. Long time din walk liao as i always drive motor and i realise i really getting fat aledi. My mum say i not 2 fat but quite fit to me. =.=! I knw last time i so fat so i decide to diet lol. Now fat again, sia-sia saja. Wen i reach there, her dad come back to take away for her and not include me. I pretend i hav eaten. Hehe... Been at her house quite some time b4 my mum called me....

Mum : Ah Bin, wen u wan go home?
Me : Eh... y?
Mum : 2day i go to Raub so i can fetch u back lol. Is Lee free 2day?
Me : Let me ask first. (She of course say yes lah) She say ok woh.
Mum : Then, ask her to come to Btg for few days lah. Ask her to stay at our relative at Chamang
Me : Hah? I giv u a call later for an answer ah.
Mum : OK. Faster ah. After i finish tuition, i ll go to Raub gah.
Me : Bye...

So, i ask her and she straight away agree to stay at Btg. But, she need to ask permission from her dad. Great, her dad!!!! Wen he come home, she din ask him but go to prepare the lunch. I sit next to him and din say a words. He continue to smoke and i dun dare to leave my chair. Wen the lunch is ready, v go to eat lah. Same, i sit next to him and say no words. Eat, eat, eat. My phone break the silence... Thank God!!!! My mum called me to ask wat time to go back? She then ask her dad and he agree 2. Great!!!! She then go upstair to packed her thing. Me... sit mext wif her dad again and again Silence!!!! Dunno wat to say?

My mum reach at 3pm and fetch us to go to bookshop first. After tat, v go to hav my haircut as btg there not so good. V reach our home around 6pm and go out again after having bath. My sis not at house at tat time cuz she wan go to my relative house to c baby. Ai... Lee dunwan to stay at my relative house, so no choice, stay at my house lol. V eat our dinner at Indah Selera... V eat quite much food de. Got fish, taufu, vege, and egg. Total not more than RM50, cheap, cheap, cheap!!!! Then, go to basketball court to watch some match.... Wen go home, v all so tired and all sleep. Zzzzz.....

The next morning, got also basketball match. Is semifinal and Btg team is in. Wake up at 8am and prepare myself to go to watch the match wif Lee. Horray, Btg team win the Bera team... After tat, dunno wer to go, so take Lee to hav a walk to Chamang waterfall. Mb is holiday, so many ppl there and i saw some ppl aving barbeque... So miss it... Then, go out to meet my mum to hav lunch. Then, go back home to hav some rest first b4 go out again to watch the final. Bentong vs Kuantan. Ai.... early match bentong team is in good condition but Kuantan too strong. Finally, Bentong lost in Final. Lee go back at 6am and she say so happy this 1 day trip cuz of my happy family.....

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bad Year

Tis year is so bad....
Early tis year, i was schocked by 2 news tat my close classmate hav passed away. 1 is kena jampi by someone. Tis kind hav to ask the malay cuz bomoh also hav no idea and she died like tat. Another is an accident. He is Singh and he is the only ppl at my age at my school to get he full A in PMR. There is one more case. It juz happen 2day. I received sms tat my fren's mum hav passed away. OMG!!!! Later i need to find him. Mb i can comfort him a little as i knw wat it feel to lose ur family. He will sit for STPM next month. I dunno how he can manage it. Last time, i also face the same problem but at tat time, i ll sit for trial exem 2 more week.

It seem, 3 races tat i knw and close hav gone tis year. Wen ll it b my turn. I scared.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


2day i go to genting wif Lee to take her salary. It says tat last time, wen she work at Genting, they din bank into her account, but giv in cash. She hav to study at Kuantan juz like me, and wer got time to go up and take the cash. Hav call many times still hav to pay in cash and in some times if din show up, the cash ll b donated to the government. Shit....

So, since now on holiday, so go up there and grab the cash and leave this place. But there is a big problem, i hav height phobia. Wen i m at a high place, i ll faint. There is once wer i really almost fainted and i dunwan to remember tat experience. But, i cant say NO to her as i hav promise her tat i ll follow her and wait her wherever she is (seems so familiar tis word)..... So, put some gut in my heart and take the bus to Genting. I wait her at my house and she sms me to tell me tat the bus is broke down. Without wasting time, i sms her and tell her to wait for me and i fetch her. Go and come back from Raub need bout 1 hour wif my new and 'lao yah' motor... Go at 9am and reach btg at 10.30am cuz i hav to take biscuit to my mum at kindergarten.

Ok, the Xtreme journey begin... Take the Genting bus at 11am and reach the skyway station at 12pm. At tat moment, my mind start to chill... I ask her can v take taxi to go up there and i knw the cost is really @#%$.. She let me relax for a while and i say "Buy the ticket". Oh my, first time i say wan to take skyway. B4 is my frens force me to take and i almost faint. Tis time 2.... Buy the 2 way ticket which cost RM8... I still remember last time only half the price. World is changing. Ok, time to step forward to a new world. The cabel car is coming, and i say wan to sit face up... Wen i sit, i close my eyes and hold the tiang there. Luckily, she giv some guts to me 2 and hug me tightly. Reach some distance, i open my eyes and look up and pray to reach there quickly. Reach upon there, i ask to open the door quickly... can breath now.

Start walking to the place to take the money, unfortunately, it is closed. I wrote ll open at 2pm. Now, only 12.30pm. Since v not yet eat the breakfast, better take brunch now. We eat at the canteen wer only staff can go there. I the outsider. Hehe.... The price os so cheap. No wonder Genting is the place for all ppl to save and earn money cuz they provide place for u to sleep and the food is so cheap and rest of the salary is more than enough to use.... I eat mixed rice and my favourite milo ais (i drink it since small and nv change till now) Total only RM3.... CHEAP LOL...

After eat, v go to the First World to hgav a walk as it still early. Hmm.... ntg much to c and buy. No money mah... Go to the Speedy shop and i buy the Da vinci Code CD to let my family watch it b4 they read the book. Wen it alsmost reach 2pm, v go back to the place and tis time i wait outside as the guard there seem suspicious to me.... After a while, she come out and say it wun open 2day. Curse them... Say will open at afternoon and now nt open. Waste money to come here. The cost for the transportation nearly RM20 per person. U think is so cheap to go up adn down wif tangan kosong ah. No choice, hav to go up again 2moro and she say she ll go alone and no objection.

Now, go down..... More scared as it more faster than go up... I wan to yell but still she giv guts to me..... Reach home at round 5pm. Need some time to overcome my fear....

Monday, October 16, 2006


Recently, my fren ask me to transfer to KL Utm for better future than stay at IKIP. I knw if i study there, i sure can continue to UTM for me degree. IKIP there i heard hav to b first class...So hard to make choice....

Sunday, October 15, 2006


OMG..... I now addicted to go to KL again. 2day i go to KL again. Yep, like last time, purposely to go to watch movie. Tis time, i go wif my family... Wat movie to watch tat need 1 family to go to watch and go to KL. Yep.... The most popular movie, Rob-b-hood. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I knw i watch aledi. U can called me insane as i hav watch 4th times..... My record....

1st :
At 28th September, the first time at 11.55pm to show up the movie and i go wif my Gf, Lee..... I thought at late night less ppl come to watch the movie, but i wrong..... I buy the ticket at afternoon, is still hav a lot of seat. But wen i go to watch, almost full house.... Of course, almost all are chinese..... Zzzzz..... the next day hav to go to college.....

2nd :
At 9th October, afternoon seem ntg to do. My frens, Hafiz, Haniff and Xord ask me to go to watch movie. Rob-b-hood.... So, i follow them to watch lol.... They laugh from the opening till closing and still laugh wen go out to cinema.... Later at night hav to go to buka puasa wif them, ai....

3rd :
at 11th October, wif other fren to go to watch again and again.....

4th :
Tis time lah, 15th October go to KL wif my family to Times Square...

Oh yeah, plan to watch the 5th time wif my other frens, Wei Wei, Wen Wen and mb Foo Foo.....if i go to Kelana Jaya to meet them lah. Seem i now insane liao lol. Hoho....

V watch at 11pm and finish at 1.30pm cuz of the long advertisement....... Cis........ Then, woman speacility... SHOPPING. My sis and my mum go to grab some cloth, shoe, jewelry........ left my bro and i standing aside and help them to carry thing. Luckily my gf not the kind like shopping... Not i dun like to shop wif them, but at least hav my chance to grab some 2..... After few time shopping, v change place to shop, Petaling street... Tis time, no more cloth as here start to rain heavily, so juz read some books at Popular. My sis manage to buy some Chinese version Narnia worth RM8.90 per book and she bought two. Then, my mum ask me got any book is interesting and i c Dan Brown book. I suggest my mum buy Da vinci Code chinese version 2. Then got another book also in chinese version..... Deception Point and Digital Fortress. Juz RM13.90 per book.... Y i cant read chinese as i buy original worth RM35 per book.....

Go to another Popular to c got sth to buy or not, then my mum ask me wat to buy. I say i hav ntg to buy except some book to me to read. Then, she ask me to choose some book to buy lol. I say 2 more Dan Brown's book to complete whole book. I only hav Da vinci code and Angels & Demons and she buy the rest lah.... Then, i look at Eldest (is bout Dragon i think) adn my mum ask to buy 2. I love my mum......i hav to giv back the money to her for RM100 books. Then, v go to to buy some Dvd to watch..... RM20 for 3. So, i choose for them. Step Up (bout a guy given some community work and he knw how to dance???), High School Musical (second Sound of Music and my sis wan it as she o time to catch the time at Disney channel) and Pirater of Carribean:The Curse of the Black Pearl (also my sis wan as she only watch the 2nd).... Then, my bro buy his anime movie RM20.... Crazy.....

Juz reach home, so tired.........

Saturday, October 14, 2006



For 2 week.......

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Wahaha... My birthday at 10/10 is sth tat cannot be 4getten. I thought tat day same like last year i celebrate myself in my room but not tis year. So many ppl greet me although not more than 10 or less. For me, is quite alot. Well, first ppl to wish me is Amanda from msn last week. Then, is Liew also in msn =p The night b4 my birthday, my frens sms me. First lucky ppl is Meow Meow. Follow by my Ketarian fren, Hui fei, Kar Wen, and Yee How. At the morning, Lee wish me a morning birthday greet. So bahagia. Then is Wai Kuen and Amanda. Well, i tin tis two ppl must juz wake up at nearly afternoon gua...=p I hav my birthday cake from Lee who go out and buy for me. Later, v go out to Kuantan Parade for a walk and she bought me a new bag and cap!!!! So beautiful :)
Then, v go to Megamall to meet Meow and Yy cuz they go to watch Rob-b-hood. Walao weh, this movie is fully booked and tat left 10 seats... The time they watch also a lot of ppl. I heard is full 2. Then, go shopping again and v separate. Wen v meet up, i got my new cloth... So hungry, decide to taste the new Japanese Restaurant, Oiishi. At night, my sis sms me to wish me. I ask y so late to greet and she say she wan to b the last ppl to wish me. So unlucky, the next morning, my best frens, LZW wish me. Soli, Chai Yee... U not the last ppl muahaha....
Here i post some birthday picture.....

My birthday cake

me and my Cake Cake Cake


Cant c clearly

If u c clearly, it show RM70/100g...

At the restaurant waiting for food and drink

Yy ramen so BIG

Meow curry ramen also BIG

Lee teppan chicken rice

Mine teppan salmon rice(actually i order teppan chicken rice2)

My new cap

Cool mah (odd wen i wear cap)

My new cloth

My new bag

p/s : I sense tat my new cloth the jacket look like Amanda's???? Juz a bit darker i think

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Plan for the Future:
Teacher asks children, what do u wish 2 do in future?
Ahmed : I want 2 b a pilot.
James : I want 2 b a doctor.
Deepa: I want 2 b a good mother.
Asif : I want 2 help Deepa .
Exams are like GIRL FRIENDS;
1,Too Many Questions.
2,Difficult to Understand.
3,More Explanation is Needed
.4,Result is always FAIL!
A man is dying of Cancer.
His son asked him, "Dad, why do u keep telling people u're dying ofAIDS?"
Answer: "So when I'm dead no one will dare touch ur mom
Sardar sent a SMS to his pregnant wife. T
wo seconds later a report cameto his phone and he started dancing.
The report said, "DELIVERED".
Three Feelings:
What's the difference between stress, tension and panic?
Stress is when wife is pregnant,
Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant,
and Panic is when both are pregnant.
The Equation:
7 Glance = 1 Smile
7 Smile = 1 Meeting
7 Meeting = 1 Kiss
7 Kisses = 1 Proposal
7 Proposal = 1 Marriage
-And that 1 Bloody marriage has 777777777777 problems.
So beware of glance!




Most Malaysians still feel embarrassed buying condoms. So they rushed into a 7-11,hurriedly grab the nearest pack,any pack, pay andleave before the cashier can even blink an eye.


Many swear by it. But after a few pints they start swearing at everything...



Headache, kids not asleep, maid not asleep,mother-in-law around, early appointment, food notdigested yet, aircond not cold enough, air-cond toocold, nail polish not dry yet, forgot to take thepill, sleepy, stomach cramps, period, haven't remove make-up, haven't shower, no water supply, going towatch "Santa Barbara ", depress, no mood, etc...

Malaysian men never refuse sex.

The "cure for all". If it fails wehave another secretweapon; Tiger Balm.



NATIONAL INSTANT CURE FOR DIZZINESS (FOR YUPPIES):- The sight of a police road block.

NATIONAL RUBBISH DUMP: - Anywhere. As long as it is not your house.

Carrefour. Sometimes even pronounced as Carr 4!On second thoughts, why bother pronouncing stupid French brands like Peugeot, Renault or Citroencorrectly. I think it sounds better,when the localmechanics say "Pew Jeot".When I was in school, Milowas always 'Mee Lo', now that I'msophisticated, I say "My Lo". So don't beembarassed saying "Care 4" when the Mat Sallehs shamelessly pronounce orang utan as "rangutan".


Well, i hav been at Kuantan more tha half year but i dun write bout the famous TC here. TC actually is Teluk Chempedak wer v all Kuantanese say it as TC.... I thought is TC is "deserve dead" in cantonese...=p Well, these are some pic i taken:

Watch the beautiful view and feel the fresh wind....

Can u spot the 2 ppl....

Da tang... 2 ppl hugging... Wei, not suitable for children to watch

View again..... Thinking of who???

wat can u c????

Walao.... 2 guys wearing red panties to goswimming ah????

Hehe.... got monkey weh

Dun hit me X.x

Walk at the beach

Can u spot the small crab here

The sand look like a beautifull flower

Amazed of the natural painting

Stand straight to sing "Negaraku"

Play the sea water

So beautiful...

EH...Y u come out???

I knw, i knw, I knw it beautiful!!!!!

Sad sea...

Blind sea...



SUPERKID. Malaysia is counting on u.

Got kite and pelampung oh...

Batman kite... wer robin!!!