Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, v knw tat Transformer can transform from any vehicle to bcome a robot. How bout tis:

Happy Birthday To My Mum

2day is 20.07.2007. Few weeks ago, newspaper say ta 07.07.07 is a very good date but for me, no date is better than 2day. 2day is my my mum's 47th birthday. I here wish her hav a double happiness juz like her birthday date (double 2007 if u notice). V chinese ppl do like double thing esp double $$$ =p.

Well, bout the present v wanna gv to my mum is quite a headache to us cuz very hard to choose the suitable present for her. She hav done lot of thing to us esp me wer wen she knw i in need of $, she will find way to gv me the $. Even now my uncle's case is not yet done and believe it, at 1st Aug i will go to Temerloh to attend the High Court if i not mistaken. The thing i can do now is to win the case and ask my uncle to pay wat v hav lose b4. My mum work so hard, work as kindergarten teacher at morning and as tuition teacher at evening and even night. I can say tat my mum work non-stop. Therefore, sometime i try to save some $ to my mum so tat she wun suffer tat much. For the ppl who knw me sure knw tat i do watch lot of movie =p

So, Happy Birthday Mum!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Going back to hometown

Ok, i hav been long absent as i was working at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.... tis job really tired!! I'm work waiter at there.. that stupid managment dun give break time 2 all the worker,include kichen helper or the bartender. Tis restaurant, i can say is the worst restaurant i ever c but tat doesn't mean their food is bad. Their food is as good as Kim Gary Restaurant. If u work there, the customer come in 1 after another wic mean all the time must hav the customer. Good business but really bad management. Y i say tat? Now i tell u, the actual working hour to any job out there is 8 hours and here, 9 hour is the normal. Other is OT. Every day, i work more than 9 hours but in 1 day, i only get less than half an hour to hav a break. So, sometime wen i was very tired, i will go to the toilet there. Not really go to the toilet, but go to the stair nearby to sit. So terrible to b heard. But, at least i got learn sth. Here some of the happy and sad event happen wen i was working:
  1. Wen i was going to take the bus to KL, Yuan Xin was at the same bus but it seem she din c me.
  2. Right after i reach 1U, it took me some time to ask the passer-by wer the restaurant is....
  3. Working here, u only need to wash ur cloth once in 2 days or more. Y? Cuz u need to wear them again at the next day!!!!!
  4. If u wan to come here to eat, order wisely cuz u may be surprise tat the food or drink is bigger than u expected.
  5. For those who wanna celebrate birthday, i would recommend here cuz for the birthday ppl, u will get a free and huge milk tea under tis condition (at least 6 ppl include the birthday ppl, order food or drink more than RM30, and giv them IC or any detail show tat 2day is ur birthday) Trust me, if 6 ppl u go there only order drink sure more than RM30....
  6. Salary is the saddest thing. They din pay u fully but pay u half half. First is at 3rd and then 18th. First salary is only ur basic salary minus EPF. Then is ur service salary n OT.
  7. How they pay ur salary? Cash or bank in? If wanna bank in, u need to open an RHB account but i dun hav. So, i choose cash but right b4 the date of the salary, they told me tat must open a new account at RHB. So, i hav no choice but to go to open a new 1. Luckily 1U there got RHB bank. But i need to choose register bank card only or include the book. Card RM100 and include book, RM250. Diff? Only card can only check statement once in 6 month!!!!! At 3rd, i learn tat they din bank in my salary and make me wait them to pay cash to me. T.T
  8. I hate almond tea!!!!
  9. Right after i can officially key in the order into the computer. I make lot of mistake. Especially Almond Tea!!! The computer is a touch screen so very very sensitive and automatically key in almond tea without ur knowledge. So? I hav to pay for the wrong order lo. 3 days in a row i order wrong almond tea!!!!

Some customer very very funny. Here some:

Cus : Can i hav a honey lemon tea but dunwan sugar?
Me : ??? (I go and ask other ppl can do like tat or not? The bartender laugh and say if honey lemon tea dunwan sugar, then mah dunwan the honey lo. Wic mean, customer wan normal lemon tea)

Cus : I wan order tis Yong Zhou fried rice but dunwan garlic, onion, oil ......

Cus : I wan order tis but due to i'm vegetarian, so i dunwan the meat and egg.
Me : ????? (If u r vegetarian, u shouldn't come here)

Cus : Its drink too sweet, can put some water?
Me : OK (tis happen everytime, but read below)

Cus : Hey, tis ice honey peach got no taste leh.
Me : Hah? I go change for u. (Go to bartender) Cus say tis drink got no taste
Bart : ???? Go put some more honey peach. Tis should be ok.
Me : Here u r.
Cus : (Drink) Still got no taste woh
Me *walao*
For tis drink, i hav go to bartender 3 times. @.@

There r so many thing happen but the most unforgettable happen the night b4 my last day. At tat night, v last call at 10.30pm and all the customer who still wan to stay a bit longer need to pay their bill for the cashier to finish the account. There is 1 table tat i take order b4 last call. All the customer need to fill in their order in an order paper and v as waiter will take the order. I at tat time go to tat table and they hav fill in their order. So, i repeat the order to make sure tat they order the right thing. They juz say oh oh, so i think everything is ok. But after they pay the bill, they ask me to come over their table and argue tat they aledi pay the bill but there is 1 more food tat not yet come out. Tat is impossible cuz all the food should hav come out aledi as the kitchen aledi close. I go and check the bill but none the food they order. I go check back the order paper and i found tat i really miss tat food. But i got repeat to them and they bz chattinf. So, i apologise to them. After a few moment wen i was mopping the floor, one of them take the order paper and come toward me. Now, the argument is happen between me and him. He seem say tat they aledi order the food and v hav responsible to serve them wat they hav order. He also say tat these paper is like a assignment and they r like aledi sign them. He also say v can win them if he take it to court. Also say wat will happen due to my mistake whick mb lead to some sickness as one of his fren din eat. Wat is all this rubbish he wanna say. I aledi apologise to them not once, but many times. Ppl will make mistake and so do i. V argue for quite a time and i so frustrated he keep saying law thing to me. Who care bout the law and do u really think u can take them to court? So, i juz ask for the solution he really wan. He ask me to think and i really wanna kill him. Now is he start the argument, and now he ask me to think wat i going to do now? He say tat i got the responsible to take sth to his fren to eat. He dun k u cook or take away to her. Now i get it, he wan FOOD. I ask is tat his solution he wan and tis time he silent. I juz walk away and go toward to head of kitchen and discuss to him. He say ntg can do as the kitchen really close and the boss will scold them if they try to cook sth. So, they call the boss and boss say nvm lah, juz cook for them and ask them to leave. Wat they order, v cook for them. V should hav close the restaurant at 11pm but they seem still wan sit longer. More frustrated.

After work, i realise tat i not suitable to work to server ppl. Some ppl very nice to me and some customer really irritated. And now, i hav resign aledi. Reason? Tired.... The time i work, there r at least 10 waiter & waitress. Now, no more full-timer. I can say tat now the restaurant really in need of worker even the kitchen helper. Tat is due to the new opened Wong Kok Char Chan Teng at Batu Pahat. Some worker hav been transfered there, so tat the reason i quit cuz after they transfered, i need to work really full time. From the restaurant open till close. Now, i home. Lovely Bentong. 2 bad, i gonna leave soon. College semester is coming soon next 2 weeks. Really hope can c all my fren as i need to share my experience to them.