Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Final now. Still the same, din study much. So regret especially Electronic subject wer i din study at all. Juz hav a look then go to sleep. T.T

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Ok, tis post is purposely for me to release my anger toward some1. As some ppl knw tat i currently teaching "S" for "sergeant or shorty" tuition. He bcome my source of money so sometime, i juz be patient to him. He long time no study tat i knw and i teach him step by step. But i hav teach him for 3 or 4 semester aledi and i cant remember it. It's a long period for me to face him. It's nothing wrong for me to teach him but sometimes, give me a break. Everytime come to for tuition ask the same question over and over again. I hav taught him 4 times for the same topic and same final question. Still wen i change the number, he start confused liao....

Let say, tis question:


The ans is 55, but if u tell him the exact answer is 55, he'll juz listen. The most effective teach him to solve tis question is teach him 1+2=3, then 3+3=6 ......... Meaning u hav to teach him really really step by step. Not i wan to tease him, but i really dunno wat he hav learn in tis sem. Everything wan ask me and the lecturer, somemore ask for private class wif lecturer. Wif private class also no use for him cuz at the end, he'll ask me to teach him again. U can think tat he learn from class, private class, and my tuition. Still like tis..... Really wan give up aledi..