Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Now i at btg now cuz few days ago my mum called me to go home as my fever never get down. She plan to take me to the hospital (Bentong) and not the stupid Kuantan.... But 2day i feel good and din seem like i have fever b4, i think btg save my life. The doctor say ntgg wrong wif me, so din gv any medicine to me. Eventhough i ask for the painkiller for my tooth but he say no need. Juz wait they fully grow then all is ok. Walao, dunno hav to wait how long for tat, so my mum go out to chinese medic shop and but some medicine for me. They gv me 3 pack of pills. 1st and 2nd pack eat 5 pills 1 period, and the 3rd pack eat 1 pill 1 period. Tat mean i need to eat 11 pills 1 period and 33 pills 1 day!!!!!!

Tat the most pills i ever hav...

Friday, April 13, 2007


Fever oh fever.... Plz leave my body soon cuz i really cant stand wif u. I been fever for more than 1 week liao (8 days) and yet still not fully recover. Wen i say fully, i mean i had recover b4 but only for a few hour then it start again. Mostly wen the moon come out, i think if it continue like tat, i sure 1 day i'll bcome a werewolf.

Yeah, last week i realise my teeth is so painful and wen i check my self, i realise tat i start to grow my teeth. Juz the both side below part grow only, the upper part not yet grow. Thx to my fren say tat grow tat teeth, u sure hav high fever till it fully grow up. Dunno wan to blif or not as i really still fever leh!!!!!

Exam is comimg around the corner, and if my fren say is true, tat mean i still hav a long time to fever. God help me!!!!!

Monday, April 02, 2007


Look at my hand T.T