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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dan Brown

Recently now i read Dan Brown novel. His novel is so popular like Da Vinci Code.... He wrote total 4 novel, "Angels and Demons", "Da Vinci Code", "Deception Point", and lastly "Digital Fortress". I only manage to buy 2 early books cuz too expensive. One book round RM35. walao weh....... Now, i read "Angels and Demons". Still left 100 pages to go........

Month Study

1st Week
IKIP registration date at 3/8 and 4/8. Lee and I take Bentong bus to Kuantan at 10.45am. Tis time v take other bus other than Transnasional. That is Bulan Restu bus which is from KL. V take central at Bentong at stop at some place and wait for the Bulan Restu bus from KL to fetch us. This bus is quite comfortable and take 2 and half hours to reach Kuantan where last time I take 4 hours..... When v reach there , v take taxi to go to IKIP for registration. When v reach there, our clock show 1.30pm. Unfortunately, that day is Friday. Guess wat? Is time for the Malay to sembabyang... =.=! V hav to wait till 2pm to register..... Bad days again, the person in-charge is late and v only register around 3pm!!! Then, i call my uncle who is on the way to Kuantan to b referees for Basketball Competition Under-18. Some history, i heard my uncle is quite actie when he's young in volleyball. Unlike weh.... I heard he hav play till international in Manila. Is it true??? Anyway, he use my van to fetch Bentong players and b arrive at 4pm. So, Lee and I wait at the Student Centre lol. Not eat yet!!!! After he arrive, he take us to fetch somebody who help me to go to my new room. Everything finish around 7pm. So tired.....

Next Mon, i start the class and everything go normal like last sem although see some new face for the new first sem student. Quite impressive tat this time, IKIP hav 10 chinese student compare only 6 ppl early year. But, i hav to go back to bentong at Wed and tat mean i only study for 2 days. I go back cuz my mum go to China and i hav to take care my siblings. =.=!!!! Anyway, tat Fri i take my siblings to KL. p/s: They ponteng class oh..... I take them to watch movie cuz they wa to watch the Pirates of Carribean 2. Tis movie i hav watch three times liao. Then, they wan watch Dragon Tiger Gate but unfortunately, they still underage. No choice but take them to watch Garfield 2. Quite funny.....

My little bro at Monorail.
Nice pose ^.^

Hey, my sis wanna kill me cuz i take this picture.
Quite ugly leh....
2nd Week
Actually, i decided to go back at 16/8 and my mum come back tat day. But, i hav to go back early one day cuz of my motor delivery. Yep... I take my motor to Kuantan as i need motor to go to IKIP. 2 days study without motor and need to depend on taxi quite costing ah... Mr Sang say that on Wed he din go to Kuantan but on Tues. No choice but to go back early lol. Tat time, I and my uncle take motor to go to Mr Sang house to put my motor on his lorry. Then, my uncle fetch me home and hav to stay overnight. Y? cuz i hav to go back to Mr Sang house at 4am to fetch me to Kuantan. He always deliver thing tat early and if i wan to 'sun fong ceh', i hav to follow lol. I stay overnight till 2am and my uncle fetch me to Taman Siantan where Mr Sang live. But v don go to his house cuz mb he still sleeping. So, v go to nearby restaurant and yc first. But my unlce leave me at 3am. cant blame him cuz 2molo he hav to help my mum to fetch the children to my mum's kindergarten. So, i drink alone till 4am. I walk to his house and take his lorry to Kuantan. Finally, i can sleep now. Zzzzzz......
Reach Kuantan at 7am... stilll sleepy and Mr Sang stop at nearby restaurant to hav some morning tea woh. Gosh.... I hav to go to school later leh. Faster take down my motor and let me go back to my room to continue my dreamland.... Still hav to acc him to deliver some stock and i hav to follow him cuz 2 person r unable to take down my motor. I only get back my motor at 8am and i only manage to put down my luggage. Then, i hav to go to IKIP. I called Lee and ask her where is she. She still dunno tat i come back tat day. When she saw me, i smiled and wat did i get. She kicked me and say it is a big surprise. Still painful.... Almost 1 week din go to class and hav to catch up all the subject.
3rd week and the 4th week will b my quiz and test week b4 Merdeka. And after Merdeka still also hav test to go. But I hav a lot of fun at my English class which ithe subject is called English For Academic Communication. Puan Nana (her name look like a Japanese movie NANA =p) ask us to prepare a forum. Group is divided into 5 or 6 ppl. My group hav 6 ppl (Me, Haniff, Hafiz, Syazni, Shah, and Dian the tomboy) Oh yeah, believe it or not, Haniff and Hafiz is siblings but both din take SPM. Haniff born at 88 and Hafiz same age wif me 87. Both same semester wif me. Din take SPM? Quite true cuz both r taking 0-Level at Mesir. Wao!!!!! I not sure y they study here? Anyway, Puan Nana giv us a title and do the proper forum. I done it b4 wen i take IEC few month ago. The title is "Early Marriage". The day v do the forum, I act DR TAY CHAI BIN.... All hav to giv some opinion bout the topic but i not prepare much cuz too busy do my 1 week homework. So, my starting point is so @#$#@. But wen i start to discuss the topic, i was in the discussion. All the student and Puan Nana hear our forum. V discuss the topic where i and Syazni quite agree the topic. I say tat all the marriage must start wif money first. Tat real!!! Without money, u cant get marry no matter early or late. And i also do some equation..
Money + Matured thinking = Love or Marriage
This equation i think can help me get some point. Later, wen the audience start asking question and nobody ever bother bout my equation. But Puan Nana ask me some question. She say my equation is questionable. OMG...wat will she ask me...
Puan : The equation that u stated r questionable. If there is no money, so there is no love.
Me : Ehhhh
Puan : so, this equation is not acceptable.
Me : No... There is nothing wrong to my equation. Let me explain it.
Puan : (Listen)
Me : As i say that for all the love, v need matured thinking and money. Matured thinking is for both ppl of they can stay 2gether for how long and how much u willing to sacrified to them. Money is the most important cuz without money, u cant do anything. No money to spend, buy thing wen Valentine or birthday or some memorable day like your 1000th hours, 100days and 1 year anniversary for both ppl wen they start to date or marry.
Puan : (Still listening)
Me : So, the complete equation is like tat.....
Money + Matured thinking = True Love
Wen there is no money, Money=0
Matured thinking = Love (see, still got love)
This love is quite ok for all the lover but wun last long cuz din hav plan for future.
NO MONEY MEAN NO LIVE, NOT NO LOVE (diff only the 'i' and 'o' only =p)
Wen there is no matured thinking, Matured thinking=0
Money=Love (also got love)
This love is for the ppl who only wan money more than love.
Lastly, wen there is no money and no matured thinking everything is zero.
Love=o (now no love anymore)
Me : It show that my equation hav nothing wrong at all. Anymore question....
Puan : TQ (Quite happy my explaination)
Although i hav my bad starting bout quite ok for my point in my equation. =p

Monday, August 14, 2006


Hav u ever handle some1 who is very very young and mb more than half ur age. Like some1 aged 4, 5 and 6. They called themselves children/kanak-kanak. If no, u must experience once, is good for ur future children. If yes, u must knw wat the feel to handle this little ghost... How many children hav u handled. 1, 2, 3... How bout a class of children mb 25 children where u hav to handle them in 3 1/2 hours. Can u tahan mah.... I juz experience 2day at my mum kindergarten. It is juz a few house away from my house, Tadika Choong. Quite near de... So everytime i hav to go there to look after them. B4 i was juz look at them bout half an hour. But 2day i need to teach them. Now i bcome a teacher!!!!

My mum now at China for a friendly singing competition. Is my mum frens, ......... (let u knw, she is YU HENG's mum). My mum and her mum been frens for long time. It is also my mum wish to go China to sing (juz some oldies song) and her dream comes true wen she took my mum to China 4 one week. It make me hav to skip a few days class at my college to take care my little siblings. They not so small (1 PMR and 1 SPM). Need my care again T.T So, wen my mum away, my aunt replace my mum to teach. But 2day she cant teach cuz hav a broken nose. I so shocked wen she came to my house wif her nose still bleeding. Y dun she called me? Actually, she got called but i dun answer cuz i still Zzzzzz =p She ask me to teach them. OMG, those little ghost is not nothing. Really a little ghost gah.... No choice, go to teach lol.

8.30 am
Clean myself quickly and drive my motor there. I can walk but i so lazy. Often being scold =p Reach there and the other teacher, Mrs Lin ask me to teach them to read the English. I nodded and go to Year 5 children. Quite easy cuz u juz ask them to read and u listen is there any wrong. U wrong!!! These children knw how to read, but wif some loud noise. Some dun even bother to read. A gals walk here and there (i thought only boys naughty?) Although only ask them to read but i nearly die of their sound.....

9.25 am
Go to the Year 6 class cuz i cant tahan anymore. This time more easier. Juz look at them copying some exercise at the white board. I can relax a while. Wrong again!!! Some dun even wan to copy it down. Juz wan to play wif their pencils and eraser and even their bag. They say their bags is their baby. ??????*speechless* I scold them to copy them fast.... After they finish copy, do the exercise. Lagi nak muntah.... Some of them so lazy to do and ask me how to do. Mrs Lin told me not to b so kind to them cuz they knw how to do but they juz lazy. So, i ask them do it quickly and pass it up. Some dunwan to do it and juz laugh laugh laugh. Dunno wat they laugh????

10.00 am
Go to the kitchen and fill the glass wif milo.... Mrs Lin go and giv some biscuit to them. Total children here r 44 not include the absent. Quite small but hard to handle. I thought nothing will happen gua wen both the teacher not around. Wrong again again!!!! I heard children cry and make some noise. I go and see wat happen. Guess wat.... The pupils hav a fight. Aiyooooo......... It seem tat other pupil snatch other eraser and dunwan to giv it back. He punch him at his head... Juz one hit... His head grow a new 'egg'. Very big oh.... I dunno how o explain to his mum. Sigh......

10.30 am
Clean all the glass and all the children finish their milo. Continue teaching for Year 6. For me, i hav to teach them read juz like Year 5.... Tis time more worse. I need to teach them Chinese as i not knw much bout Chinese. Mrs Lin say no need to teach them but juz listen to them tat enough.... I thought might b easy gua. Wrong wrong wrong, all wrong!!!!!!!! The children read like a crazy ghost. Make my ears nearly explode. I ask them to read again but they ask me how to read and wer to read. Sei lol.... I juz point them and neh neh neh..... Y is it so hard the Chinese???? After finish reading, read English book. Then, continue their exercise. So slow some of them finish such a simple exercise cuz they only knw play...

11.30 am
Been hard time for me to force them to finish the exercise. Quite hard cuz some of them finish aledi and nothing to do. Start running all around..... I cant take care both side. I ask them to sit down. Their butt only touch the chair for 1 minute and start again.... AHHHHHHH...... Enough, everybody pack up ur books. Time to go home. They say, "TQ teacher, see u 2molo (laugh)". The only thing make me happy....

Quite nice to b a children. Juz knw how to play and no need to wori so much. Their work, study, future.....none of them. For them, fun is their world. For us as a adult who wan them to b good need a lot of time to teach them. I wonder how my mum teach them and they ll listen to my mum. Some say my mum was like a harimau betina.... I knw it but if she can, y dun i? Cuz my face dun look like ppl who like to scold ppl and not suitable fo fierce face. I dunno.... My mum so powerful to handle all the children there. I only handle some of them even 2 or 3 i cant tahan anymore. Children knw nothing bout tired. Play play laugh laugh fun fun... Wan to b children again but i knw there wun b a chance.... I not having a happy childhood and tat y i cant remember my childhood time. It must b quite happy to remember how childish u r wen u r small wif no stressssss....

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Wen u all will hav tears in ur eyes or heart? Is it wen u grandmum, grandpa, mum, dad, siblings or realtive pass away. Or these close ppl hav sth happen to them. It is quite normal for everybody to hav tears wen they face them no matter guys or girls. Tears from their eyes ir even in their heart. Some ppl will prefer to show their tears through their eyes. Or some ppl hate other to knw n prefer to keep their tears inside their heart. Which one u would prefer? Normally guys wun show any tears to other ppl cuz afraid of shame. Normally gals would like to cry to show their tears. Is it true tat real world is like tat. Guy dunwan tears cuz look like gals. Let me ask u all, wen is the last time u hv tears bsides ur close relative no matter wat happen. Scared, nervous, dissapointment, hurt, and so on. Tis question u should ask urself or u actually not very sure bout it or 4get.

The most important question, hav u ever hav tears to some1 which u dun wish let them knw. For example to some1 u really love!!!! If u really love them, y would u leave the tears? Mb both of u knw tat u ll hav a hard time to b 2gether where u dun mind to take it. Mb tat person suddenly seem disappeared from tis world without any news where u still waiting. Or mb u so love tat person and unwilling to let tat person to leave u and try many ways to keep tat person stay wif u. All this is some sign of how much u love tat person. If u really willing to leave tears to some1 and tat means u really love tat person. If like tat, plz tell them how u feel. For hard time, u should say tat no matter how hard their life but u really love tat person. And u dun care wat will happen to both of u as long as both of u can b 2gether. For the long lost contact, u should keep on waiting if u really love tat person no matter how long. 1 month, 1 year or mb 4ever. If u sure tat u really love tat person and miss so much, u can wait. Leave the tears mb can help a bit but better find some solution from leaving all ur tears away to some1 u not sure will come back. For the staying 4ever wif tat person, dun b silly!!! As long as u love tat person and tat person knw how u feel, is so hard to leave some1 who really love them. Love u dun mean must stay wif u. In ur heart u tin of tat person is enough o show how much u love tat person. Dun b silly to try sth funny to keep u but u dunno tat person wun leave u if u really love them.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Thing

Hurray, i finally hav my own room outside there 4 my study. The hostel now change to Girl's Hostel aledi.... So sad cant stay at the hostel anymore. So decided to move out. Luckily the room is juz near the hostel SPS =p Although is near the SPS but i cant enter the building cuz now it forbiddens Guys. Sad again.... This is some view of my room. A bit mess at the first day...

Door side

Side room

Outside the toilet

Inside the toilet(quite dirty de)

Another side of the room

Side after i put a new almari ^.^

Hehe..... Tis is all for my new room. 1 person stay in this room n sometime a house!!! Y i say i stay at a house? Cuz the other renter at the house seldom stay at the house. They all adult aledi n still bujang =p Tat mean tat the whole time i stay at the house, the whole day i can use anything at the house HEHE.....

I also change a new phone aledi. From Sony Erricsons K700i evolve to Nokia 6280. I use my own money to buy tis. It been a hard time to save tis amount. K700i is my mum buy for me as she promise me to giv me one after i finish SPM. Although i not really like it but i appreciate it. Now, my sis say she wan a hp n i dunwan her to waste money to buy new hp. If she buy must use a lot of money de. In fact she still small.... So, i decided to giv her my K700i n i buy a new hp. Price is quite ok de. RM1200 include 512MB miniSD card.

Sony Erricson

Second hand
40MB only

Original ^.^
10MB plus 512MB

Here is my new hp.
Nokia 6280
So beautiful.........

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Terrible call

Horray, 1 month holiday hav finally ended. 2moro hav to pack my thing back to Kuantan... I go back wif Lee. The registration open for 2 days, 3/8 till 4/8/2006. 2day i din go for registration cuz i hav to wait my uncle to fetch me to look for room. Yep.... now i din stay at hostel anymore. Goodbye SPS (my hostel name). Another reason is tat now this hostel change to girls' hostel. If i wan to stay there, i hav to change my sex =p Hehe..... If i wan to stay at hostel, i need to change to Casa Mahkota Hostel which is located a bit far away from my recent hostel. Very very far.... So, i decided to rent a room to stay. Tis month, i juz 'goyang kaki' at home n din find the room. I juz last week start to find the room. I called many room which is given by my frens at Kuantan.

First call
Me : Hello, is this Mr Tay? (Wao, same surname wif me, so lucky)
: Yes, i m.

: I wan to ask is there any room to b rented?

: Oh, there is one room here.

: (Happy can find the room)

: U r so lucky cuz all the room hav been rented. Now juz left one room only. It is an air-conditioned room.

: (Wao, got air-cond in my room) How the charge?

: RM35 per day.

: ................ i think bout it.

: Ok, call me if u r interested. Bye

Second call

: Hello, is this Mrs Chua?

: Yes, i m.

: I wan to ask is there any room to b rented.

: .........Did u call the wrong phone

: Hah.... u r Mrs Chua

: Yes, i m. But i here no tis kind of service woh. I tin u call the wrong person.

: Ok, sorry for disturb. bye

Third call

: Hello, is this Mr Ow?

: Hold on. Dadddddddd.......

: Hello.

: Hello, Mr Ow. I wan to ask is there any room to b rented.

: Hah.... How u get tis number?

: I get from my frens. He says tis number is for room rent service.

: I tin ur frens c the advertisement 3 month ago. The room hav been rented.

: Ok, sorry for disturb. Bye

Ai...... none of the call is succesfull. First call only hav only air-cond room n charge me RM35 per day. U tin tis is hotel meh. Second call dunno can say lucky or not. Same name but diff service. I wan to kill him aledi for giving me this phone number. Last call lagi teruk. The room hav been rented for 3 month n the advertiseent is still there. Make me so angry. No choice, stay at hostel... Dun tin bout it. I call my uncle to ask his frens who stay at Kuantan to find room for me. Within 24 hours, he found one room. Normal room wif RM170 payment per month, Expensive a bit lah cuz my frens there only RM150. Nvm, can stay enough lah...