Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Yesterday, I go to watch movie again. Few days ago, not I heard, but it’s true tat Ktn Berjaya Megamall caught on fire. Not all but cinema only and is Hall 4. I heard it’s caused b short circuit and at tat time still got ppl watching movie. Unluckily, they only watch halfway but my fren say. “ Can run away and save ur life tat enough”….. If me, I sure wan to take back the money or free ticket for another movie =p

Well, I can say tat I quite lucky bcuz the day b4 the fire, I also watch movie. The fire caught at morning and early morning tat is 12am, I still watch movie. I can say tat time is the last movie. I watch Casino Royale. Not very interesting, I prefer last actor, Pierce Brosnan….. Tis double 07 very ego and stubborn. I hate him. This story I c the interesting part is catch and run wer he try to catch the suspect and the suspect was trying to run away…… Hoiyo, the suspect run like he very familiar the place……

Well, well, well, talk bout yesterday. Exam I coming next week and I not fully prepared yet but sometimes, I need to relax (actually I everyday relaxing) So, I decided to hav a walk at Megamall and ride Lee to go to work. Jesus, mb it’s holiday and I hardly to find the parking for motorbike and I wonder if I drive car…….. Took me bout 10 minutes and dunno hav pusing how many times to get this lot. After sending her to work at Pizza Hut, I hav a walk… Walao, really many ppl come. Couple, family, frens even some elder 2. I miss the moment wer I and my frens go out 2gether but now, dun tin hav a chance.

Kevin gonna going to New Zealand I tin, Nishan dunno will go wer, Liew at Malacca seldom back, Foo prefer stay at home ot stay at Sunway to study. Left Zhong Wei and Hsien Wen at Bentong but juz 3 of us, nothing can do. Miss the time wer all of us go to KL and stay overnite. At tat time v hav lot of act and chat non-stop..... Like ppl say, frens cant stay wif u all the day, juz can keep it in ur heart or as ur memory.

Feel curious if the cinema still operating as I heard it’ll close for 3 weeks. The time I heard 3 weeks, I feel disappointed and sad cuz tat mean 3 weeks cant watch movie. The cinema is juz at the top of the floor and I c got many ppl stand there. I thought mb they wan sing K-Box gua… So, take the lift and get up there to c wat happen. OMG, cinema open again. Hooray, no need to wait 3 weeks to watch, now can watch liao. C got wat new movie, as I aspected, no new movie. So, check the timetable on the screen to c wif movie is the most popular. Top 3 are “Happy Feet”, “Casino Royale” and “Nana Tanjong”. I can c the yellow font of these movie and it shows it’s selling fast. Ok, it’s my choice now whether wan to watch or not. All the movie I watch aledi but I tin, watch wif lot of ppl more interesting mah. So, I picked “Happy Feet” as the penguin really cute. Cost me RM8 and tis time, I watch alone. Ai….. Hav to sing “Lonely” by myself.

I buy 7.50pm ticket and I watch my clock (I dun wear watch so I only c my hp clock) and it shows 4pm. Still very early, hav a walk and sightseeing. Clothes, shoes, VCD, games, ppl, books and so on. Feel a bit boring liao. Go to Pizza Hut and watch her work. Hehe….. quite hardworking oh. Dunwan disturb her lah, better go back and hav a bath first and eat at the restaurant nearby my house. Then, go again to Megamall. Tis time, less motorbike. Mb they same like me hav to go back to take bath and eat b4 continue at night. Watch the clock again and it shows 7pm. Still got time, sightseeing again. I wun use windows shopping as I hate shopping and I prefer use sightseeing. I tin it’s wrong language but I like it. Go to Popular to c any novel I can buy but eventhough hav, I wun buy. Who ask me so boros use all the money to watch movie and din left some money to buy sth more useful. Few weeks ago, I go to Ktn Parade buys some movie. Total 8 DVD costs RM80 (buy 5 free 1, each RM10) I buy “Death Note”, “Ghost Game”, “Saw 3”. “The Grudge 2”, “Casino Royale”, “John Tucker Must Die”, “Open Season” and “Flushed Away”. Wao…. Buy lot of movie and believe it or not, I almost finish them (some I watch aledi at cinema)

Death Note is a Japanese movie wer a genius student use a book called Death Note wer wen u write the name, the person ll die….. C how another genius detective try to catch tis unbelievable KIRA who named himself as Justice.

Ghost Game is a Thailand movie. It bout a game wer 11 contestant from Thailand go to Cambodia abandon prison to play who’s the most daring person and won 1 million baht…. The prison last time is a torture prison and ghost is going to kill them wen nobody knw wat ll happen and who’s next………

Saw 3 not watch yet as I need to find a time wer I not eat. Tis movie very freaking me and so disgusting.

The Grudge 2 is similar to Japanese Ju-On and it’s a sequel to The Grudge. I quite shock to c Edison Chen got cast in tis movie but die very early. Tis Ju-On quite ok as I giv some explanation to sth wer Ju-On din explain. How the mother giv the curse as her mother 2 put the curse demon inside her wen she is small. Wao.....

Casino Royale is the next James Bond movie and i can say tis movie is interesting and boring. It's interesting as it shows how 007 chase a guy who hav set the bomb and wan to blow out the world largest aeroplane. He make it. Boring cuz of complicated relationship.... Dunwan talk bout it..

I love John Tucker Must Die. It's bout a college guy name Tucker wer he is very famous in his college of his charming and sweet talk to court girl. In the same time, he date 3 girl from diff society so tat they wun meet up 2gether but unfortunately, they did find out during their volleyball game. 3 of them decide to revenge and put a new girl inside the team to make tis town gal bcome pretty, experienced, and smart. I love the part wer they put some estrogen medicine and let Tucker drink it and he really bcome she. Hahaha..... Then, they trick him to wear sponge to go to the gals room but end up inside another teacher room. Tis could make him very shame but it turn around. He say tat sponge make ppl hav a special feeling and can play basketbell fluently. He show a magnificent dunk and the whole guys start to wear sponge. OMG....

The last two is animated movie. Hehehe.....

Well, talk more bout the movie, talk bout the Happy Feet. Wen the clock shows nearly 7.50pm. I take the lift and go up to 3rd floor. From there, i c many ppl wait. I catch sth wer i saw a family is taking the baby and also wait. I wonder if they also gonna watch Happy Feet. Correct, they gonna watch Happy Feet. Father, Mother, Sister and Baby. Well, they juz sit bside me only. The moment the advertisement start, the BB start to cry. Mb the sound is too noisy for BB. I wonder y the parent wan to take such a small kid to watch cinema. Wen Happy Feet start, the BB stop crying but happy. Penguin.... Tin of tis word, remember last time v used to called Kevin as Penguin. 4get the reason.

Write so long aledi, better stop here. Hav to continue study. Hey, it seem i start to study liao. Yeah........

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Painful Experience

Wat will u all think if tis really happen to u all.....

Whose fault???
For me, i think is the gal cuz she "1 leg step 2 boat"... She gav him a false hope and she betray him juz right in front of him. Oopsss.... is behind of him. So pity to tis guys.....

Try to find out who tis bitch is!!!!!!!!!

And tis is unmorale situition. Wat is the guy doing? From wat i c, i c this both guy is holding hands but in fact, i c they juz passing thing around. So, dun blif wat u c from ur eyes. But the first pic is undeniedable......

Day bright wif joke

Ntg to post, post some funny stories to share them off.... Here the first one:

A father passing by his teenage daughter's bedroom was astonished to seethe bed was nicely made and everything was neat and tidy. Then he saw anenvelope propped up prominently on the centre of the pillow. It was addressed "Dad". With the worst premonition, he opened the envelope and read the letter with trembling hands:-

Dear Dad,
It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you, but I'm leavinghome. I had to elope with my new boyfriend Randy because I wanted toavoid a scene with Mom and you. I've been finding real passion with Randy and heis so nice to me. I know when you meet him you'll like him too - even withall is piercing, tattoos, and motorcycle clothes. But it's not only thepassion Dad, I'm pregnant and Randy said that he wants me to have the kid andthat we can be very happy together. Even though Randy is much older than me(anyway, 42 isn't so old these days is it?), and has no money, reallythese things shouldn't stand in the way of our relationship, don't you agree?Randy has a great CD collection; he already owns a trailer in the woodsand has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. It's true he has othergirlfriends as well but I know he'll be faithful to me in his own way.He wants to have many more children with me and that's now one of my dreamstoo.
Randy taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and he'll begrowing it for us and we'll trade it with our friends for all thecocaine and ecstasy we want. In the meantime, we'll pray that science will finda cure for AIDS so Randy can get better; he sure deserves it!!

Don't worry Dad, I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care ofmyself. Someday I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know yourgrandchildren.
Your loving daughter,Rosie.
At the bottom of the page were the letters "PTO". Hands still trembling,her father turned the sheet, and read:
PS: Dad, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbour's house. Ijust wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than myreport card that's in my desk centre drawer. Please sign it and call when it issafe for me to come home. I love you!
The end....
Wao, at first i thought is real..... Get bombed aledi. OKok.. the 2nd:
One afternoon, a wealthy lawyer was riding in the back of his limousine when he saw two men eating grass by the road-side. He ordered his driver to stop, and he got out to investigate.
"Why are you eating grass?" he asked one man.
"We don't have any money for food," the poor man replied.
"Oh, well, you can come with me to my house," instructed the lawyer.
"But, sir, I have a wife and two children with me!"
"Bring them along!" replied the lawyer.
He turned to the other man and said: "You come with us, too."
"But I have a wife and six children," the second man answered.
"Bring them as well" replied the lawyer.
They all climbed into the car, which was no easy task, even for a car as large as the limousine. Once underway, one of the poor fellows says: "Sir you are too kind. Thank you for taking all of us with you."
The lawyer replied: "Glad to do it. You'll love my place; the grass is almost a foot tall."
The end....
Love it very much...... Now the 3rd:
As I walked into my office, my secretary, Janet, Said, "Good morning boss. Happy Birthday." And I felt a little better; someone had Remembered. I worked until noon.
Then, Janet knocked on my door and said "You Know, it's such a beautiful day outside and it's Your birthday let's go to lunch, just you and me." I said, "By George, that's the greatest thing I've Heard all day. Let's go." We went lunch.
We didn't go where we normally go; we went out to The country to a little private place. We Had two martinis and enjoyed lunch tremendously. On the way back to the office, she said, "You know, it's such a beautiful day. We don't Need to go back to the office, do we?" I said, "No, I guess not.". She said, "Let's go to my Apartment."
After arriving at her apartment she said, "Boss, If you don't mind, I think I'll go into the bedroom And slip into something more comfortable." "Sure," I excitedly replied.

She went into the bedroom and, in about six Minutes, she came out carrying a big birthday Cake, Followed by my wife, children, and dozens of our Friends, all singing Happy Birthday.

And there I sat...on the couch..........NAKED.
The end....
Poor husband and bad husband..... Hehe...... wan some more??? OK, the last one and it is the longest one wif campur-campur story. Nvm lah :
>>>>>Condom says to Kotex, "When you work, I lose seven days of business." Kotex replies, "If you fail to work once, my business stops for nine months!"
>>>>>A camel and an elephant met, and the elephant asked: "Why do you have your tits on your back?" The camel responded: "What a silly question from someone who has a d*** on his face!"
>>>>>A black guy and a white girl met at a nite club. She took him to her apartment and said: "tie me to the bed and do what black men do best!" So he ran off with the TV and VCD...
>>>>>Wife: "I wish I were a newspaper, so you can hold me every morning!" Husband: "I wish you're a newspaper TOO, my dear so I can have a NEW ONE every morning!"
>>>>>A Chinese couple got married. When baby was born, her eyes were big and blue, hair was curly and blonde, skin was brown. Finally, name of the baby was SAM TING LONG ("some thing wrong")
>>>>>A lady visited her doctor one morning. Doc said: "You look so weak and exhausted! Are you eating your meals 3 times a day as I advised? Lady : "Doc, I thought you said 3 males a day!"
>>>>>Phone rings and maid picks up the phone as her master is bathing..... When the caller asked what's he doing, the maid replied: "MASTURBATING."(master bathing)

Teacher: Why do cow look depressed when being milked?
Student: Madam, if someone rubs and squeeze your breasts for 2 hours but don't f*** you, how would you feel?
An Arab interviewd at the US Checkpoint.
Officer: Your name please?
Arab Guy: Abdul Aziz
Officer: Sex?
Arab Guy: Six times a week.
Officer: I mean male or female?
Arab Guy: Doesn't matter, sometimes even camel.
Don't make love to a policewoman; she will say"STOP".
Don't make love to a nurse, she will say "NEXT",
but make love to a bus conductor, she will say,"MASUK DALAM LAGI!!"

>>>>>Sex is like a restaurant. Sometimes you get full, satisfactoryservice, and sometimes you have to be satisfied with "self-service".

Friends are like underwear, always a comfort.
Good friends are like condom always protecting.
Great friends are like viagra, lift you up when you are down.
Rooster and cat going over bridge.Cat slips & falls into river.Rooster can't stop laughing.The moral of the story?Whenever there's a wet p****, there's a happy cock.
There are 3 Male and 1 Female pencils in a box.The Female pencil gets pregnant!!Which Male pencil is responsible?THE ONE WITHOUT THE RUBBER
What's the most difficult GOLF COURSE in this world?Answer: INTER COURSE.No matter how many strokes or what style you play, your balls will never go in !!
COCK says to his two BALLS: "I am going to take you with me to party."The BALLS say: "You f***ing liar! You always get INSIDE and leave uswaiting OUTSIDE!!!"
Q: Why do men have pubic hair?A: A nest for their bird...
Q: Why do women have pubic hair?A: A resting place for the coming bird!!!
What does it mean when a girl offers PEPSI to a guy?
P: Please
E: Enter
P: Penis
S: Slowly
I: Inside
Dracula asks God " May I reincarnate into a white angel with wings and still suck blood?"God said "OK, I'll turn you into a KOTEX!"
The end........................................................... a bit humsap lah but is real. Dun say i pervert as i also found from other website de

Monday, November 13, 2006


Wat a day.... 2day wan to update my post but it happen tat i need to use Google account to log in. So, i create one and wen i use to log in. It failed..... Hah? I try many many times but it still failed.... No choice, create a new blog and it happen again...... The new blog tat i wrote i cant log in 2. Giv up.... Try create again and tis time i can log in to my previous blog. Wat a day....

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Night Dinner

Yesterday is the day for all the Ikip-Utm student and lecturer to hav a dinner night at Wisma Belia. Walao weh, the place is so far away. Need bout 30minutes from my house to go there. Din take my bike to go there as it so late at 8pm. My motor hav been lend to Lee. Ai.... Lee din acc me as she need to go to work. So, called Hanif to ask him to fetch me. Well, i wear quite formal cloth geh. A bit handsome. Haha..... Reach there around 8.15pm and b4 tat hav sms Carrie to leave some seat for me...... Reach there, need to register the name and take two things tat is a paper wif a nombor and a free gift. I hate the gift... The lucky number is 057... C tis no. knw tat i wun get the cabutan bertuah....

Walao weh, all the student and lecturer wear so beutiful and smart oh. Luckily i wear quite ok. Hehe..... The dinner start wif some talk of the lecturer. Quickly lah, i wan eat lah. After the talk, all the student start to grab the food. The food not as i expected. Nasi goreng, chicken, watermelon, agar-agar, and some keropok (i think). The drink is sirap water and so funny wen i take the drink. Tey let the water flow and v take te drink roughly... I can only get 2 drinks. OK, start to eat... Not very full....

Then, Mr James start to perform wif a student wif 2 songs. Mr James play his guitar and the student play his flute. The first song is quite familiar. It is "Tian Mi Mi". wao.... they knw tis song. The 2nd song i dunno cuz it's malay song. Then, the Q&A begin.

First Q : Berapakah bil anak Pn Nana?
Second Q : Apakah no. plat kereta Pn Akma?
First A : 2
Second A : ...........

I dun knw the other ands as they ask a lot of q. I din pay attention =p. Then, is cabutan bertuah. As i say, i wun b tat lucky de. Then, other performance wer some student sing the song. V being told tat at our chair, got a card written "Kerusi Bertuah" Well, i dun get it. 2nd round of Cabutan Bertuah begin and unexpectedly.......not i kena the cabutan, but a guy got it. Seem not strange but he hav taken the "Kerusi Bertuah" and "Cabutan Bertuah". Guy, u r so lucky......
After the dinner, i juz knw tat some ppl cant get the food wer Xord only get 3 drink only and other got rice but no chicken. Oooh..... i can say quite lucky i can eat 2 chicken =p
Can u all c my name at the top of the list. Is tat mean i the top??? Nah.... I the 2nd lah =p
From left : SL, YY(2nd), and Carrie........ YY(1st) din come
Look at their face, dunno who they angry to???? I tin not ME gua!!!!
Me and Meow..... Look odd @.@
Haha.... Me and Xord (as he request, the most macho man in IKIP) xp The RM10 free gift. So ugly >.<

SL dress very nicely 2nite 0.O
Yeepee..... Meow and SL hav some nice pose =p
YY and Carrie dunno wat they are looking at..........
His name almost same like me. His name is Sai Bin and my name is Chai Bin.
The sound almost same right =p

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Exam is coming in 3 week time and i not prepare anything yet. For tis few days, it seem tat i feel addicted to th cinema movie. Always check up the movie time and go to watch all the movie which is available. Almost all the movie i hav watch except some of the movie tat is not available at kuantan like "John Tucker Must Die". I been waiting to watch tis last month but it seem wun come up at Kuantan. Here, the cinema like to postpone the movie which it seem not so interesting. Unlike KL, anything u can watch. I still can c tat at Midvalley, the movie "Superman Returns" still available. C!!!! Y cant all the cinema in Malaysia follow like at KL always hav movie to watch. Unlike here, i hav watch all the movie and now nothing to watch aledi. So sien....

Ask me to study i too lazy to study. Prefer enjoy first then do something important. Who knw wat ll happen to me 2molo? Who knw wat ll happen to them 2moro? It is unpredictable. So, hav to enjoy everything i can found here. Better go now. Hav to go to watch movie =p

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Funny again

Well, i need some ppl to translate for me and i found tat this quite funny. Here it is :