Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Ok, i knw it's been long time ago my birthday aledi pass. Tat time i wanna blog sth but unfortunately it's hardly to on9 at my house. Damn Streamyx!!!! First, i wanna say thx to all my fren who wish me on tat day. Also, i hav to thank YY cuz she the first to send me a wish right after 12am. Then, it's the reminder at my hp wic i knw is set by my sis. Haha.... so tricky my sis...

The night b4 tat, i go yc wif my best fren, Zhong Wei. He now holiday and will start his new sem next Jan. =.=! Tat long!!!! So, wen i free, i'll go to find him. Actually, is he find me more than i find him =p
Tat night, v go out so early, i think 9pm? No place to go, juz place my motor at Beta shop and both of us look like fools walk 2gether around the city. After tat, v find some place to sit and chat. Tat night v chat very fun, most thing cant b heard by other ppl. Haha....

After 12am, he say wanna continue like tat then he treat me eat dinsum. Walao weh!!!!!! So nice.... Well, i quite happy tat day, many fren wish me as they dn 4get. Also, i quite proud (not quite) wen i read paper, they say v should remember 10/10 cuz tat day our first Malaysian go to outer space. =p