Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Tis few days, my house cant on9 as normal although the network is connected. I guess is the connection problem wif Tmnet but it's aledi 1 whole week. I cant do anything without internet!!!!

Yeah, i now so addicted to internet. Can search here and tat, download tis and tat, chat here and tat. But hey, i din use it to wac porn ah.... Full of spyware and i wun risk it. So, i would never surf tat kind of website. I found a website wer i truly like tat but the network make me angry tis few days. No choice, juz go to Starbuck wer old time come again. Wen i go there, at least i order some water although it's much expensive. But hey, i gonna sit there mb for the whole day. Dun ask me how i do it. Juz like some motto "Juz Do It"

Tis few days, wen i surfing at Starbuck, i happen to meet so many foreigner here. Now is foreigner season???? I c got some "white" ppl, Japanese, Korean somemore, and even Negro. @.@ Some of them sit next table to me, and unlike our Malaysian language, their language really attract us. Mb is human nature wanna learn sth diff. Japanese i heard less, cuz they speak very softly. But the Korean, walao..... Speak plus somemore echo. Last time wen i work at WongkokRestaurant, i face a Korean family and they ask me a favor but i heard ntg understood!! So, spend a few minute wer v almost use hand language to communicate. Wat a shame!!!! Well, i kind of like "white" ppl. Of course la, starbuck is built by them. So, they knw how to enjoy here. Wen they bring children, so cute.

I dunno wen i gonna stuck at Starbuck as long as my house network connection is settled.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

1 week biscuit

Hehe... 2day mark 1 week for to hav biscuit for my whole meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. All biscuit. Sometime plus a cup of milo. I been trying to save some money by eating biscuit and very very hard to stand. I know a gal who cant eat rice but biscuit. Now i hav try it. Dun try tis at home. Not heallthy at all. Haha.... 2moro i'll start eating like normal ppl. Let start from maggi. Hehe.... Juz kidding.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Unfortunate Event

Wao..... 2day i walk alone at Mega and it happened there's a new campaign there and i juz go hav a look. Not 5 seconds, another ppl approach me and ask me u're student or not? @.@

Regret telling him tat i'm student then he start his sales talking. Blah blah blah, he take me to a table and sit for a talk. Oh man, i cant run away liao..... I can c many victims there. Then, he introduced me another lady wer she will take care the less. OMG.... First mistake she make, she din even introduced herself and start talking bout the promotion. I juz listen and say ok ok. The campaign or wat i also dunno, is purpose to let ppl knw tat there's a promotion wer ppl can enjoy various promotion. I mean from their promotion, u'll get other's promotion. Main is their vacation.

Ok, let talk bout the conversation v make.
At first, she ask me if i hav insurance or not, i juz nodded and she say got or not, nvm. After u bcome the member, u'll get another insurance. U hav to pay RM20k for the insurance but u no need pay month by month. All u hav to pay is RM30 per year. Seem a bit crazy. Then she say tat if there's death in ur family, accident, hospital etc, u'll get RM20k each. @.@ Next she say bout the mastercard. No need worry again, after u bcome member, u'll get free mastercard and how much u spend on ur mastercard, u'll get the same point as much as u spend. U spend RM1000 and u'll get 1000 point. There lot of trip u can choose in Malaysia and the most exp u hav to pay is RM600/pax. Wic from wat i think, u spend RM600 and u'll get free trip. She also say tat this is called an agent price and u'l enjoy them whole life. Not only u can use it, ur fren and family also can use it as long as u're member. She still not mention bout how much hav to pay for bcoming a member. All she talk is bout their promotion. The most interesting i guess is she say tat if u go any 1-5* hotel, u'll also get 50% disc. @.@

After 15 min i think, she take out the member form and at last, she say need to pay RM199. Now crap, she say can pay wif cash, cheque, atm, credit, or pay monthly. Hoho... nice trick, member fees at the last conversation. Ok, time for me to fleed. I try giving excuse need to ask my parent opinion and i'm not much interested. All she say is register first and pay RM50 and within 14 days, u' cen redeem back if u really not interested. I'm now not very interested. I mean, their promotion is good but for student like me, there's not a chance. At last i say and tis is the most cruel thing i ever did, "Sorry, i hav to go now. Thx meeting u"

Walao, i can c her face looking at me and i juz go away.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Birthday

Well, 2day is my sister birthday. Tis month so many ppl birthday. Mb September is a lucky month.

Ntg to say bout her, haha.... Anyway, happy birthday lo. 16yo liao and for chinese culture, u can marry liao but who wanna marry u. =p

16yo liao, act more mature ok. Tis year i din buy anything to u, here is my present.

Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to Chai Yee...........
Happy birthday to u.

No need blow candle, no cake here. Haha.....

Saturday, September 15, 2007


2day juz buy the bus ticket. Next month is Hari Raya Puasa, there's holiday 1 week and i need to buy the ticket now as there'll b no more ticket left for me to go back. Unfortubately, the bus ticket sold out. The only ticket left to me is 11st Oct, 8am bus ticket to Temerloh and then change bus to go back to Btg. >.<

Friday, September 14, 2007


Well, 139 is some kind of date and number tat wun get out of my mind. Alright, happy birthday Amanda and somemore, happy birthday to Mohan 2. Both of u share the same birthday date, so nice if 2 of u can meet. So hard to find some1 same birthdate wif u. But unfortunately, Mohan hav to celebrate his birthday at home mb hospital. A day b4 his birthday, he caught an accident. Quite bad accident. So pity of him, i and other fren go visit him at hospital. V also ask our lecturer to let us go early so tat v can visit him then come back for another class. Luckily, En Razman allowed. Mohan seems to hav bad injury at his face. Seem need plastic surgery to make him look better. Almost ruined his face. Stupid car driver!!! I heard tat he offer RM200 to 300 to let tis thing go. Of course Mohan dunwan, he sure wanna sue him. Here wish Mohan can come back here quickly and recover faster. We'll waiting for u.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Long Day

I realise myself bcome fatter. Since i come back to Kuantan, i barely step my foot outside my house. Go to college by motor, after class, straight go back to my house and sit in front of my laptop. Surfing using neighbor's wireless line till it's closed. Then, i go to sleep. Even eat i rarely go out cuz "dun say i on diet", i really dunno wat to eat. Everyday u'll eat the same food and drink. I feel bored. In fact, i eat alone. Therefore, i only eat wif my frens at college there. Too bad, next week they start puasa wic mean, i hav to go somewhere else to eat. Wic make me lazy to take m motor go and back here to continue study. Ppl say eat more will bcome fat, but sit more will more fatter. Tat wat i'm doing right now. Sit all day!!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Last night, i finally dream of u after some time. Tis time very very clear as i bwif u. Although u far far away, but in the dream, u juz right next door only.

I still remember the story. It say tat i go and find u, and i knw the place u sleep and study. Weird? Then, i ask u to lend me ur lp so tat i can on9. Dream is always strange. After some while, i go back to my hometown wic is not my hometown and waiting for u. Reason waiting, i dunno. I remember i aledi wait for 2 weeks and finally u come. U say sth wic i feel the most happiest word.........

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Night Dinner v2

So, yesterday is our E&E dinner night. Every1 hav to pay RM5 for tis dinner. Tis dinner is purposely welcome our junior wic is Sem1. So, the senior will hav work to do to welcome them, i and Xord responsible to sounding system. He'll bring the sound device, and i bring my lp =p

Well, tis is me prepare to go to IKIP 5!!!!The actual time of dinner start is 8pm, but as i say earlier, they wun b tat punctual. Reach IKIP 5 b4 8pm but still can c any of their shadows. Even the lecturer. I also heard tat v aledi pay for the hall but the guard say cannot. Need to hav our dinner outside the hall.
Look damn sad have to eat outside although the light can consider perfect. Yellow light better than white light.
And tis is our system......

Juz wan testing the soung. hohohohoho..... look idiot =.=!

B4 the dinner start, all the senior hav to write sth on the paper wic maybe acted by the junior. Sound nice, i write "Dance Tango". I peep at other, some write "Kiss the car CAT 8993" wic is Xord's car, "Say 'I love u' to sarjan", "go find Xord and ask for song and sing them" etc..... Ok, let the dinner begin. 8.30pm. But b4 v can hav our dinner, it's time for junior's presentation. The junior's hav been separated into 8 tables and each table, the junior will come in front and take the paper and do exact wat the paper ask u to do. Here the event:

1st pick : "I love u, Sarjan" x3
OMG, jackpot!!!! Althought not mine, but still excited.... Cuz our sarjan b the first to get our junior love. Hoho....

2nd pick : "Peluk tiang and say i love u" x3
Here the pic:
3rd pick : "Go find Xord and ask for song and sing them"
OMG!!!!! Another jackpot.... tat wat xord write!!! But the junior dunno who is Xord? And so time to search Xord, and they think i'm Xord? Does Xord sound like chinese???? Anyway, after they knw who he is, they hardly choose the song as v hav limited malay song. And some song they dun even knw the lyrics.... Headache... Ask the MC to start the dinner first. So, here v go to eat!!!

After eat, they finally choose the song. From my own collection, they pick "Rossa - Pudar". How come i got malay song? Hey, it's legal right... Somehow some of them really nice. I got Siti Nurhaliza 2. Well, they wun sing tat long, juz till the chorus then v stop. Next....

4th pick : "Act as Mat rempit"
Well, the junior happen to found a helmet and act as Mat Rempit. Hehe.....

5th pick : "Bonus"
Is our "chairman" idea to put some bonus card inside wer they can out to act. But being protested by every1 include me =p. So, they decide to pick again.

5th pick 2nd round : "Go kiss CAT 8993"
OMG!!! not again......V being lucky.

6th pick : "Sing Negaraku"
Everybody stand up and sing our national anthem.....

7th pick (my favourite) : Go find 4 seniors and confess to them. Gal find boy and opposite.
Wao... really wan to knw whose idea is it. So, they hav to find 4 senior. 2 bad, this group only hav 1 gal. Wic mean only 1 lucky guy. So, who she gonna pick? NABIL!!!!! Congratulation. Oh, 4get to tell, Nabil is from our group wic is close enough. Haha..... All the ppl stand by their camera or video to capture them. Then, there's 3 other lucky gal...
Here 1 of them, chinese junior, Lim Chin Hong.
He go take the flower to confess!!!!!

I cant stop laughing at them. All the ppl surround them and capture here and there.. Nonstop...

OK, the last pick : "sing 'cindai'
Well, dun hav tis song.
Last pick 2nd round : "walking hand"
How they suppose to do o? Whose idiot's idea.
Last pick 3rd round : "dance tango"
Here there come. My idea to them to dance tango.

It's been a long night. After their performance. Time to play some game. First game is Musical Chair. Well, quite boring isn't it? Well, v use Flight of the Bumblebee from Maksim.

Next, Poison Box?? Ppl at the table need to throw the box from table to another table wif condition cannot throw back to the same table wic throw to u. Same rule, the music stop, sth waiting for them. Hehe....

Song and action :
1) My Humps - hmm... so hard to say, but they need to goyang goyang while v play uptown gal.

2) Livin' La Vida Loca - buat muka bodoh. I cant c from the back T.T

3) Final Countdown - Sing "Barisan Kita"

Tis last time, i need to measure properly wen the box hit Hanif table, i stop the music. *evil*
4) Crazy Frog - dance wif song "Dua Dunia"

Ok, final performance is junior idea tat MC and DJ need to perform also. Walao..... Nvm, juz play only. Well, v need to dance. Shit lo!!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


The new lecturer, 1 word to say. Very very punctual......
Mb cuz she senior engineer last time, so she very obey to the rule. I not say tat she not good, but 2 good!!!! Let say our class start at 9am, she will be there b4 9am. Wen she reach, she wun wait all the student reach, she juz write the note on the white board. Somemore, the way she write on the white board is same like how she write on the paper. Very small!!!!!! Next time need to bring binocular to her class.

2day she improve her handwriting, but still small wen she draw the circuit. 9am class start and end at 11.05pm. Hey, i still got another class to rush. Thx to Mrs Chai..... B4 v go, she gave a a great shock. Tis friday wic is our 3rd class, v'll b having our quiz. Next tuesday, test will coming soon. I can say tat our syllabus, there's only 5 chapter and now she left only 1 more chapter to go. There's still come subtopic not teach yet, and she wan make it extra class at 2 to 4pm. But v hav our course meeting at 1pm, so v make it at 2.30pm. She say tat 1 hour should b enough. At 2.30pm class, she start teaching the subtopic, Diode chapter. Not really understnad wat she say, i juz listen. I think need to study alone for tis coming test. As she teach, i keep watching the time, it's over 1hour aledi!!!! Mb she 4get or wat, she got watch her own watch, then keep teaching. @.@ After some time, Richard and Mohan (i think gv excuse) tat they need to go take their salary or wat. There they gone..... After 1 hour and 30 min, Yasir gv excuse tat he got class!!!! And v still like fool listen to wat she teach. After she finish, she plan to discuss the exercise she gave to us. V told her tat v need to try do the question first b4 discuss. Like tat, she let us go.....

Oh yeah, there a funny word tat some ppl make 2day. Bout me and the lecturer. She also go to the jamuan 2moro. They say "There's Mr and Mrs Chai" =.=!

Monday, September 03, 2007

2 hour 45 minutes

Ok, tis time i reach temerloh a bit early than last time. Reach there at 2pm, and plan buy 2.30pm bus. Same again, no ticket, 4.45pm bus. OMG!!!!!!!! not again..... But tis time i clever a bit, i stand near the bus and wait 2.30pm ppl go up to the bus. Wen the time's up, i ask the driver if there's empty seat wer some ppl 4get or cant come at time. Luckily there's... No need wait 2 hour and 45 min. Thx God!!!!!!