Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Friday, August 31, 2007


2day is our 50th Merdeka.
Tis year, the song change to 'Malaysiaku Gemilang', for me, it's better than Keranamu Malaysia. But actually both "boleh tahan la"

Here the lyrics:

Marilah kita semua
Atas nama negarabangsa
Dengan tekad mulia
Maju berwawasan
Mencipta keagungan

Berpadulah kita semua
Di dalam satu suara
Dengan degupan Merdeka
Menjulang budaya bangsa
Untuk Malaysia tercinta

Malaysiaku gemilang
Merdekanya terbilang
Berdaulat dan makmur
Berjaya kami syukur

Malaysia, kebebasan kedamaian
Malaysia, kebahagiaan kebanggaan
Malaysia, cemerlang terbilang
Malaysiaku gagah gemilang

It's seem i so patriotic. Haha......


The day b4 i come back to btg, there a blackout at Kuantan. Here some picture:

Scene at 1 of the restaurant

Eat under the candle light. SO good if can eat wif some1

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ultraman VS Kamen Rider

Dun say i ntg to post, juz tis picture or movie remind me sth very first time to me. =p
Tat time is Standard 1. Hoho.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Lecturer

Well, 2day come new lecturer who will be teaching me Electronic subject and Lab section. I not quite sure her name, juz knw tat her name very very similar to mine. Dun misundertood, i not mean her name is Tay Chai Bin, juz her nickname. And not also MoneyBin ^.^

Cant guess leh? Nvm, tis nickname only known to ppl at Kuantan here. Ppl called me Chai. They say tat Tay sound weird and Bin a bit feminine. Chai Bin seem a bit difficulty to some Malay ppl here. So, they call Ah Chai. Sound weird at the first time, but now used to it. So, the new lecturer is called Pn Chai also. 2day Sergeant called me and sudd the lecturer look at him and say if he called her juz now. Haha.....

Monday, August 27, 2007


Well, my mum juz called me tat v're going to Genting to watch 3 main races singing due to Merdeka Day. Chinese, Malay and India local singer will go to Genting. My mum juz get 8 free ticket and ask me wanna go or not. Then, mb can watch firecracker. @.@

Random Picture

Playing basketball at 1am....

Celebrate Zhong Wei birthday at KFC. Liew still shy taking picture =p
Sien Wen car back view from Liew car

Happen to c tis little gal eat Char Siew Pau at the bus. Full of Malay. @.@

Sunday, August 26, 2007

3 hour and 45 minutes

After celerate Zhong Wei birthday, ihav to go back to Kuantan again. But unfortunately, my mum say the bus ticket is sold out aledi. So, i need to change bus at Temerloh. I now download quite lot of movie+drama series. So, my mum wan finish watch the drama first b4 sending me to bus station. Tat time is 1pm. Quite lot of ppl taking tis bus, and i sit at the last row and corner seat. Really hard to breathe. Reach Temerloh at 3pm, quickly go to Terminal Bus to buy Kuantan bus ticket. Guess wat, the bus ticket is almost sold out, and the earliestbus ticket is at 6.45pm. Tat mean i hav to wait almost 4 hour sitting there to wait the bus. @.@

Wat a day!!!!!


Well, yesterday i go back to btg in order to catch up my best fren, Zhong Wei birthday celebration. Although his birthday is next Monday, but v would like to celebrate wif him a bit early. He can b old a bit early. Haha....

Well, the day b4, i go to Megamall to c wat i can buy for him. Liew sms me say buy card should enough. So, i go buy a birthday card wif his favourite animal, Bear ^.^ Then, me, Liew and Sien Wen will write our wish on the card. V wrote very very funny thing. Sure he wun 4get it. Then, Foo call say he also wanna join. Oh yeah, 4get to mention. As the title say, v gonna celebrate at KFC at around 10 sth cuz Liew say wanna finish his Liverpool match =p Actually, v plan to play some basketball match b4 go to KFC as the KFC is now 24 hour open, so anytime will do. But suddenly it rain. Ruin our plan. Nvm, go eat KFC first. Tis month got 2 ppl birthday, Sien Wen and Zhong Wei. Although Sien Wen aledi past, but v also need to treat him KFC. Wic mean I and Liew treat Sien Wen and Zhong Wei. All Set 4 =p

After hav "a bit" chat at 1am, Zhong Wei cant "tahan" liao and ask us to go play ball. Foo dunwan to join us, i dunno wat the reason is. After play some match and finally v warm up and can play seriously, a guy come out from nowhere and shout "U dunwan sleep, other wan sleep! Dun play again ah" Ntg can do, the end of Zhong Wei celebration.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Tis week, i got an important thing to do. Not for me, but for my college. Bcuz LAN (National Accreditation Board) is coming to survey our college. They from UTM, UiTM, Poly and LAN itself. Tis semester, 3 course will b chosen to be interviewed. DDA (Civil Engineering), DDJ (Mechanical Engineering) and DDE (Electronic Engineering). Wic mean, mine course is chosen, DDE. Somehow tis course very few student taken, soi so easily being picked as 1 of them. Total 10 ppl from my course being chosen. Other course hav more than 100 stud and the lecturer hav to chose them. I think they surely choose the 1 who hav better appearance and performance. And so Thurs is very important date for my college. Eveything wat v say, LAN will take action and so, v hav to bcareful while v answer their question. Not only student being interviewed, but the lecturer 2.

On tat day, LAN is expected to come at 2pm. So, v need to b ready at RC (Resource Centre aka Library) at 1.50pm. Tat day my class start at 9am till 11am but the lecturer leave us early around 10.30am. I wun b tat stupid to stay there till they come. Better i go back home and then come again. So, tis is wat i wear to meet LAN.

So, how m i look like? Pretty smart but still not sure if i can manage the interview section. But nvm, juz say wat v knw and complain anything tat v dun like. So, here v go....

On the way to my college, i happen to look at tis vehicle.

Quite some times din c tis. I remember the last time i c is wen i was in primary school and v r on the trip to Malacca. There u can c lot of this vehicle. So miss tat day and miss my look. Y miss my look???? Cuz tat time my face look chubby and fat. Many ppl say i more suit the past me, but i prefer now me cuz sth encourage me to do so and i wun change it. My recipe is diet diet diet for 1 year. Sure can get the result. =p

Anyway, go back to LAN. V all gather at the Lib and on the way, i meet Pn. Wan and she ask me to wait at Lib cuz LAN juz arrive and they need to hav lunch first. From the last post i mention tat Malay(sian) always not punctual in time. I guess wen they say 2pm start, my mind keep telling me they will start at 2.30pm. Even worse, nearly 3pm they juz finish eat. Wat take them so long to hav a little lunch!!!!! So, every course will hav 2 panel to interview us. Every course will be divided. I think LAN need to hav tis done faster. Last time i heard tat LAN will interviewed us 1 by 1. Now, they wan 2 ppl. Later wen they knw tat our course only hav around 10 ppl, they say 3 or 4 will do. @.@

OK, the first 3 is me, Xord, and Sergeant (the only sem3 stud). So, here v go the interview. I wun list down wat v talk bout cuz it's not quite nice. They juz ask us how u knw IKIP, how the study, lecturer, facility, hostel, and etc. And so, v juz tell them the truth.

B4 i end here, juz wanna let u c this book(no. 10), look familiar? ^.^

Saturday, August 11, 2007

B4 i start 2day topic, would u mind take a look at these pic. Ntg special?
Well, the first view from me is tat he's the new chinese student study at IKIP. But i was wrong. Y? Cuz he's not chinese!!! @.@
I really thought he's chinese then sudd lecturer say his name as Rashid. =.=
Plz... Check if i mistaken him as chinese.....

Ok, let start 2day topic. 2day i went to Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Pahang first universiti. Last time it's called University College of Engineering and Technology Malaysia (KUKTEM) but dunno y it's closed and upgraded to UMP. 2day is INOVEC 07 day and so, all the IPTA, IPTS, and even Matrikulasi invited to join their activity. U can view them at here. And I, participate at Circuits Installation Challenge. There're other competition like Advance Slide Show, and Engineering Hunt. I wun say other competition and i'll juz focus on my competition. Tis competition need 2 person in the group and tis is my group member, Haniff.

V only been told tat v are on the competition on our registration day and v hav 1 week to prepare or practice. I can say tat there's no enough time to practice cuz been holiday for 2 month and sure our hand will tremble. Esp the soldering component part. Need very high concentration to produce a nice circuit. At first, they plan meeting and training at Thursday but sudd, Cik Imah go to hospital and hav to cancel the training. Wic mean, v only hav 1 day training b4 competition at Saturday. Walao....

So, after 3 hour training at Friday. V seem aledi prepare to go to die 2moro =p
2day v need to wake up very early cuz Cik Imah say registration at 8am and v need to b at the college main entrance by 6.50am. I need to wake up at 6 then prepare my thing and wait Haniff come and fetch me go there. Wen v reach there, i can c tis:

Only these ppl come early. All LATE!!!
Even the lecturer also. I wonder do all Malays are not punctual in time or other races also?
V wait and wait again till Cik Imah arrive and start to call every1 to come faster. V move at around 7.30am. Reach there around 8am and start filling up our form to confirm out participation and take 2 food coupon. The competition start at 9.15am along wif Engineering Hunt. V hav our breakfast using 1 coupon. Eat mihun, ok la but using hand again. But u knw, the timetable say 9.15am start competition but at 9.30am finally v go to our competition place. Only our compeition hav 2 stages and now v are compete at 1st stage to win over 15 places into 2nd stage wic can consider as final stage. Total participant are 46 groups and IKIP only 9 groups. Others is UMP group. How to win???? V juz diploma holders and they're degree holders. Din gv a high hope!!!! First stage circuit not quite hard but need to finish them at 1 hour is nearly impossible. First hav to analyse the schematic, then put all the component b4 the soldering part. V finish put all our components wen there's left 20 mins. Lagi impossible. But they extend the time 15mins more. After 15 mins, not yet finish. Gv another 15 mins. After tat, last 10 mins. Wat is tis competition!!!!!!!! Wen there's last 10 mins, sudd some1 come in and say tat the circuit hav correction. OMG lo...... Other ppl juz cut the connection but mine hav to "terbalik" all the thing. So, they gv me special time to turn them back. But i din k, v juz use the extra time to finish wat v not finish. At the end, v finish and left the most important part, TESTING to c if my circuit work or not. Not quite work actually cuz my 10 L.E.D (small bulbs), only 8 light. Actually the result is the L.E.D wlll twinkle. =.=!

Later i heard only few group succesfully "lighten" the L.E.D. None twinkle. So now v hav to go back to the waiting room wait for the final 15 groups. But first, of course take our lunch first. IKIP also got participate at Advanced Slideshow Design. They compete at 2.30pm and i think of myself, better dun get into 2nd stage cuz knw wun better than others and wanna watch the Slideshow. The result come out. The final 15 groups are numer 2, 3, 7, 15, 17, 19, 20, 23, 26, 30, 33, 34, 37, 40, 46(TAY CHAI BIN & HANIFF) OMG, v into the 2nd stage!!! Group 23 also from IKIP. Ntg can do, compete like normal and knw wun win anything. Juz take it as experience. 2nd stage start at 2.30pm.

The final stage go on. The circuit now is longer and complicated (actually no complicated, but blur blur cuz 2 much componenets need to use) Tis time, the period is 3 hours. I think should b enough time but i wrong. At the end, v left half soldering part cuz v're stuck at 2 component wic is alien to us. Waste so many time there. Then, go for TESTING. Tis time only 1 L.E.D and is lighten a little bit only. Actually, the result should b the L.E.D should light for 3 seconds then u use ur hand to close the cencor to light another 3 seconds. Some group only manage to lighten for 3 seconds but wun lighten wen touch the censor. Some group more funny, no light at all but wen u touch the censor, it light. Cuz tis is the final stage, so need another section. Answering question section. There's only 1 q. How the circuit work on wic mean u hav to explain how all the component related and gv out such a result. It's above our knowledge and so, v cant ans them correctly but they say v as diploma holder can make a beautiful circuit, mine circuit is neat and tidy. So, knw tat v can win cuz functionality marks content 60% T.T Nvm, next time try again, i still proud of me to beaten other degree holders.

Tis is the IKIP bus wic will take us to UMP. New bus ^0^

Hope can b like the cloud. Free free.

These is our tool box and v need them to complete our circuit.

The Nescafe lorry is here wic mean u can take drink if u wanna drink.Totally FREE... But 2 much migraine not good for health but i aledi drink more than 1.5L =p

These is my competitor from UMP and can u c they aledi wearing the engineering jacket whereas v juz wear

Can u c the sign?
There got 2 toiler and u knw wic 1 is gentle and lady??
So easy, remember the chinese say : "Boy left, Girl right"

Blok-blok at UMP wic is also their class.

The Waiting "Room" for UMP.
The Waiting "Hall" for IKIP.
Get the meaning?

The side preview for the Waiting "Room"

The elctronic engineering lab at UMP and also the place wer v hav our competition. Better than our college!!!

The bag put for Harry Potter book and T-shirt for pre-order customer

Harry Potter free T-shirt. Weird?

Guess wat inside?

Tada...... The prize tat i get from my lecturer

Can u spot the name!!!
Tay Chai Bin
IC : >>>>>>>>>
Cpa Terbaik

Zhang Dong Liang at Kuantan...

So crowded....

Here u can c my sis teaching stud. Got the teacher stle ^.^

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rush Hour 3

2day is the first day of the movie, Rush Hour 3. But i manage to buy the ticket for premier section wic is yesterday at 11pm. So, i think hav to wait tat long, y dun i watch other movie first. So, i buy total 3 movie.

"Vacancy" at 5pm

"Rise : The Blood Hunter" at 9pm

"Rush Hour 3" at 11pm

Wat so coincidence when i buy the ticket is 3 of the ticket is at the same row. Not tat simple, at the same number of seat, F-11. And it's not the end.... All the 3 movie will be aired at Hall 1!!!!! Dunno hav to say lucky or wat. Mb i should now buy lottery and try my luck. 2 bad, i din gamble. Ok, tis post may juz review the 3 movie tat i hav watch yesterday.

Vacancy is the only movie i wun say tat much cuz is BORING!!!!! Waste my money to watch

Next, Rise!!!!

Tis movie is acted by former Charlie Angel's Lucy Liu. A bit old =p Tis movie is bout a Los Angeles reporter named Sadie Blake (Lucy) stumbles upon the vicious vampires responsible for the crime she is investigating, they try to suck the life out of her. However, her spirit to live proves stronger than expected and she transforms into a vampire. Yeah, she died after being "eaten" by these cruel vampire and then thecoroner send her corpse to the room. Now, she bcome undead. Enraged, Sadie decides that she would rather take revenge on these ruthless killers than feel sorry for herself. But now, she hav bcome 1 of them. Mean blood hunter. She cant eat like normal human anymore, her food is blood!!! The scene wer she killed a sick old man and then bite her hand till tear then eat. SO @#$ Oh yeah, tis movie got little bit of nudity scene posing Lucy naked and being hang upside down by the vampire. @.@ At the end, she manage to get help from a police officer whose daughter also killed by the vampire and agree to help her in return tat he hav to kill her after she killed all the vampire. So, the last vampire, Bishop is so hard to defeat. Cuz Lucy is out of bullet =p and then being hanged upside down b4 cut her neck to let her blood flow out emptily. At the end, of course, Bishop dead and the officer hav to killed Lucy as a deal. At the end of the credit, it show tat Luy is going back again to the corpse room but kicked the door out showed tat she still alive. @>@

Last, Rush Hour 3 acted by Jackie Chan and his old buddy, Chris Tucker. Tis movie is bout the WCO (World Criminal Organization), is it really exist? The China ambassador manage to get the secret of tis society and plan to take them out at the convosation but he being shot by the killer named Kenji. He's Lee (Jacky) broher, no relationship, juz stay at the same orphanage. If u watched Rush Hour 1, u'll notice a little and cute chinese gal and tis movie, she seem grow up bcome more beautiful. She told them, Lee and Carter (Tucker) tat his father, the ambassador, left her a note to give them if anything happen to him. So, both of them went to get the note but being blocked by young martial art student wic is kid. Both of them being bullied by the a tall ppl, Sun Ming Ming. Very very tall!!!!!! I think his foot can compare to my arm!!! Then blah blah blah cuz tis movie is new, so let u all watch it first =p

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Tis phone number been spread all over Malaysia. Y? Cuz it's rumour it's ghost call. Dunno wer tis number come from but certain ppl claimed tat if u called tis number, u wun hear the 'tot tot tot', but u'll hear other sound. A special sound, more accurate, a voice. Gal voice. Keep saying "Zai Jian Le" mean Goodbye!!! @.@

Think mb it's a fool but think bout it. Tis line is a landline and it cant hav other ringtones. So many ppl called and almost all the ppl claimed really heard the voice. Some claimed tat it's the last word of the gal b4 commit suicide. Some say tat after few moment, u'll heard "U're left 7 days" Walaoo......

p/s: (highlight plz)Last week TM aledi fix tis number.

Start Sem

My 3rd sem start liao.... So miss my hometown, next week go back =p
Well, everything as normal, register tis n tat.Sudd my lecturer, Cik Imah called me tat next week got meeting. I n Haniff is chosen dunno for wat. Heard rumour is a competition. Die lo.... At first, they say meeting at 7th, then say 6th. Now they say next fri @.@ Tat morning wen i wanna go to atm to take money for registration, tha atm state tat RM50 is finish, left RM10. Lagi die lo... I need to take RM400 and tat mean, 40 RM10 @.@ The lecturer shocked wen i pay them all RM10 =p

The next day wic is yesterday is the date of registration subject. Tis sem i take 18 credit compare to last sem only 16. Blif it or not, Haniff n i take the same sub but he take 19 credit!!!! Reason is so simple, bcuz tis sem, our lab sub is diff although the sub name is same but not the code. His sub require 2 credit and mine is only 1 credit. Then, next sem 'terbalik'. Mine 2 credit and his 1 credit. Odd!!!!!

Oh yeah, nearly 4get. I finally bought 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows'. Not i wan bought tat late, but i pre-order and need to take the book at Kuantan. Then, the newspaper say Tesco and other hypermarket sold only RM69.90. AHHHH........ But still, i manage to buy at RM80. I finish the book bout 6+ hours and tis is the best chapter i can say. All the mystery is solved and now i can catch the meaning of the whole story. Yesterday is a boring day after finish the book, so i decide to watch Harry Potter movie. The movie @#$ So many scene is missing like they only make the movie half the book. Still 2 hour sth. Daniel is really weak actor. I dun really like him act. And tat Katie act Cho Chang, same like previous movie, few dialogue. I also can act lah.....

Next week Rush Hour 3 come out, i cant wait to c Jackie and Tucker act again. And also cant wait to c Sun Ming Ming, the chinese basketball player who is taller than Yao Ming. Wonder y he can act but not Yao Ming???

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Again

Again, here i wish my brother, Tay Chai Yan a Happy birthday...
Previous post i wish my mum n now my bro cuz their birthday fall at the same month...
My mum 20th and my bro 31st. I always tease my bro if u born 1 more month late, u're merdeka boy. Hehe....

Well, here my bro..

OK, i knw wat u wan to say... Tis is him at his NS and tis is him now

Mb u din c the diff but he completely lose his weight after 1 month work at genting. Congratulate to him and u knw wat, he cry at the moment i sing him 'Happy Birthday"
Here are some picture taken for my mum and bro birthday:
p/s:these pic is taken at the diff date (mum and bro)

Tis is the birthday cake my sis bake herself to mum for the first time

Tis is the cake bought at Deli's also to mum

Tis is my mum at the middle, still young leh =p

Tis is family pic taken at Genting as my bro cant come back celebrate my mum's birthday. So, v purposely go up there. So "wei dai"

Tis is the birthday cake bought 4 my bro birthday

Here v are, the stupid Tay's sibling..........