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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meow Birthday Picture

4get to post the picture wen Meow birthday. Sorry, Meow.... Quite bz tis few weeks, haha....

Lot of french fries waiting for u....

Another fries for u......
Dun b shy!!!!
Tat right, brave to face the cameraman....
Tat nice, Happy Birthday!!!!
Wei, Carrie!!!! Dun interupt...
U carrie ah, always interupt...

Lim and Meow
Yy and Meow. Standing behind is SL
5 gals from left : Lee, Yy, n Meow. Behind : Carrie and SL
Guys turn, Lim, Meow and ME
Tis is the clip wif Carrie capture. U can hear ntg but Carrie voice in the clip. If i wanna to hire a videocameraman, Carrie is the 1st ppl to b rejected due to the poor capture.....

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The end

2nd Day of Chinese New Year
Set my alarm at 7am cuz need to fetch Lee. Unfortunately, my mum has wake up and watching tv. So, i cant go out and fetch Lee and juz sms her to come by bus... I plan to go to fetch her so early cuz i need to watch NBA All Star Game at 9am. So, now wait her come and i can watch silently. Long time din watch NBA liao and almost 4get who the player r.... A bit hungry, go out and buy sth to eat. But almost all the shop din open and some hav sold out aledi. Manage to buy nasi lemak only. Lee reach at 12pm. Later, my relative from KL come to my house. V plan to visit my grandparent's house at Chamand at 2pm. Hav some chat wif them and it's seem they 4get wer i study. Last year they also tell me the same thing wer i study and everytime they 4get i study at Kuantan and again they shocked i study tat far away. Ai.... My mum and my sis bath so slow and my aunt hav to go first. Then, unluckily i cant start my van cuz yesterday the whole day din use van.... No choice, call my aunt back to fetch me and I and Lee hav to go by motor.

My grandparent's house is same like all tis year. Always full of ppl and sometimes need to sit on floor. All my aunt come back except my 2nd uncle who hav gone to Penang. Nvm, juz leave the angpao here, hehe.... So, now, raise out ur hand and receive angpao. Later, v go to another relative house and take angpao again. Back to the house at 5pm and wait for dinner. So, i plan to go to my aunt house there to borrow some drama series as my cousin buy lot of them. The say very very cheap so buy them although is pirated RM4. Soon, my cousin ask me wanna join them to gamble. I agree and at the end, i lose RM2. Nvm, next year try again.

After hav some dinner, i fetch Lee to bus station b4 i go to fetch my other family by motor. 1 by 1..... At night, Liew called me to hav some final New Year Dota wif me 2nite. I agree..... So, Liew fetch me at 11.20pm and go to HW house. The other come so late so, me, Liew and HW continue to gamble the fake poker. Haha..... The first round, HW play show hand to Liew and at the end, Liew lost. 1st game bankrupt liao. Hoho....

After all of them come, v play 2 round of Dota cuz i and Liew need to go back early. In the first game, tis is my first time i defeat Foo. Yeah!!!!! 2day is the end of my celebration at Btg and i need to go back to Ktn to continue my study......

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year

2day is Chinese New Year. But i yesterday juz come back to my hometown and guess wat time i reach my home? I take the bus at 9am and reach Btg at 3pm. Y? Cuz transnasional bus hav sold out aledi so i taket the Temerloh bus then change bus to go Btg. V reach at temerloh at 11am and v walk to other bus station and take Btg bus at 12.30pm..... The bus very fan cuz every route it'll stop to let the passenger down and up... Reach bentong area at 2pm but, Benus there very traffic jam. So, only reach my home at 3pm. So cham....

Ok, 2day is Chinese New Year so no need to sigh here and there.... So, yesterday wat activity v do.... I go to my grandmother's house to eat steamboat and finish at 8pm. Then, v go home and hav some rest. Later, ZW called me if wanna go to his house. So, ntg to say i can guess is Dota section again.... He fetch me around 11pm wif his gf, IKO. Ok, on the way to ZW house... Wen v reach there, his parent is not around... So, nw wait Yoong and Ken..... ZW say IKO wan go back at 2am but she hav fall asleep and ZW say let continue... Play till 5am and IKO, i can sense tat seh very angry and then drive ZW car go back... So late liao and without ZW car, i so hardly to go back so, no choice, stay overnite at ZW house. Yoong and Ken go back to sleep and i sleep at ZW room. 1st time!!!! The next morning, i wake up at 11am and IKO has arrive at his house but noone welcome her cuz v all still asleep and ZW parent has go out. SO, she angry again and ask ZW to go to Raub to take back his car. So cham!!!!

First Day of Chinese New Year
First thing is "Gong Xi Fa Cai" to my mum lah... and take angpao. Hoho... Later, Wen called us to go to Foo house. I drive motor to his house and wen i reach there, i c many similar faces except 1 gals. Ok, let me introduce the house owner Foo Wai Lun and their fren, CCY, Yoong, Poy Poy (Chow Tuck Fatt), me, then gals, Mei Teng, Leong, 1person 4get name liao and 1 very unknown face. After some time, Liew and ZW plus IKO reach. B4 their arrival, v hav some chat then wen Liew come, v gamble. First time in my lifetime i gamble wif them as previous year v seldom and rarely gamble. Mb after Kevin fly aledi so no much activity v can do. Ok, at first Liew suggest 10 cent per card but many ppl object so change to 5 cent. Very small but can win alot i tell u... Only 4 ppl play, me, Liew, Poy Poy and HW... The unknown gal sit bside HW. So, let the games begin..... In the period, i lost some and HW win alot... Chow is cham and hav to borrow some from Foo. Suddenly, a group of Foo's bro fren arrive and 1 of them is my bro... Wat a coincidence!!!!! Oh yeah, the 3 gals include Leong go to other house and leave CCY there. Then, my bro come and say wanna join us. So, Chow let him replace him and now 2 siblings vs HW vs Liew. Guess who will win the God of Gamble.

Ok, as usual v play "Cho Dai Di" B4 my bro come, HW win RM6. The first game, my bro win alot and it din stop. Can b say like tis, most of the game won by me and my bro... HW lose "13 chau" to my bro and tat make is triple charge. Poor HW.... Juz 4 game my bro nv lose the game and even lose, juz lose small amount.... So, i tin the God of Gamble is my bro!!!!! Ok, enough at Foo house and next is Sg Marong which are my house and Liew's... Buyt Liew parent hav go out and wen i call my mum, my mum say tat my sis's fren is there, so, if they go to my house, need to stand outside the house. So, tis year no Sg Marong angpao. Next go to HW house. V go there take some angpao then continue to gamble. Tis time v dun use the real money indeed fake. V use some old poker and some sweet as the coin. 1 sweet represent 5 poker card. V dun play "Cho Dai Di" but v play the casino poker which use 5 card and got "SHOW HAND"... Luckily din use real money cuz v all ll lose alot. Ok, v here come to gamble but HW take the uhnknown gal go upstair and say wanna gv her play his PS at his room. Right, at tis moment v found the truth wic is she is HW new partner. Still wanna keep from us!!!!! Then, wen he fetch her go back to her house, juz leave us at his house and v cant go back if he din come back as all his family is sleep. He reach home at 6.30pm. IKO go there play his piano but unfortunately only 1 song only and she ask me to photostate all my song to her. ZW, plz teach her!!!!!

At night, v got another plan wic is play Dota again but my Ketari fren, Chue come to my house and say wanna go to Mei Keng house for some gathering. Ok, i call ZW tat i'll b late. Reach Mei Keng house, only 6ppl only. Me, Chue, Mei Keng, Lian Sin, Soon Hou and Soo Wei. The other due to their job so cant manage to come back. Hav some chat then i gonna go back. Not to Dota, but to home. Cuz 2moro Lee hav to come to btg and she dunwan to take bus. No choice, i need to fetch her. Reach home, gamble again wif my sis and bro. My sis is same like last year wer she cant gamble cuz everytime she gamble sure lose a lot. Last year, she lose RM80 to me and my bro 4get the amount. Now, my bro still win alot. Very "yellow"........

Friday, February 16, 2007


Yesterday, wen i was playing wif my calculator, i found sth really amaze me.... Let me tell u wat it's:

Wen u press 123456789+987654321, u ll get the ans 1111111110

So, the amazing part is like tat, u add another 987654321, u ll get 2098765431
Can u c sth special??? Let me tell u, the 10 number is following their order from 0-9

Next, add another 987654321, u ll get 3086419752
Again, the number is following their order wer only 0-9 and no twice no.

Ok, add another 987654321, u ll get diff ans, 4074074073
But, the 407 is repeated 3 times.

Then, add again 987654321, u ll get 5061728394
Again, 0-9 only

Add 987654321 again, u ll get 6049382715
0-9 again.......

One more time, 7037037036
Juz now is repeat 407, now repeat 703 3 times.... =p

Last 2, 8024691357
No need i say again, 0-9 only

Last 1, 9012345678
C!!!! go back to 0-9 again in their order

U tin tis is last!!! Nah, got 1 more time, it'll bcome 9999999999
Nw, all the 10 digit number bcome 9. Amazing!!!!!

If u say tis is not very amazing, try to write down all the number like tis:

11 11111 110

Plz write them in column and row correctly to c wat the amazing part
The first and the last column show the num 0-9 in correct order.....
Not only tat, the 3rd column also..
The 9th column is repeat the odd number, 13579
The 8th colums is juz add 3 only
Haha..... Mathematics Rocks!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Farewell My Fren

Well, all my Jpa fren is going to leave soon. Although my Jpa fren not so many, only knw Amanda, Conney, Kevin and Sirri (i tin he take Jpa???) So, Amanda and Conney leave first, tat is 2day. So, goodbye and good luck to both of them. Next is Kevin who will leave tis fri at 9pm. I tin he reach NZ at morning gua. So, can sleep at plane, syoknya. Sirri is still unknown but only knw tat he going to Ireland. So, goodbye all my fren and dun 4get ur own Malaysia of =p

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tmn Pertanian

Ok, still remember Program Kembali Ke Landasan tat is organised by IKIP itself? Let me tell u all wat it's.

Program Kembali Ke Landasan had been held for 3 week. Tis program is purposely to train some student who gpa below 2.5..... Luckily i more than it, so no need to go.... OK, tis program is held at Taman Pertanian wer it's located near IKIP 5 (mine is campus 3). Last 3 week, the IKIP Diploma stud go first cuz if all the stud go, sure not enough space de. So, can u imagine how many stud are below 2.5!!!! Total chines stud go only 3 (1 IKIP dip and 2 Utm) But the IKIP dip the most ppl din go cuz at tat time, they are on holiday. Last 2 week, is Utm turn, only half the course is going. Same reason, 2 many ppl.... Then, continue last week....

U think tis program is good or bad? Many ppl wen come back complain tat this program is @#$.... Reason? Not enough sleep. Only 1 or 2 hour sleep only. Walao..... So, the event is like tis....

On fri, after all finish class at 11 am or 1 pm, the bus will take them go back to hostel and for those who stay outside need to gather around 2pm. Bus will take them at 2.30pm. They are told not to bring hp, and even watch. Also, dun bring pretty cloth, juz some normal cloth and the best, the torn cloth???? Wen they get there around 3pm, they will lead to their camp. And blif it or not, the camp is very very very small and need to put 8 ppl in. U wan to imagine? Imagine the camp is like the camp wer u can buy anywer... So, the first day no much activity, after eat dinner need to listen some lecture from the officer there and the officer there very stirct and often scold them "Stupid, no-brain,......" After the lecture, is bout 11pm, u think at tat time is bedtime mah? No, the real nightmare is come now.... All of them will b brought to forest. 4get to mention, all of them of course will divided into group.... So, their first activity is to go through the forest but without ppl acc u.... Tat mean, first ur partner go first, after some time, u go. Ur fren is bout 250 metre away from u and u need to go ahead to the pit stop. Officer say no need to wori cuz impossible to get lost cuz got other ppl watching them. But u knw, at forest at midnight, completely dark. And the forest is a dangerous place and easily get hurt. After 1 or 2 hour, u reach the pit stop and wait the other group to reach. Some aledi cry and wanna go home. But at last, being scold by officer cuz at tis age, ntg to cry for.... Go to sleep at 4am

4am only reach the camp site, not include bath. So, most of them go to sleep at 4.30am. They ll be woken up by the same officer at 5.30am... All of them need to wake up. For those who need to pray, pray, for those who no need, wait and wait. After tat, brush teeth also no time, only manage to change the cloth. Then, need to do some exercise b4 going to take breakfast. At tat time, i tin is bout 10am. After eat breakfast, nightmare come again... They all go to teh river and the river is quite deep, reach the shoulder i tin, and they are not to walk through the river, but follow the river. So, u cant imagine if there is leech or "shui kheh' in the river. Most of them kena liao. Ai... After reach some distance, the river not so deep liao and all of them need to crawl but ur butt need to b inside the river. I tin, tis act is more suffering than NS. At afternoon, some kind of NS act i tin is to cross the single rope bridge. I tin, u knw how to cross lo, ur hand to pull ur body and ur leg as supporter. If u fall down, u will drop into the "lumpur lake" and the depth is at ur shoulder again. After tat, free time. All of them quickly take some bath and some dinner b4 go to take some nap. But not for long... Lecture time, the same officer again and again scold and scold.... Dunno if tis help them to improve or not? After tat, go to forest again. Tis time, u r told to sit on the chair facing ur fren but ur fren is very far away. ON ur hand is only a candle and u only manage to c ur fren;s candle light only and dun move. Wait the officer to come and take u back. So, wen u sit alone, u ll hear many sound and some of them u can hear is snake. Walao..... So, they dun dare to put their leg onto the ground. So, wen u c ur cnadle light and ur fren light off, ntg u can do. Juz wait... I heard some of them hav wait for 1 or 2 hour b4 the officer come and fetch them. No wonder lah. 1 officer need to fetch all of them. Sure take some time lah.... But sure, tis experience u will scared till death.... Around 3am, go to sleep.

Last day for the nightmare, and luckily they will go back at evening, so no need to go to forest again. Tis time, they gt more than 1 hour sleep. Lucky lo.... After tat, the officer will put some dirt mask on ur face. Look like the soldier now, and some look like ghost. After tat, all of them need to pack teir thing and wait outside. Not waiting to go back, but wait for another activity. Some lecture again, tis time i heard the officer ask them to close their eye and ask them y they come to tis program. So, wen u come to tis program, wat hav u learn. Who u r wrong wif, ur parent, ur fren, ur partner or who? After tat, some of them cry... Their tears mix up wif the dirt at their face look them more ghostly!!!! Only 3 ppl din cry, the 3 chinese. Haha.... So, being scold by the officer say tat they are cold-blooded cuz no feeling.... After tat, all of them need to bring the chair and sit on the lake. The lake is very dirty and they need to sit but dun wori, the lake is not so deep but got "shui kheh" lah and at tat time is so sunny. They reach the hostel at 5pm and the first thing they do is Zzzzzz till morning...

I heard many of them din go to college at the other day cuz 2 tired....... And the officer had no sleep for 3 days in the program. And i also heard now another college is also going to tis place. Wish them good luck.....
Tis event although is not experienced by myself and i also dunwan to go to tis place but i really heard many ppl complin bout tis. So, i got the idea from them and post them up. If the eent is not true, juz keep them as my own event lah. Haha... but the forest is really true oh!!!!!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Meow Birthday

2day is Meow birthday. V hav plan wat to do to celebarate her birthday 2day. So, yesterday Lee and Soo Leng go out to order birthday cake and end up buy the Tiramisu cake at Kuantan Parade. Well, the price is still unknown to me =p

So, 2day v ask Lim to go to take the cake but there is some problem. V dunno wer to celebrate her birthday.
Reason :
  1. Lee and Soo Leng need to go to Program Kembali Ke Landasan organised by IKIP College and the bus will take them at 2.30 pm
  2. V all finish class at 1pm.
  3. So, v only hav bout 1 hour time to celebrate her birthday.
  4. Y cant night? Cuz Lee and Soo Leng go to Program liao and Yy cant go out at night
  5. Main problem. Wer? Mamak stall? Student centre? Fast food restaurant?

Tis v hav tin for so long but luckily 2day v all finish class early at round 12.30pm sth then they plan to celebrate at mamak stall. But Lim still not come wif the cake. And tat Wong seem dunwan come as his class at 2pm and he ll come for his class only..... Cuz lack of time, i, Meow, Lee and Yy go to mamak stall first while Carrie and Soo Leng wait for Lim. Meow dunno goh....

As v hav order the food and drink. Suddenly Carrie called us and say v go to TC there eat McD. Walao weh.... V hav order aledi and v need to cancel the order by giving excuse "Got class now" No face to c the aunty aledi..... So, Lim decide to go to TC celebrate but got another problem. Total ppl celebrate Meow birthday is me, Lee, Soo Leng, Carrie, Yy, and Lim (of course include Meow) So, 1 car how to take so many ppl.... No choice, i drive there my own T.T

Reach Mcd at TC.... The McD here is so small and v need to combine 4 tables 2gether to fill the outnumber of ppl. Hehe.... So, McD wat so special leh. The fried fries lo.... I wan order the prosperity burger but they say the bread is sold out.... How can tat b? The service is 2 bad.... So, v eat and eat and eat..... Tada!!!! Cake arrive and Carrie and Soo Leng dunno how to pretend wer they say wan to go to toilet but still laugh and giv Meow suspicious.... 2 bad their acting as Meow told me she knw wat ll happen later.....

Nvm, Happy Birthday, Meow!!!!

Next post i include the picture........

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok, i dunwan to wirte bout Pgsm cuz it sound unusual i will watch it... I start watch it after i finish my exam last year... Then, i hav 1 month holiday and i hav nothing to do... At tat time, Bentong always rain and u knw, Bentong hav nower to go... So, better stay at home watch TV. Then, i learn tat Amanda start addicted to pgsm. I hav heard bout pgsm long ago, but i hav no intend to watch it cuz sound stupid. Later, i so eager to watch it as i wan to knw wat it's bout.... But hav no idea wer to find. So gv up, and continue watch tv. Then, wen i msn wif Amanda, i learn tat she want to buy pgsm but hav no idea wer to find. My mind tell me sth, i tin i knw wer to find it. So, i offer myself to help her to find them but at tat time, i din watch pgsm so i now quite sure if really i found is tat pgsm or not. Then, she gv me the website to watch pgsm and i tin, i can watch pgsm liao. So, start from Act 1 till..... 25. Y? cuz the stupid Youtube cant load the act 26 and at tat time, is the climax wer Sailor Mercury ll go to dark side.....

Starting, everybody can guess is to find other sailor soldier other than Usagi aka Sailormoon. At Act 2, Ami aka Sailor Mercury appear. At tat time, i c tat Ami is so pretty and look like guai guai lui. In fact, in pgsm, she is really guai guai lui and barely hav frens bside her and always eat lunch alone. Ahe stay wif her mum but her mum was so bz bout her work as doctor and tey communicate using white board. So cham.... Then, 1 by 1 all the soldier meet 2gether except Sailor Venus.... Wat i dun expected is tat Sailor Venus is actualy a famous singer at tat time, and Usaig is her best fan, Aino Minako. In Pgsm, i like Rei aka Sailor Mars, Ami and minako the most. Rei and Ami is good looking and Minako hav a bb face...

At first, i wanna watch how they transform, and wen they transform, really make me laugh till fall onto the floor (Is real oh, no kidding!!!!) Really make up ah!!!! Use lipstick (Sailormoon) and finger nail (Other sailor) and Sailor Venus is the special 1 then do some movement..... Unfortunately, Ami tat i like, wen she transform, i barely recognise her.... So weird the hair and the whole costume.... >.<

So, i can upload the Pgsm as i gonna go back to Ktn. I try to find pgsm at Ktn as Kl there say no stock and wun masuk stock, Johor there no news, so i tin Ktn is the last choice. I seach everywer but cant find it. So, wen i look at other thing, i quite amazed at 1 shop wer u can c the complete collection of silormoon anime. not 1 but got other version 2. Is so easy to recognise the word Sailormoon at Japanese then i suddenly c Usagi pic at 1 of the cover.... I quickly take it out and guess wat. PGSM.... At last i found it. But sth wrong. The cover write "TV Series Part 1" and the episode is 1-49(End). If i not mistaken, total is 49 Act.... So, i ask the shopkeeper and she say tis is the part 1. I ask for sure and she juz say sure. Dunno wat to do and i ask for Part 2, she say dun hav, but can order part 2 and wait 2 week. 2 week!!!! Tat time, Amanda hav fly off lo. No chance to gv her.... Then, she offer to check for me.... After a few minutes, she come back and say tis Part 1 is complete de. Part 2 is the other story. I ask myself, got other story meh???? Then, i ask her can check the last part b4 i buy them but u all knw tat the sealed cd cant b open unless u buy them. So, i take the risk to buy them and check myself. I cant imagine wat ll happen if i buy the wrong thing. Original price is RM59.90 but mb cuz i ask lot of question to make sure if it's really complete set, she promise juz sell me RM50. Dunno want to say lucky or not cuz still not sure if the pgsm is complete or not.....

The first thing i do upon i reach the house is to test the pgsm.. I test the last part, luckly is Act 49. Quickly sms her tat Mission Accomplished. Hehe..... So, everybody who wanna buy DVD. Check on9 to make sure everything b4 u buy cuz the cover really make u confused.... So, i wan to keep the pgsm clean to reach Amanda hand but i so eager to follow up wat i miss last time. Sms her if she mind i watch it and she say ok.... Take me 1 day to finish total 24 Act. Quite tired leh.... Then, i knw tat the little cat also can transform and once again, make me laugh till i pause some few minutes to finish my laughter b4 continue.... I now tin how Luna act like a cat at tat time.... Her specialty is cany attack.... Hahaha..... After finish all, i realise tat last part is the most interesting compare to last time i watch from Youtube.... I enjoy the last part and the ending.... Oh yeah, i love the part (4get wic Act) wer Usagi hav bcome Princess and cuz disappeared. Not to make her mum wori, Luna ask Ami AND Mako aka Sailor Jupiter to act like Usagi. VERY VERY FUNNY!!!! Tis Sat i come back to Bentong to gv the pgsm to her....

After read tis, u will tin tat i really like movie. Ok, dunwan talk bout Pgsm, talk bout other achievement wen i at Kuantan. Last year, Meow hav bought anime "Prince of Tennis" and she lend to me to watch. Mb cuz it's in Cantonese (actually the anime is from Japan) I really like tis anime but cuz cantonese is limited, so she only buy till episode49. But she cant wait for long, she hav bought a complete set of Prince of Tennis. She use RM200 to buy them and total episode to watch is 159 episode. Take me 1 week to finish them but still mess the cantonese cuz tis time it's in japanese... Tell u 1 thing, tis complete set of Prince of tennis is not end yet. Now, they hav release the new Prince of Tennis : National Championship.... So eager to watch it!!!!!