Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Two more week from now is the final exam for all the UTM student at IKIP College. But the UiTM student aledi finish their exam juz last week only. Few days ago i saw some ppl packaging some luggage to go back to their lovely home. Well i mizz my home n the most i miss is my MUM, dunno how is she now. Anyway, my exam timetable is so tighttt. First week hav 4 subject in a row n these subject is the most difficult subject (Kenegaraan Malaysia, Pengaturcaraan, Litar Elektrik, N English Proficiency). Although KM (Kenegaraan Malaysia) is like our secondary school subject SEJARAH, but i really hate it as I hav to remember all the name n event that happen last time. Crazy weh, the lecurer only take 8 days to finish the syllabus (one week one day only the KM). Wah, how can i finish reading it in tis few days.
Oh yeah, I also finish my final exam 2day that is WORKSHOP. Every week i hav to go to workshop to do some electrical assignment. Damn confusing the electric...... 2day is the last assignment, n i will know my result by next week. I think i sure get a low mark cuz all my soldering is so 'cha', 'ugly'. The component placement n function also sometime work, sometime no work at all. My lecturer juz face my n smile only n say:

En. Zamri : Chai, apa ini?
Chai : Ini kerja projek.
En. Zamri : Aiya. Chai, chai, chai. Tak apa lah, bagi saja markah. Sikit tak apa ah, i malas nak
check u punya projek. Lain kali, buat lah betul-betul.
Chai : ...................

See, my performance here very teruk wen i come to lab. But wen it come to MATH (my loved onw), i the GOD here. All the malay n even the senior will come n ask for my lecture (i think lah). OMG i so 'chuen liao'.

Now, hav to continue my study.................................................

Monday, May 01, 2006

Wer is the Holiday

Early April, i know tat i will hav a 3 month break after my final exam from 15 - 28 May 2006. At first, yeah, i feel happy but boring cuz 3 month holiday is a long break. I dunno wat to do. But since last week i heard tat all the YP (Yayasan Pahang) scholar need to stay after exam, i think wat is it bout. Wat make me shocked is tat v all need to go to class after exam for 1 month (22 May till 23 June 2006). They say tat it is a class intensif, n all the student are compulsary to attend. But the only the class fees will b paid by YP, the other payment (ditanggung sendiri woh). Walao, i dun know i should b happy or sad.

Happy - Yeah, i know wat i gonna do in 1 month
Sad - Shit, i gonna go to class for 120 hours n the class is BI class.

So, should i happy or sad, i still thinking. Sorry all my frens, i will coming back 1 more month later. After the class, i still got some time to rest as here i got so many stress (actually not bout study, is my life at hostel). Hostel life is really not easy as i tought, mb because i here is Malay hostel, all the rule is like nothing. Boys n girls can do anything here, like ...... u know. Almost every weekend, i stay at hostel n daydreaming "How can i still live at this shit place for 3 years".