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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shocking News

Tis is the second post after i come back to Kuantan. Ntg interesting happen but yesterday v all receive a quite schocking news. It's say tat my course, Electronic and Electrical Engineering will b closed and all the student need to change the course to other course like Mechanical or Civil Engineering. OMG, wat the hell is happen now. It's also say this is due to the lack of ppl taking tis course and they need to close them up. How bout us..... I dunwan change to other course and they say for those who dunwan change, IKIP will pay back the money. All tis i heard from some1 i knw.... V all so shocked and go to c the lecturer but she absent. I also heard tat Sem 1 only 1 new student for my course. No wonder they wanna close but it cant involve us.....

2day, v finally realise the truth. It is say tat the ppl spread tis rumour is going to repeat sem 1 cuz his cpa is considered fail. Due to the lacked of ppl take tis course, plus the new student, only 3 ppl from sem 1 in my course. So, they need to close the course for tis sem. V as senior juz continue.....

So, they got 3 choices. Change the course, get back the money or apply again at July intake. Dunno wat happen to IKIP nowadays!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Start study again....

Ok, tis is my first post after i come back to continue my study. Let me tell u wat i hav experience tis few days. Alright, from the first day....

First day (17.01.2007)
I and Lee take the morning bus go back to Kuantan around 8.30am. Wen v reach the terminal bus, v take taxi to go back to my house to put all the thing first b4 go to IKIP to register. Tat time is bout 12pm. Ok, my motor hav been active for a long time so, i hav difficulty to start the engine. Take me bout 10 minute but i realise tat the tyre is 'pancit'. Omg, wat can i do..... Go slowly to the petrol station then go to register. Tat time nearly 12.30pm. Wen v reach there, Jesus, lot of ppl there. All the senior wait their turn to register. First, i take the registration
form and fill them in. Then, there is many caunter i need to go. First to check if i hav any balance from last sem..... NONE.... Lee hav about RM750 balance. My fren lagi geng, RM3170 balance. Y i dun hav any balance left geh??? Next is to check the result. Although i knw aledi, but ned to check again. Tis is 4 some student who still owe IKIP fees and cant check the result on9 and hav to check the result there. But they only knw their GPA but not their full result. So, they dun knw their sub grade. Sad!!!

But it's 1pm liao and it's lunch time and hav to wait till 2pm to continue the registration section. After tat, check ur sponsorship, accomodation, then lastly payment. All the student need to pay registration fee total RM70 but unfortunately, need to pay UTM registration fee. Bcuz i dun hav balance left so i need to pay RM360. Shit lo, i dun hav enough money and they say need to pay tat day. So, i say i only can pay RM100. She ask me to ask other lecturer how to settle,. So, i go to find her then she ask me to go to office find other. Wen i go to office, she not available. So, i go down again and she call her. Cant reach her, and she ask me to go to find the first one again. Make me go round and round. She say ok, but the next day need to pay the less. After the registration it's my time now. Go to watch movie. Well, v watch "Night At The Museum". Nice oh =p

2nd day (18.01.2007)
Early at the morning, need to go back to pay back the fees. Ai.... After tat, ntg to do at my house. Go to watch movie again. Movie, movie, movie..... "The Return" and "Kungfu Mahjong 3" Nice oh =p

3rd day (19.01.2007)
2day need to go again. Tis time is to register the sub. V take the registration sub form and fill them in tis sem need to take wat sub. After tat, go and find the lecturer for the sub and sign the form. After all the lecturer finish sign, go to find our mentor to sign to the form. After tat, no need i say again, MOVIE...... "Pathfinder", "Blood Diamond", and i cant imagine, "Death Note 2". Wao.... it come out aledi ah..... Pathfinder is at 2.30pm and finish at 4.10pm. Then, v go to find Carrie wer she now work at Computer shop as accountant. Lunch not take yet, so now v go and take lunch + dinner. But wen Lee go to toilet, she found 5 cinema ticket. The movie is "Happy Birthday". She ask me wat to do. I seem recognise the owner cuz one of the ticket is children ticket. Cuz i wait outside the toilet so i knw who. So, v search and search but cant find. So, v keep them first till tat time and check if they r there or not. But Carrie say no need, cuz if they knw their ticket is lost, they wun buy again and go home. =.=! Now, i realy dunno wat to do but gv the ticket to her and she call her fren to check if wanna watch or not. Y i dun watch wif her? Cuz the same time, v wana watch "Blood Diomand" Tis is te first bad thing i really regret till now. Ai....... Well, 2day is the last day to watch movie cuz no money liao =p hav to wait next month......

4th and 5th day (20.01.2007 and 21.01.2007)
No need to say as ntg to do at weekend. Cant go out cuz the motor Lee hav use to go to work.....

6th day (22.01.2007)
First day to study. Nice to c so many familiar face and some not. Mb new student and i ask if there any new Chinese student. IKIP DIP hav lot of new chinese but i c none of them, and UTM i heard hav 1 only and i only manage to c her side face only =p Well, the first class is Electronic Digital 2. Last sem ED1 i only get B+ only and the lecturer say ED2 the highest only manage get B+. Die lo..... Next is Calculus 2. Last sem Calculus 1 i get A mb tis sem also sem. I very confident in Math sub but unfortunately, Math sub only till tis sem only. Next sem no more English and Math. All concentrate on my Electronic course T.T At Calculus2 class, the lecturer din explain the final format but start teac the first chapter. Wao...... completel out from wat i learn b4. So interesting.... More interesting is coming now, Pn Marinah say the next class ll b quiz base on wat v learn 2day. OMG, only start class got quiz liao. So fast...... Ai...... After the class, i go eat lunch wif Lee, Carrie, Yy, and Wong.... V talk more than eat, mb long time no c liao except Carrie. Carrie say tat time nobody wan to watch wif her, so, she throw the ticket away and the same night, she and her fren buy the same movie ticket to watch.

I say got free ticket u dunwan but waste money and buy again...... wen v chat, sudd Wong chat wif Carrie bout the mariage of his fren at age 20. haha.... of course do sth wrong liao then marry lo.... Then, talk bout wer can 'gugur' the bb n how much. From my knowledge, malay always expensive bout 2000 but i heard only 200 sth only. blah blah blah.... then bout test tube bb, the twins, ...... all bout tat thing geh..... can chat till nearly 2 and got class to attend. Next is Physic class but unfortunately, the lecturer hav been transfer to IKIP 5 and no lecturer wanna teach this sub. Pn Wan say v need to wait for further news and c got lecturer or not.... So, tis whole week no Physic class. It's a bad thing cuz i dunwan the last sem incident wer no Titas class for 1 month and tis make my result drop to C-

Ok, tis is my experience upon start the sem..... Many thing ll happen next, who knw......

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

School start

Ok, 2molo i need to go back to Ktn.... 1 month holiday is finally gone and all i do during holiday is sit at house all the time and grow fat from time to time. All i knw is eat, watch, sleep!!!! Ai.... better go back to ktn to lose some weight =p

After i go back to ktn, i ll hardly on9 as i dun hav te connection at my house there. So, mb i ll update my blog once or twice per week. Tat's all!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Result finally come out 2day. But i very sad wen i look at my result. Last sem, i got pretty high about 3.78 gpa but tis sem, it drop to 3.24 gpa and my cpa only 3.58

Aiks..... I think tis is bcuz tis sem i watch 2 much movie gua. Gonna work hard next sem!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007


Found tis poem on newspaper. This poem is wrote by local genius at 12 years old in 1988....

A charge from plus infinity,
Shoots into the negative direction,
A charge from minus infinity,
Shoots into the positive direction,
A great bang appears,
The birth of a number!
The sum of plus infinity and minus infinity,
Makes the world's greatest property-neutral!
Zero is its name.
It is a great number!
For it is the only neutral...

...Zero is very quiet,
It does not like to mix with 1,2,3...
For zero to mix anything to the right,
It'll lose its neutrality,
If zero mixes with anything to its left,
It'll go astray...

It has conquered mankind!
But why... ha! ha! ...
Has mankind ever wasted time...
On nothing?
On Zero?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wat can i do???

Do u think i should help him? Who? Of course is my best fren lah, ZW. Well, yterday he called me to go to Hsien Wen house to play Dota. Kevin, Foo, Eng Yoong and Patrick ll go 2. At first, v decide to gather at 10pm but around 9pm, ZW called me tat HW need to go to his grandparent's house. If like tat, v need to change place but no suitable place. ZW call and call... At last, HW say he has settle his thing and need to go now. Ok, i need to pack my lp but my sis is using my lp. She say wait a minute but i knw, her minute is equal to half and hour. I wonder how he use my lp doing her friendster stuff.

I reach his house at 10.10pm then all fren hav gather 2gether except Patrick. EY say v no need to LAN the lp but use wireless. He bring the wireless router and everybody can use wireless. But unfortunately, Kevin 4get to bring his mouse and Foo din bring his lp back. So, v lacked 1 mouse and need USB port. Kevin dunwan go back to take cuz his parent ll scold him. Nobody hav the mouse, Foo say nvm. He no need use mouse but use the mouse-tab on lp. I wonder use tat tab can play game meh. Ok, start the game. Winner is FOO. Walao weh, without use mouse also can win us ah.... Genius!!!!

Patrick has come and bring extra mouse. After tat, ZW receive a msg say tat his gf has arrive btg. Walao weh.... come her suddenly gah. Tat also can. Can u guess wat her reason? She wan play PS2. If i am ZW, i hope tat she ll say she wan c me, but tis reason really @#$. ZW dun care her and ask he to wait him at TMK but continue play game. Around 12am, his mum call him and scold him. Tis is first time i saw ZW mum scold him. She scold him cuz his gf suddenly come without knowledge but ZW insist tat she come by herself. From tis moment, i really hate this kind of gal. I dunno wat can i do to ZW. Pity!!!!
How can she treat him like tat????

Friday, January 05, 2007


Check tis out...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

School Day

OK. Time's up. Time to wake up now. No more dreaming and no more fun. The holiday is over and everybody need to start their school and work now. Lot of homeworks and revision book is waiting for u all.... For me, the real holiday juz come. Last 2 week is so tired. Need to do this and that. Need to "yeng chau" my fren. If i dun go out, they say i dun "gv face" to them. So, every morning, i help my mum at kindergarten and night i need to go out meet my frens. Wen i go out, only yc, basketball, badminton (once), and Dota. Can u all gv me a break!!!!

2day start school liao. Same to kindergarten. Tis morning i need to wake up at 7am to start moving the books to the kindergarten. Total 20 pack. Not heavy but can u imagine, start work right after u wake up and not even clean myself. @#$ Reach there, settle the table and my mum cook the breakfast for the children. Wat v going to do is wait the parents to arrive. So, wen the first parent arrive, v start to work. First v need to take the registration form from them. Then, need to knw do they need bus service and uniform. Some children last year already hav the uniform so no need to buy again except u wan some new uniform. This year v add one more activity, cocurriculum wer they need to buy long pant and T-shirt. Next, of course, receive the payment from them. Now is the busiest part. There plenty of money tat i first time c, and i scared to calculate wrongly. So, v need to bcareful. Some of them only register 2day and need to explain the payment and books. But tis year, the Year 5 children more less than last year. From wat i heard is the government kindergarten last time only receive Year 6 but tis year they also receive Year 5 and it affects other private kindergarten.

So, Year 6 start their study 2day but not Year 4 & 5. U knw lah, first time go to school sure wan their mummy and daddy bside them. If not, they ll start crying. Tis is the worriest part. 1 cry, other follow cry. U can hear the whole class full of crying. Y? I heard his mother acc him play and then, ask other parent join. Then, the mother quietly sneak away.... Wen the child realise, he start crying. Even my bro secret weapon, sweet, cant help much. Some children cry till go outside. After half an hour, he stop crying after v hav no choice but call the mother. But he ignore to sit wif other children. So, his seat is like sitting bhind the class. Weird child!!!! Around 9.30am, i c some ppl coming. Is Kah Kit and his parent! Y they come here? He gv my mum his business card and it's from Sin Chew Daily. He wan to interview my mum bout the kindergarten. Wao... wen he bcome a reporter woh. My mum dislike taking picture so he only take the class and surrounding area picture only. V din greet each other.

2day school only till 10.30am cuz first day mah. Some children love it. Only 1..... After they gone, need to do some account. V check the registration form and check the real price. Then, v calculate the money tat v receive. Surprisingly, v less more than RM200. V check 3 times but same result. My mum ask me did i receive less. I remember no gua..... check check check.... My mum say "Oh yeah, yterday got one parent pay aledi" Ai.... My mum always 4get the simple matter. After tat, i need to help my mum to pay the road tax and electric bill. Somemore, bank in the money. So, i firstly go Loke Chou Fatt there pay the insurance then go to JPJ. Wen i reacj there, omg, so many ppl.... wen it's my turn, they i cant pay the road tax cuz starting from tis year, the road tax for all the vehicle change. So, they need to check the price. If the vehicle not at the list, need to wait the officer to come and gv price to u. But the office is not around. I hav wait half and hour and now they tell me i cant pay!!!! No choice, go to TNB. It changed. The caunter now is under construction and v need to go 2nd floor. Wen i reach there, ppl din follow the turn. Who first, pay first. So, i need to stand bhind like i so rude. But i hov no choice. Later go to Public Bank to bank in the money. Jesus, same like at JPJ, lot of ppl... Ripley's Believe it Or Not, i hav wait for my turn 1 hour and i stand.... Tired..... Zzzzzz


It's seem almost everyday i play dota wif my fren..... wat m i doing???

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


2007 has finally arrive. Wer do u all go countdown. Me? No, no, no...... I din go out to countdown. Reason. I feel ntg interesting to go countdown. My mum ask me wanna go to Genting to c firework but i dunwan. No mood to c firework!!!! I knw it's beautiful but it's 2 late now. Must b a lot of ppl there. I prefer watch in a small place wif someone i wanna bwif by hugging each other and mb tat ll b the best time to express ur feeling towards them. In fact, v go to play DOTA. Weird!!! Ok, Zhong Wei called me to go to his house and ask me to bring lp. Tat time is 10pm and i say i cant go out yet as my mum is alone in the house. Hav to wait my mum sleep first then i go out. Who else other than me and Zhong Wei din go countdown. Kevin and Chow. Both also go to play Dota.... V cant called Foo as the line seem very bz. I cant send msg either. Mb tat gd, nobody ll disturb us. Well, v waste a lot of time try to connect them in LAN. No Foo here, v all very kelam-kabut. But wat i wan to say here is, i go by motor. Ppl say dun drive motor at night as there is sth else ll ride on ur back. Wat a joke!!! I wun blif it. But tat night is really cool. Wenever i go to Zhong Wei house, i ll pass by a small garden. Tat time, i tin i saw sth white at tat garden. I dun care much.... Juz quickly go to his house.

Ok, all settle.... Play game. V play till Soon Ken, Eng Yoong and Patrick come. V all play till 4get it's aledi 12am. Nvm lah.... V countdown wif game. Haha.... Juz like last time, v all play till 5am and v all wan to go back. Only 4 ppl wan continue. Zhong Wei, EY, SK and Patrick decide to go eat dim-sum at 6am. Crazy... V all go back first. But tat time only i go back cuz other need to pack their thing. Same garden, same image. Is it only i can c it? Dun tin 2 much, drive more faster. The road is very quiet. I only can hear the wind. So, if there is other sound, sure scared u. Suddenly, i heard sb knocked my helmet 3 times. I dun look back although it's juz a small knocked. Wen i reach SMS, my motor seem moving left or right. It's like .......... dun say anymore, dive faster and faster. Reach home, quickly go back to sleep.

I wake up at 11.30am. So tired and hungry. Zhong Wei called me again. He say tis time at Soon Ken's house. Walao weh, they no need to sleep gah... No choice, go to Soon Ken's house and continue DOTA section. Tis time only Zhong Wei and Soon Len wer other say they ll come later. After tat, Kevin reach and say tat his mum @#$ him for so late coming back. Luckily i din tell my mum wat time i home. Very hungry.... Around 6pm, i got to go home. 7pm i need to go out eat dinner.... Then, Zhong Wei called me again for 2nd round. First time, i rejected cuz i knw my mum wun like i always go out. Well, 2moro i ll go out play badminton mah. Hahaha.... I ll nv 4get tat night. Such an experience!!!!!!