Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chue to Ktn

1st Day

2day my fren, Chue wanna come to Kuantan for a vacation. So, i wait for him to arrive here from KL at Starbuck. Yep, i bcome pelanggan tetap for Starbuck as u always can c me there =p He reach around 12pm and then, i take him to my house to put all his thing. Then, v go to eat at Kim Kee. Actaully i wan to take him to Lai Lai but close T.T After eat, he say wanna me take him hav a look at Kuantan. Then, v go back hav some rest b4 head to Teluk Cempedak!!!!!

3rd time go there since absent last month. Tat time it seem tat it's gonna rain soon but he dun care, juz wanna look at the sea. Now tis time, really rain and very very heavily. I wait at the building till is start to stop then go to Meow restaurant hav dinner. Wen v reac there, i so paiseh as Meow say she pay for our meal. Very very paiseh. After eat, her restaurant bcome more and more customer and v dunwan to disturb their business so go back home lo. After tat, v take some bath b4 go to STARBUCK!!! Hurray, Chue belanja me drink there but he order mango juice wic cost RM9 =p Then, he wan on9 play chess. Chue is an expert in Chinese chess and blieve it or not, he the national champion and last time miss the chance to go compete at China bcuz of the stupid SPM. After he finish, i got chance to msn and happen to tell a bedtime story. Haha...

2nd Day

Actually, 2day v plan to go back but he wan go out wif Meow as first time meet dun hav chance to knw each other. So, 2day v all meet at Megamall and go to watch Pirate of Carribean. Yup, now i watch the 2nd time. Hahaha.... Well, 2nd ntg much to say as the whole day v juz shopping at Megamall. The next day, v go back to Btg....

Monday, May 28, 2007

Work work work

Yesterday is my last paper for my final and it's mean Holiday now. Feel so happy can go back to my hometown, now count tat i aledi more than 1 month din go back now. Dunno how my mum, and my sis. Oops, 4get my bro but dun k lah, he seem happy at his NS and believe it or not, his camp is juz at Cherating there and also near here. Haha.....

After tis final, i plan to go out find some job to do and few weeks ago, i ask my fren, Hsien Wen if i can stay at his house at PJ so tat i can find job at 1U. He agree but there sth happen. My mum gonna travel at 5th June and tat mean, i hav to work at the middle of the month and i only manage to work for 1 and a half month job. If like tat, better dun work lo.

Then, at evening, my fren, Meow called me tat her mum ask me wanna work at her restaurant tat nite. Previously, i ask her to ask her mum if i can work at her rest but her mum say she only hired gal to work. I mean, wat wrong guy work at rest? Then, she ask me wanna work tat 9 and the excuse is tat they lacked of worker. I hav think tat if this is a test for me or really lacked of ppl? Well, i dun think tat much, juz go hav a try. Nv been work at rest b4.

Tis day is my last paper and also my first time work. Although i got teach tuition and teach piano but i dun think tis can consider as work. Cuz is me teaching them, and not working. I can say tat teaching is really an easy job to get $ but in my defination, work should b some kind of hard job and can teach ppl how hard to earn the $. So, work at the rest really can teach ppl how hard they need to work to earn the little $.

She ask me work at 7pm and i go there a bit early. Tat time, at her rest aledi got another worker and i been told tat he not the worker but bcuz he dun hav $ to eat, so he help at her rest then can hav a meal. Walao.... nv think tat got other ppl more cham than me, i cham till din eat. My record is din eat for 4 days. But i nv think tat if dun hav $ to eat, juz go to work and then u can get the meal. Tat guy really teach me an important lesson. But there is another bad thing, if he work there, then wat i do oh. It also seem tat v now fight for work. Anothere lesson for me.

Cuz i nv work b4, so i only need to clean up the table and ask them wat they wanna drink. In my life, i only knw Milo, soft drink, and chinese tea. So, wen they wanna order other drink outside my knowledge, i ask myself tat i need to learn all this thing and try to remember them. Tat guy only serve the food and after he serve the food, i ask how many rice they wan. A strange thing i c is a family order some 'taufu', a fish and a meat but only wan 2 small plate of rice. There r 5 ppl, 2 adult and 3 children but only wan 2 small plate of rice. Amazing!!! Some customer wanna buy the ciggarate but again, out of my knowledge cuz i only knw Marbolo brand =p Tat time not many ppl so i cant feel any tired but at least i learn many thing there. Really hope her mum can hired me but dun think so. After most the customer hav gone, her dad cook some meal to me to eat 1, really feel paiseh to take it but no other choice. I even din drink the water and Meow herself take Coke then share half half wif me =p

Around 10pm, v can say time to break. Although still got customer but they only come to watch TV. And her mum ask Meow to tell me tat i can go back now but i feel tat if i go back now, seem rude. So, better i wait they closed to shop b4 i leave. Her mum also giv me RM20. After tat, her mum and dad go outside table to hav some wine and i and Meow inside chat. Suddenly, it start to rain and her mum seem ask me quickly go back. No choice, go back in rain. After i come back, Meow sms me tat her dad tegur her mum cuz ask me go back in rain. T.T

Well, really fun to work!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


2moro is my last paper for my final which is "Electronic Digital 2" and it's completedly confusing bcuz u need to remember certain IC (not Identical Certificate) and its function. But dun k much, after tis paper i free for 2 month holiday.

At 23th May, i go to watch Pirate of The Carribean:At World's End and i pretty like tis movie more than stupid Spiderman 3. I wish i can watch Pirate again but i knw i will go watch again as i miss the last scene after the cresit. Most ppl after rach the credit will automatically leave the cinema but actualy, there are extra scene after the credit. Omg, i need to watch again.

Last 9 i dream of u, although not very clear but i knw is u. Stupid phone wake me up!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Found tis video long time ago but 4get to post it, now share wif u. Let me introduce u PUKII!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Return of Broken

Now i realise tat i been away for quite a long time and as i say from the previous post tat i need to settle my own problem b4 i can continue to post sth. Nope, my problem still not fully settled but still i can post sth here....

My exam season is finally here. My first test is "English For Professional Communication" at 14th May and it seem it's not tat hard compared to last semester as the main topic is Obesity. Wen i read the title, i knw tat it must hav connection wif our own country Malaysia, and there is it... Our Malaysia appear at every single pages u can find in the paper. It's say tat our country Malaysia is the most ppl face obese or overweight and i totally agree wif it. Tis topic is not quite new for me so, out of 2 hour, i use 1 hour to finish the whole paper. Luckily it's easy...

My next test is "Institusi Islam" and yep, i need to study all bout Islam. Tis subject u need to knw all the Islam law like category of marriage, divorce, responsibility of husband, wife, parents and children. There are many more and i sure hate tis subject. So, i din study tis subject very much, juz do the final paper and it help me a lot during the final.

The event during my absence i try to post it at the next post. Now need to teach tuition... bye bye