Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Friday, June 30, 2006


Once upon a time, there lived a stepmother, Mak Kundur (malays favourite stepmother, hehe) who live with a beautiful girl, Snow White (:p). SW like to sing, but her song always being insulted by her stepmother n she claimed her song is much more better than hers. At that time.....

At a small house
MK : LALALA........ (song played : I love Rock N Roll, by Britney Spears)
SW : Lalalala......... (song played : Quizzical, by Juliet the Orange)
MK : SW....., how dare u sing this song again, u dunno the meaning of die hah.
(SMASH, she slap SW)
SW : Why u slap me, i din do anything wrong.
MK : I feel annoy whenever u sing a song. I cant stand it anymore. Now u GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. I DUNWAN TO C U AGAIN.
SW : But, i dun hav place to stay.....

SW feel so sad n leave the house. She hv no place to go, so she decided to find "ikan kaloi" (malays magical fish which will fulfil any1 wish). Unexpectedly......

SW : Ikan kaloi, ikan kaloi, ikan kaloi..... Wer r u? I need u....
LM : Hi, SW. Dun cry my little SW.
SW : (Shocked) Who r u?
LM : Oh, I'm Aries, the Little Mermaid. Ikan kaloi now is on leave. So, i'll b its relief.
SW : ?????
LM : Nwm. I knw wat u wan. Nw take this seed n plant it.
SW : Do i need to water it..
LM : ...... I also dunno woh, u read the manual lah. Now take it.
1st : Huh, wer is the fish ah. I cant find the fish to b sold at the market. Eiii, there u r my little fish. Now come wif me.
LM : Oh, i tin i hav to leave nw. (being carried away by the 1st) SW, u remember to plant itttt
SW : .......

So, SW decided to plant it. Wen she plant it, suddenly the seed grow n bcome a beautiful swing. Wen she sit on the swing, some fairies coming out n music is played (I Have A Dream, by Westlife) They dance n SW ll sing wif Bawang Merah (dun ask me who she is, u better ask the malays).Even Pinochio dance 2. They all sing n dance very happily.

2nd : (Cough)
All the fairies n Bawang Merah scared n leaves the stage. SW dunno wat to do, n run away. But she left her shoe (juz like the Cinderella story). Hang Tuah come out wif some hulubalang.

HT : HAH...... Juz now who cough
2nd : (Show out n kneel in front of HT) I so sorry, your Highness. I didn't mean to. Plz 4give me....
HT : Later u knw wat to do. Now, wer should i find this lady
2nd : (Shocked like c a ghost) Look!!! Your Highness, i tin this shoe belong to her.
HT : Really!!! Peterpan, take tis shoes. V need to find her, i tin i fallen in love.....

At the market
Now, the place is act like a market. Ppl chit-chat, play n buy daily things. N also the LM is there 2, being sold to any1 who wan a pet or a special fish 2 cook. (Music played bout 7 seconds : My Hump, by Black Eye Peas)(Y 7 seconds? Cuz it sound like a trumpet n tat means HT is coming) All the ppl shocked n kneel down like a king is passing by. N HT is show up wif some hulubalang(the bodyguard).

2nd : ATTENTION. Now, your Highness, Hang Tuah, wan to find a girl who can wear this shoe. Whoever is suit to this shoe can marry your Highness, Hang Tuah.

All the girl try to wear it, but nobody can wear it. U knw y,. cuz the shoe is XXL size wif 30... (Big Foot) But 1st wan to try it n being hold by the hulubalang cuz this is juz for ladies.

HT : Well, i tin she not here. Let's go back to the castle....

At the castle
Bcuz all the ladies can wear the shoe, HT is so sad. But, he wun putus asa. He ll try n find her. On the other hand, SW wan to take back the shoe cuz he only hav 1 shoe on her. She hav no money to buy another shoe n she knw is hard to find a Big Foot shoe. So, she take action wen all the ppl sleep n she knw tat her shoe is being kept very tightly by some laser (so modern ah). Music played : Mission Impossible (Cool). SW sneak very carefully n finally pass through the laser. B4 tat, she need to male up first, then she take the shoes. Unfortunately, wen she wear the shoe, her shoe touch the laser n the alarm is on. Some hulubalang show out n fight the intruder. SW hav no choice but fight them. Now the fight like Hak Mui Kui ( Black Rose in chinese, my idea) But, the hulubalang is too many, n SW i being arrested. HT show up wif his pyjamas n feel so angry.

HT : Who r u? How dare u steal my shoe.
SW : U little bastard. How dare u steal a poor ladies' shoe like me.
HT : U mean tis shoe belong to u. Prove it.
SW : Lalala..... ( I Have A Dream)
HT : Oh, is really u. I apologise. Release her. SW...
SW : .....
HT : Will u marry me?
SW : .......................

Outside the castle
The news of their wedding spread through out the world. Even MK know tis news. She feel dissapointed last time she kick her out. She hav to find her as SW hav to repay her for a long time care of SW since small.

MK : Oh, there u r my little SW.
SW : (Being accompanied by fairies) I dunno who u r. Oh yeah, i remember u. U kick me out. So, should i say TQ to u cuz kick me out ah n i can find HT. TQ
MK : No, it's not like tat. I didn't mean to...
SW : Enough. I knw y u come here. It's money, right. But i tell u, i ll not giv u anything even a rubbish. Bye bye.
MK : SW, plz dun leave me. SW.....
SW leave wif her fairies.
MK : Damn it. She changed a lot. I tin i should call BBBB Co. (Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup Company, u better ask the malays too wat it is). Beep....
Pinochio : Hello. Tis is BBBB Co. Can i help u?
MK : Yes, i would like to book a place there.
Pinochio : Wat!!! U wan book a place. Plz leave down ur name.
MK : Yes, my name is Mak Kundur, MK the most beautiful n talented singer in the world. Mariah Carey also lose to me.
Pinochio : So cocky ah. I hav sth to tell u ah. I, Pinochio the cutest puppet in the world here to tell u that now our company is fully booked aledi. Now, shooo... Beep......
MK : Hello, HELLO..... Damn it now, all the ppl now try to bully me ah. I wan to tell u.I not that weak as u all thought. I ll fight back. HAHAHA

MK suddenly bcome a real witch n try to make a poison to kill the SW. (In the story, a witch make a poison apple to giv to the SW, but in this story, v change it to mempelam. Hehe)

MK : I finally finish. U sure die, SW... HAHAHAHA

MK go back to the castle. She search for SW n found her wif the fairies at the garden.

SW : U again. Now wat?
MK : SW, i really soli wat i do to u last time. I hope u can 4give me.
SW : (Silent)
MK : If like tat, i hav nothing to say. I knw u ll never 4give me. I hope u can hav this little gift.
SW : Wat is it?
MK : It's magical mempelam. If u eat it, u ll bcome more beautiful n u b more happy wif ur husband.
SW : ....

MK : Come on, take it. Plz....
SW : Ok, i take it.
MK : U better eat now.... More better.
SW : Ok lah..

Wen SW eat the poison, she feel dizzy n turn around n around again. At this time, two person take a large white kain wif behind going along n close the SW n now the SW bcome a MAN. Oh my, She's The Man. (A movie title :p, i like tat movie)

MK : Haha, now c who ll love u again.
HT : SW... Wat u do to her. Catch her...
HT : SW, speak to me. SW.....
Doc : I tin she has eaten a poison named...
HT : I dun care the stupid name, can she b healed.
Doc : Yes, there is a way. But...
HT : But wat?
Doc : She need a kiss from the person she love..
HT : ..... Kiss a man
Doc : This is the only way.
HT : .......................................... OK, i do it.

Two person again take the kain n close the HT n SW. Behind it, v open a spotlight, n HT kiss the SW.

At Party
Everyone seem happy at tat time, they all chat happily n eat something. The balloon is also being throw. Some special guest is also being invited like Cinderalla, Rapunzel, Pinochio (he really look like a Pinochio, the costume n most important, his nose) n many more. There is also 2 singer who come n sing us a song, Ricky Martin n Christina Aguilera. Music played : I Don't Want To Be Lonely, by Ricky Martin n Christina Aguilera. After this song is finish, a wedding song is played. Every lined up in a middle like ( l l ), N the HT n SW show up in both direcion. HT kneel n giv a flower to SW. Then they walk in the middle n everyone throw .....(i dunno wat they called). Then, every1 lined up n bow to the audience.


p/s : This story won the champion. HOHO, go go CHAUCER. The other group is quite ok their story but all is bout a sad story.......

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

IEC. Wat is tis....

For the whole tis month, i was stuck at the college for 1 one reason. stupid IEC (International English Course). Tis course is for the YP scholar at college IKIP, n compulsary to go. If not, the YP scholar will lose the contract wif YP, tat mean, YP wun lend u anymore money to study. I was part of it. Early, i tin i hav 2 month holiday after exam at the end of May, but the stupid IEC shorten my holiday to 1 month. Damn it.... Some ppl say tis course is good cuz can implrove our english, i say NO WAY. I prefer start the new semester than going for the stupid course... Let me explain wat tis course bout....
IEC program tis year is its 3rd time at Phg. So, its purpose of course is to teach n improve our English in 1 month, pretty unbelievable. Anyway, tis course is divided into 5 sub. Everyday diff sub, which is PUBLIC SPEAKING, LITERATURE, THEATER, SPECIAL SKILLS, n CREATIVE WRITING. Bcuz there r so many YP scholar here, so they r divided into 5 groups as usual lah. But i wan to laugh at the group's name, is quite funny n cant understand them. They r CHAUCER, DRYDEN, FROST, BROWNING, n the only name i knw, SHAKESPEARS. Quite strange y they put these name, n they say these name i according to the famous poet at the past. I tin so.... Guess which group i was, CHAUCER. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There ntg so funny, wish quickly finish the course n go home n sleep all the day.
So, first day i was in the creative writing class, the first day v learn is to write a poem bout object the lecturer giv. Quite stupid. Then, next activity is to create a poem according to wat the lecturer say. Tat is (apple, shoe, mat, scissor n SHIN CHAN). I going to die.... The class end at 12am n start at 2pm n end the day at 5pm. Quite tired at the first day. POEM, POEM, POEM.
Actually, tis course is for us to hav fun. Using English to play game n automatically learn some English. But as usual, malays is so lazy n ponteng all the time. Me 2. But guess which class the most popular. Is the theater class, y? Cuz everybody hav to stand out n act. Act anything tat is in ur mind, quite fun. I love tat class 2. Other class attendance max reach only bout 20 or less or even nobody show up, but theater class reach a lot. Almost all the ppl show out. Dunno wat the nowadays ppl tin, play more than study.
There is a theater competition at the end of the IEC, 23/6. All the groups hav to act a small theater at IKIP 5, the largest campus i ever c at Ktn. The ceremony start at 2.30 pm but at thath time is rain heavily. All the ppl at hostel wait 4 the bus to come n fetch us, but the damn bus late to arrive. Come at 2.20pm, stupid driver. Wen all the ppl there, they hav to prepare their theater preparation. The setting, the sound effect, the costume n many thing. Is hard to take a breath at the back stage. All the groups show a good coorperation n v feel proud of ourselves. Wat story did v make, tell u at next blog lah, i write enough 2day....