Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

2006 is going to end and 2007 is coming in few more hours. My mum ask me to go Genting to watch firecracker but i rejected it. Not i dunwan to countdown but 2day i dun hav the mood to. I feel sth missing bside me. My sis now hav gone Genting wif her fren early morning.... Quite impressed tat she hav activity to do in New Year. My bro now go out to yc wif his fren and ll go outside countdowning. Chai Bin ah Chai Bin..... Y u always feel urself lonely de. Ur fren is around u but u dun feel anything.

Dun talk bout me, New Year is coming and v all should be happy de. Wish u all Happy New Year!!!!!


Yesterday Lee hav to go back to Ktn to start her work. At morning, her sis called her tat she coming to Btg. So, v go out at 8am to meet her sis and v go to eat breakfast. Then, v go to bus station wait for the Ktn bus to come. After tat, i need to acc her sis to wait for Raub bus. Can u guess wat happen next? I c Zhong Wei. Walao weh..... i ask wer he's going and he say he going to KL wif IKO for some kind of RO gathering. He juz acc her only. So cham.....

After she gone, it's seem the house lacked sth. She only been her for a few days but hav tis kind of feeling. Weird!!!

Kevin called me ask me wanna play badminton. I thought he called me to play basketball but badminton? I remember the last time i play badminton wen i was Form 1 at SMS. At the end of the school day, i play badminton wif Amanda, Leong, Ming Yen (i think), Hsien Wen and other i dunno hav or not. Dun quite remember..... Kevin say he sponsor racquet and all i need is bring myself. V play at Tmn Saga. Well, really long time din play and i almost forget the rules and even how to hold the racquet...... Play till 6pm. Wat a game!!!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tis few days, i terribly bz doing the job at my mum's kindergarten. Doing wat? Paint, clean, and all the job. I been doing this job since i come back but still not finish. Everyday i need to do from morning till evening but hey, not finish, 2moro hav to continue and i so tired. After few days doing the job, 25 Dec, yes tat Christmas Day, i sick. I terribly sick. At first, i got stomachache wer i been to toilet more than u can imagine. My mum suggest i go to consult doctor but i denied. I say i ll b ok if i rest. Tat day i still go to work but afternoon i go back home cuz too tired. I sleep but still not ok. Still stomach pain. NO selera to eat, sleep again but later i cant stand amymore, i ask my mum to take me to doctor. After i finish tat word, i feel dizzy then go to toilet and vomit. Wao.... it's been quite long i can remember i vomit tat bad. After tat, i got fever. Quickly, i go to the hospital and doctor say ntg wrong. Juz gv some medicine and rest 1 day. 1 day!!!!! I cant blieve wat i heard. Is he really a doc or dog!!!! Dun care much, go back and sleep again. Lee sms me but i say i sick, cant chat wif her. I can c she so wori me but i cant think much at tat time. Her word wake me up. She wan come to Btg.

Wat!!! She still working at Ktn but she insist wan come back here to c me. I hav no words for her but juz let her come. Then, Zhong Wei called me to go to Kristie house to celebrate birthday. Wao... I dun blif tat she ll ask us to come to her house to celebrate birthday. But, unfortunately, i sick and cant go. Soli Kristie, Happy Birthday!!!!

The next morning, i a bit ok and not ok. I receive call from Lee and she say she hav arrive lol. Walao weh... Is it a Judgement Day or End of WW2. Ok, i go and fetch her and ask her wer she stay and stay how long. Guess wat she say. "Hmm.... I cant go back to Raub as it take time. Y dun i stay at ur house since ur mum kinda like me and i b stay here till Sat"

Wat do u feel if ur loved one say tis to u. I really dunno wat to do or say. Tis few days, she help us to do the work at kindergarten. She really help a lot and she can do everybody job. U can say she so tough... She help us to paint the wall, help to clean the class, help to decorate the class, and all sort thing. Luckily she's here, if not, i cant finish it in short time. Finish all the job at Thursday.

Hsien Wen called me ask if i wanna go out to play game. Wed he also ask me the same q, but i rejected cuz i hav lot of work to do. Since the work done, i agree. But wat bout Lee?? I cant leave her wif my family, she sure ll keep herself in the room. No idea, ask her to go wif me. At there, wat she can do? I say u can watch me play and giv some support to me =p She agree but my mum say dun b 2 late go back. Wen we are ready to go at 10pm, Zhong Wei called me.

ZW : Yo, TCB. 2nite Foo house.
Me : I knw, i knw. But i wun stay there long.
ZW : No, no, no. U ll stay there then 2moro morning go eat dim-sum and lo mai kai
Me : Aiya, i really cant stay long lah. 12am i ll go back.
ZW : Why u so early go back?
Me : Later u knw lol.
ZW : Is ur gf going there?
Me : How do u knw? (I remember i nv tell any of my fren)
ZW :I juz guess cuz i also bring mine.

Walao weh. Our friendship really till tat level ah. No contact pun can b same gah. So, v go there around 10pm but nobody arrive. Foo's mum tell us to wait cuz Foo go out to fetch his bro. V wait till Zhong Wei arrive wif his gf. Both Lee and IKO (ZW gf) look akward wen look at each other. Both also from Raub but look like tat? Strange!!!! Ok, now all arrive. Got me, Lee, ZW, IKO, Hsien Wen, Foo, Chow, and Eng Yoong. EY bring PS2 multitabs but it's seem nobody bring PS2. So, his multitabs only for decoration lah. Haha.... Everybody bring their LP except me cuz i only stay there not long. Lee and IKO watch Tv, Twin's Effect 2 while guys play Dota. Chow seem dun like to play but only msn. I only play 1 match and wen the time's up, i and Lee go home. B4 tat, i heard ZW ask Chow to bring his PS2 cuz IKO 2 boring and wan play PS2. Wao..... Got PS2 play, seem wan continue play wif them but i knw no hope. Go back at 12am, n i c my mum still play on my lp. I ask permission can i continue stay there but she quickly rejected. Hopeless..... Bring Lee go to room and she ask me "U really wan to go there?" Of course lah, i nv felt tat alive since i come back. Suddenly, she say wan to go to toilet but it's seem so long. Wen she come back, she say my mum allow me to go. Wat!!!! Tqtqtqtq....

So, i continue our game section and seem there is lacked of LP, i play PS2. I play NBA wif Hsien Wen. I only play tis sport game in PC but not in PS2. So, i need to recognise the button first. After i recognise them, v start the match. Basketball game, 5 vs 5. Every team must hav their own star player. Some hav only 1, some hav more.

1st match : Houston Rocket vs Miami Heat (2 star vs 2 star)
Well, i win easily as one of the opponent star player has injured.

2nd match : Rematch (HW seem dunwan admit lose to me)
Well, tis time a little bit hard. No star player injured but my team hav Yao Ming wer he can blocked any shot HW make. So, i win again but the not win much than the 1st match.

3rd match : Chicago Bull vs Phoenix Sun (1 star vs 4 star)
Tis time really hard to play. As u can c, HW team hav 4 star player and i only hav 1. My team only hav Ben Wallace which is similar like Yao Ming wer he can blocked the shot. Unfortunately, wen the game started 10seconds, my star player injured. OMG, now i hav no star player but HW still has 4 star player. Sure lose wen the first quarter he lead me almost 20 point. But i dun gav up at the final game, v tie. Thank the last 3-point i made in the last 2.5 seconds. M i lucky? It's seem our match attract other. Other stop their game and come to watch our game. They seem support me as in the middle of the game, i catch up and try to chase the point.... So, the game continue wif OT but i lose cuz cant really win the 4 star player team. But, i din lose all, other praise can catch up like tat.

Ok, NBA game finish, start the other game. Clock show 3am. I feel wan to go home but the game stop me. 4am, seem 2 late, scared my mum waiting for me. But HW and EY challenge me wif NBA. Wao.... Wat a great game. i agree. So, here come 4th game.....

4th match : Houston Rocket vs 80-an All Star (2 star vs 10 star even the substitute)
It's a tough match.... But i still can manage it although 2 vs 1. And i win easily. Mb i talented in NBA game =p

5am aledi. OMG, it's really late aledi.... Gonna go home now..... Zzzzzzz

Sunday, December 24, 2006

I nv felt so happy since i come back from Kuantan. I can also say i yesterday is the day in 2006 i feel happy than any other day. A day b4, v go out yc but feel ntg, juz a simple yc. But not yesterday. I and my family take dinner at Restoran Indah Selera after a day painting the my mum's kindergarten. Suddenly, i saw a gals watching at me and smile at me. "Kam sok geh??" Oh, Zhong Wei gf, there i also saw Zhong Wei and his family also eat at the same restaurant. Juz look each other for a while. After finish, i miss called him. Then, he called me back. "Wanna go yc later?" he said. I reply "Of course". My sis scold me crazy ah. Juz a table away need hp to communicate ah..... After i go back home n dress myself as need to play ball later, Zhong Wei come at 9pm. So early!!!! Called Hsein Wen but he say having dinner at Perting. No choice, go to Bukit Indah fetch Foo. Foo also surprise v come so early as v promise yc at 10pm.

V ask any act to do while waiting time to pass. Zhong Wei say "Let play ball". But no ball. Called Kevin..."Kevin, u at home right? V now coming to ur house". He shocked and ask me y and i reply to borrow the ball. He say dun hav. Kevin list being marked away. Oh yeah, Eng Yoong come back aledi oh.... Called Eng Yoong and say v on the way to his house. He has no choice but let us go to his house. Sudden visit, hehe.... Ask him got ball or not, and he go and find one. I and Zhong Wei go outside and heading to Soon Ken house. Here v come, sudden visit again. he also shocked. So, 4 ppl now go play ball at Tmn Mawar court. Juz bside Amanda's house. Haha...

Play till 10pm i tin, cant continue liao and Soon Ken say he go ask if Amanda wan him to fetch her or not. So, v all take Zhong Wei car to go back to Soon Ken and Eng Yoon house to take their own car. Only i and Foo no car use. Cham.... TMK meet....

There i saw Chee Yik and Conney, then come Patrick and Kevin, lastly Hsien Wen.... Amanda din come, she say dunwan go out. After a while, Conney and Soon Ken leave to hav 2nd round at other place. Ok, left 7 ppl, but Zhong Wei wanna go back as he sick. Dunno wat he eat at tat restaurant. 6 ppl. Tis time, v chat a lot. Kevin the most talkative ppl. Firstly talk bout education. One by one even me how v r....

Oh yeah, Patrick pass the SAT and ll leave to US next month. Congratulation!!!! V also chat bout wat they need to bring and buy and the most important thing v need to avoid esp Patrick wen he go to US. He cant download mp3. Cham!!!! After tat, talk bout martial arts wer Kevin juz pass his Taokwondo test after black belt. I dunno wat the name is? At the middle of talk, Chee Yik left as he not include in the talk. Mb he dun understand wat v talk even i also dunno wat they talk but i juz listen and learn and giv opinion. 6 left..... Change topic to Lp wer v discuss now wic brand of lp more better blah blah blah....

Then, Eng Yoong receive a call ask him to fetch her. No need to guess who lah, hehe...... Ok, now left 5 ppl. Better go home as Kevin suggest de. Go outside at go to the car, Patrick ask Kevin to demonstrate some move he learn. So, both of them demonstrate how to self-defense and offence. Patrick also ask Kevin to teach him to gal should self-defense after some of his fren, gal, being sexual harassment wen going countdown. Make me refresh back wat happen to her, better ask her to take Taekwondo!!!! So, Kevin teach him while i, Foo, and Wen stand aside to watch. V also encounter tat some police pass through us many time. Mb to check out if v really in fight =p After the demonstration, Kevin look at the watch and it shows 1am. He decided to go back but Patrick continue to demonstrate the move and make Kevin so eager to demonstrate again. So, here v go again. Chat again wif so many topic include movie. Bside me, Kevin also addicted to movie. Haha.... OK, tis time really go home. 3am aledi.... Being at home being scold by my mum... Nvm lah, not everytime i enjoy tis day. I lend Foo some of the movie, Saw3, The Host, One Miss Call3, and The Grudge 2.

Friday, December 22, 2006


OMG, i love 2day. Tis few days i feel so sad nobody come to find me or even contact me. But now no, my best fren Zhong Wei has finally come to my house. Guess wat. He also bring me his new gf to show me. Wao.... Bravo Wei Wei, u hav finally cure ur heart. Wat a surprise tat his new gf also from Raub juz like my gf. Is tis call friendship power? V hav been sharing almost everything even our problem or meal, not clothes ah..... He tell me tat tis few days he been to Genting wif his new gf and 2day juz back. Wen he back, he straight go to my house. I so happy tat time. I been expecting him wen i come home. 2nite go yc wif him, i cant wait to ask him many q.....

Harry Potter 7th Title

Yterday, wen i was surfing net, i found out tat the title for the last book of Harry Potter hav finally come out. Juz the title, not the book. So, i go to check tis out. V can view the name but v need to find out the name. Wao... Play a game to knw the truth, juz like Da vinci Code. Nah, tis is juz a simple game. Hangman.... but b4 u can play the game, u need to unlocked the door by some step. Well, the step is quite easy then i play the game.

Play only within a minutes, i broke the name. Wao.... m i lucky or wat. I can guess the name wif 2 error. The Hangman i not reach the head yet, juz the tiang only. This game allow u to guess many times. So, dun wori u can get the ans. The name is "Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows" Cant wait for it to come out next year i tin wif 2 other book, Eragon the 3rd installment and Dan Brown's The Solomon Keys.

Hoho.... Now, i love to read novel. But English din improve.... Shame!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nothing to say

At last, yesterday my frens sms me and say wan to meet me at my house. Of course i agree... Wen he come, he say wanna use my lp to download some song. I allow him.... Then, i ask wat he doing now. He say tat he quite of bz tis holiday. Well, i only knw tat he is so active wer i heard tat he same like me hav 1 month holiday but he can fillled up his holiday going here and there. I learn tat he go to a camp wer their missiong is very tough...... Here it is:

A group of member contain bout 10 ppl. In the camp, there is head of the camp and all the andidate must giv their purse and hp out. This is the rule of their game. NO HP, NO MONEY.... Well, they now at KL. So, their first mission is to find money enough ur group to go to Johor. I dunno how much it cost but i tin it need a lot for a group. Every candidate will b given a letter say "We plan to go to Johor but v dun hav enough money. Plz giv us some job to do and hav some little payback" The rules din state must b in the shop, u can go anywer even house. I heard some ppl go to some ppl house do cleaning and get RM5. He so disappointed cuz he need to clean their house for preparing for Christmas. Pity!!!! Well, my fren say tat it's very very tough and tired. But, they cheat a little bit wer some gals from his group called her bf to giv some money..... CHEAT!!!! Oh, i 4get sth, they not only need to find the money for the bus fare but also their room at Johor.... I cant guess how much they need.

He only tell me a few as he need to rush to go Johor.... Ai, there go again. Lonely. But at least he come to find me.... So, wer the others!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Wat happen to me? Is it my fault or their fault!!!!

Other knw tat i ll b coming back tis week but nobody contact me. Msg, call, n i even dunno wer they r. I even sms Zhong Wei but he din reply me. Dunno wat happen as i promise i gonna rocked wif him tis holidays. Is it bcuz last time i failed myself to join u to go to KL to hav fun???

I dunno is it my fault or their fault. No wonder i kind of like the song "Lonely"
Who now at Btg and who not come back yet. I hav no idea..... They seem wan to avoid me n i found out some hav change their hp no. but din tell me....
Wat i gonna do!!!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Exam finished.... Now, stay at home enjoying whole day internet. But b4 tat, i wanna tell u all tat after my exam, i din straight away go back to my home. Not i dun miss my home, i miss very much, but my sis wanna stay at Kuantan and it delayed me to go back..... Nvm, let her come lah as she juz been at Ktn twice and it's juz passing through only.

She say tat she ll come at 16th n tat day is the last day of my exam. I say ok lol. After i finish the exam at 5pm, i called her and she stupidly tell me she is in nowhere cuz she dunno wer is she. She say "I dunno wer m i. I only knw here many trees". I wanna knocked her head cuz it's sound stupid. So, no choice, go to the bus station wait for her. I wait there from 5pm till 6.15pm without going home to change my formal clothes. Yep, my exam ask us must wear formal cloth. At last, she reach......

I take her go back to my house. At night it's rain so din plan to go out. I got lot os dvd and she say wan to watch. B4 tat, i take her to LL (Lai Lai) Restaurant to eat first. Then, go back home to watch Flushed Away. It's quite ok but i love tat little thing sing "Akon : Lonely" as it's fit me. Feel so lonely at day and night.....

The next day v plan to go to the beach but it's rain heavily. Hav to cancel our planand stay at home. Poor little sister, hav to stay at home after having 4 hours journey to Ktn but hav to end up stay at room. But the rain stopped at 2pm and my sis insisted to go out. So, i say dun go to the beach but go to Megamall. There, she like a deer go to the village. She say wan watch movie but for her, so hard to find some suitable movie to suit her. Luckily, Happy Feet still available and i buy the ticket. Walao, tis movie is considered old movie but still many ppl watch tat day. Well, it's not strange as tis movie is really good.... Then, she say not enough and I go to buy Eragon ticket.

Eragon is a movie based on the 1st Best Seller in New York, Eragon. I hav bought Eragon book and also Eldest, the 2nd chapter of Eragon. Well, i finish read them all and now wait the last installment which i knw it's b out next year include Dan Brown's latest installment The Solomon Keys. I also dunno y i start to love read novel and wen i read, i read non-stop. Hehe.... As u all knw, book can defeated movie. Eragon book more interesting than Eragon movie. Luckily, i read aledi....

Ok, buy Eragon ticket liao lah. A bit hungry, plan to take my sis to eat sth diff (for her only) I ask her wat to eat and blah blah blah.... End up at Pizza Hut.... Better check my wallet first. Enough for 2 ppl. Hehe....

Well, the time is 6pm and the movie start at 7.30pm so my sis suggest v stay at Pizza Hut till the time's up. I dun tim v can make it but v can. The food is no finish up but time's up. Thx to my sis...... Can fill the time at Pizza Hut talking crap... After finish Eragon, she seem lost cuz dun quite understand the story. Better ask her to read the book but it'll seem alien to her. Hahaha.....

The next day is the same as the previous day. Rain rain rain.... B4 she come, no rain but wen she come, rain nonstop. Is she Rain Girl??? Well, 2day nowhere to go but take her to go to the beach. The wind is so stong and i can c the red flag which mean no swimming..... Juz take her some walk then go back. Tat a day.....

Well, go back to Btg, tat is 2day and found many thing seem lost. Hav to find out the lost thing and take back.....

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Exam Season

Exam, exam, exam........

Friday, December 01, 2006


Yesterday, the whole student of Engineering course hav to canceled their class bcuz all of us need to go to Balok. Not v need for meeting nor practical thing. It’s picnic I guess. Gosh, exam coming round the corner, very near liao, still wan picnic. But nvm, only RM5 can eat many thing. Well, the plan say start at 10am but never trust time. I start drive my motor to go to Hanif house to take his car for a ride to Balok at 10am. Brilliant choice. Hehe…. There, I c they still not dress up yet, so play some games first. Bejewelled 2. Boring…… Then, wen Xord and Sergeant arrive, start going now. 5 ppl 3 cars. Which one I should choose. Finally, I choose Xord’s : )

Balok located quite a distance from here. Almost can reach Kemaman I think. Wen v reach there, nobody there. Then, sergeant 4get tat he prepare the ice but din buy it. Suddenly, at his back there Ice lorry is coming towards our place. Damn lucky Sergeant…. So, called Pn Wan and she still at home. Luckily we dun follow the plan arrive there at 10am. So, change destination, go to Pn Wan house. Her house is juz nearby only. Wait bout some time and she put some drink inside our car and ask us to go there first. Well, finally, ppl are coming. Not many, but it’s good as I can eat the whole thing and not leaving some. =p

Tis is some picture i took: (Most is the view there)

Ok, let me present u all the world sexiest man nominatee:

Vote Sergeant(right) or Xord(left)

Anytime can sms me...... =p
Actually, after c below picture, v all make fun of tis. I wan vomit now.......................

Play voleyball

Dun b so upset, next time try again......

C how Xord can grab the ball wif one hand