Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Life is so unmeaningful. U know wer will u go after u die, or do u really know what will happen 2molo. I think somebody will say let the fate decide. Do we live under he fate. Y we can change the fate, like let us to anything we wan to do. Something we really wan to get, we wun get it. Something we really dun wan, it realy go far away from u.
It is like love, it need some luck to get the true or real love. we cant simply love somebody without effort. So tat should b the hardest part in our life, n nobod will love u if u din show ur effort. Tat how the life should b. It can b cruel n unfair to ppl esp to me. Y i born to b sb who hav no will in life n y i was born like tis. Wat will happen 2molo, nobody know as well as I. Let the fate decide, i sure die in boreness, cuz the fate is juz right in front of us. All we need to do is juz follow the fate. Like my 2 frens who suddenly passed away. They hav good personality, but who know, the God take them earlier than another. They r so young n hav many thing unsettled, now they hav no chance to finish it, n i will nv c them again.... Now, i would like to take tis time to pay my condolence to my two frens........Your face n personality will always b in my heart

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Silly Sis

This time, i wanna inroduce u my silly but cute sis. Her name is Tay Chai Yee. Cute leh!!!!! Actually she is so tien kei.....

Haha, now i juz thought bout her as i long time no c her liao. Dun know how is she now at home. Did she do her homework or remember to go to tition cuz she so blur blur such as she will 4get wer she put her money as her money is juz at her pocket.

Aiya, without me at home, the home should b mess with her voice towards mt little brother. HEHE, pijak her like tis? I used aledi, so does she.

Well, here is my silly sis another pose, sb say her mouth look like me. I think if she look like me, i sure look like an idiot wanna to advertise the new DARLIE. U should knw wat i mean geh. Hehe

Oh, for sure u will c her if u all stay at BENTONG cuz my sis is very well-known there . Popular 4 wat!!!! Of course of her tien kei lah. HAHAHA

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Now, the weather is too hot tat i'm hardly to study for the final exam. As the IPTA know tat the final exam is damn important cuz if dun reach the gpa, then dun dream to go further for the next sem. For tis few month i always go lepak here n there till 4get to touch the book. Although the small test i quite ok, but the q is so =.=! I dun wan to say, only the guy like me can slove the q. HAHA, now i so cocky now. Anyway, i hav to change now, he final exam is less than 3 week to go, n now i hav a tonnes of book hav to read. OMG, i wonder y last time i go lepaking at megamall.
As a result, i wun come back to my hometown (BENTONG, a small but peaceful town. I luv my TOWN) till after my final exam. But b4 i finish my test, my frens all go back aledi cuz they finish exam earlier than me, shit. The whole week i will b all alone...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Weird Day

Well, well, well. 2day is a nice day to write a blog to realease my depression. Tis week my college IKIP organise a trip to the famous if i say so, Pantai Cherating. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nv heard IKIP b4. I wun blame u all cuz tis college only famous in a small state in MALAYSIA(Pahang). Anyway, i cannot follow tis trip cuz i'm in engineering course. Tis trip is mainly 4 the business course student only. Sob Sob Sob, so cham cant go to beautiful beach, i can only go to noway. Tis morning, i watch the ppl rushing to take the bus as the bus provided is only 1, the missed will go on their own although the beach is not too far from my hostel. I wonder how come my engineering course din organise such a trip as i heard the secretary course can go to MEGAMALL to play bowling 4 free in whole day..... Wat a day i hav. Wat can i do!!!!! All i can do is take out my lp (laptop) n start to play some game or take some text book to study as the final exam is coming soon. That shit Pengaturcaraan book is damn s**k. I dun know a single word it trying to say. I close the book n think wat should i do survived in tis silly, boring, n weird day.......Luckily my silly sis come to sms me, haha, she is do funny n i feel tat i still got hope to hav a better day 2molo.