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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loneliness come back

2day is holiday and i dun have any activity i can do. Wat i can do now is go to mamak stall there and on9 till night i think... Tis kind of life i aledi used to it. Alone at Kuantan here without fren and family is so hard. Every night i have to look around 4 side room and wonder myself wat am i doing here? I knw tat i still studying and nothing i have to worry about but sometimes, i got think bout leaving tis lonely life. Somemore, i gonna graduate dip tis end of year and maybe gonna go for UTM next year July. It's sound like i have to wait 1 year+ to be into new environment. Most ppl hope to stay in their current environment but for me, i hope to get out of here as soon as possible. Most ppl think i all alone here so good where i can do anything i wan. I can go clubbing or doing something i never do b4. But they dunno tat without fren here, nothing u can do.

Everyday go outside juz to on9 look like a dull life. During holiday like 2day, most ppl will go out and have lot of fun with their frean or even their bf/gf. I hope i can do like them. Can be wif somebody and have lot of fun. Most ppl will ask me wat do i surf everytime i go to mamak stall? The same site i visit every single day, LYN. In tis site, i think i can be wat i'm. I can shoot ppl and ppl can shoot me. Really have lot of fun there. At there, all my loneliness feeling is gone. I have no idea wat make me continue blogging but i do knw tat LYN have make me become more better person who need to leave all the loneliness feeling and continue doing wat i'm doing here.


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