Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet The Parent

2day i go to meet the parent.... Like normal, they will ask sth which is unexpected to anyone. Wer u study? How long u knw each other? Can u promise nv leave her/him? U must study hard? V as parent so hard to grow our child? Can u promise tat u wun look at other girls/guys better than her/him? *Sigh* Is it true tat all the parent wan to knw all tis kind of thing before v b frens wif their daughter/son? Cant they tin tat tis is our own business.... I dunno how to giv my expression to them wen they ask tis Question. Laugh? Act normal? Act stupid? Look here n there? U watch me, i watch u back? They question, i ans? I tin the best expression is SHUT UP!!!! Dun they tin they r annoying. It sound like i no manners to b like tis in front of the older ppl but is true. If u all really face tis kind of thing happen, i giv some advice. Dun talk anything in ur first meeting. They juz wan to knw ur detail. Juz act stupid at ur first meeting. Wen it come to second meeting, act a good girl/guy. Help here n there. Chit chat wif them (i dun tin u will hav anyhing to chat wif them) Juz act a bit better than ur first meeting.

Ppl say at ur first meeting u all must some good expression or they will unhappy. I true for half cuz not all the parent think like tat. My advice is suitable for any condition tat u will face. Or u can check their background first. But i dun tin is good cuz they will think how can u check their background if u really hav the heart to meet them. Anyway, tat my advice lah. The really experience i hav 2day.....

Sunday, July 23, 2006


2day Chow ask me out to play basketball. It seem i so long din play liao. Now, is the best time to hav some exercise. Chow ask me to fetch him. I go fetch him around 4 sth. But the main basketball court hav some competition there. So, v choose another place to play. V play at SEMKA. There hav some children play. So cute ^_^ I play one on one wif Chow. Walao, mb so long din play. My bone karat liao. Cant move smoothly. But i still win Chow wif some "little chicken" shoot. Hehe.... At last, Wen reach liao. I pass the round wif Chow as i cant continue anymore. So tired... Tat Wen say he long time no play 2 but he still geng. After a while, some unknown ppl also come to play. They join us and play 4 on 4. Lagi tired ah.... I cant even shoot. The whole match i get less than 10 points. V play till 7.30pm. Wao, so late now. Time to hav some dinner. Wen i reach home, they say ntg to eat. Eat outside lol. OMG.......

2day is the most tiring and hungriest day cuz i not having breakfast and even lunch....

Saturday, July 22, 2006

KL again.....

For tis whole month of holidays, i go to KL more than spend time to meet my old frens.
First week
I go to KL to stay overnite wif my best pals, Foo and Wen. At first v go to Low Yatt to view some Laptop. Then, v go to Times Square to watch "Superman Returns". But Wei Wei cant jon us cuz he on the way coming wen v watch the movie. Nothing v can do.... Tis movie is quite ok, but i feel a bit childish lol cuz i feel like watching children movie esp the main theme. Then, v go buy some stuff at Petaling Street till 8pm. Then, v take Metrobus to go to Sunway. V start drink sth first b4 v go to cyber cafe. V play Dota till 3am b4 take taxi go back to Wen condor to sleep.....Zzzzz
Second week
I go to KL twice a week. I go on 3/7/2006 wif Lee. V go to Times Square to watch the up-dated movie, "Re-cycle". Same date of opening show, v go to watch it. It seem so interesting tat movie wen i watch the advertisement. But i was wrong. At first tis movie is quite ok, but later tis movie is so boring and unmeaningful. Mb i not understand the story. After finish this movie, v continue watch another movie as nothing to do at Times Square. So, v buy another movie ticket. Tis time the movie titled "Voice". If u c the poster, it seem so horror tis movie will be. Two total ticket juz priced RM12. Cheap leh... cuz v use the student price mah =p. Well, tis korean movie not much interesting 2. But a bit regret to watch "Voice" cuz i watch b4. Hehe, i watch pirated de and i 4et the name aledi. Nvm, i acc Lee to watch lol.... She also felt a bit boring the movie v watch 2day. The next visit is on 8/7/2006. Tis time Lee also go wif me. Same place, Times Square. Tis time wat movie v wanna watch leh. Emm... ok, Re-cycle. But i not going to watch again. Then, y i go there again. Anyway, i go there a bit early, around 10am reach there lol. I go there to buy 5 Re-cycle movie ticket to my frens. Who ask me so kind to help them buy and i not watch tat movie. =.=! After i buy the ticket, v go to Petaling Street to giv the ticket to my frens wer my frens now tuition. Then, v go to hav lunch there. V go gai gai at Petaling Street till 4pm. Walao, the weather here so hot oh, v decided to go back to Times Square. Quite crazy...... At there, v spend the rest time at Borders. V read the books there till the time's up. I saw my frens coming out from the cinema but they dun saw me. =.=! Second week at KL is like tat lah.
Third week
Rest one week. Juz go to meet Lee only.
Fourth week
I go Kl again.... Tis time i go on 17/7/2006. Yep....i go wif Lee again. But tis time v din go to Times Square. A bit boring always go to the same place. V change it to Midvalley. Well, quite early v reach there Around 10am sth lol. V straight go the the cinema to buy movie ticket. Tis time v watch the famous "Pirates Of The Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest". V buy 11am ticket and guess wat. The price is Rm6 only and not student price. It seem tat any movie b4 12pm only RM6. Luckily i buy early. =p Wao, tis time i watch the most interesting movie i ever watch. Quite funny and interesting the story. I cant wait to watch the 3rd episode.... finish the movie v go gai gai round the Midvalley.... I feel time go very slowly. Well, the last time i go to KL is 2day, 22/7/2006. Tis time, Lee dun go wif me cuz she hav to work. So, i go wif my Ketari frens. It been long time since i met them. They buy the movie ticket. And guess wat, they wan to watch "Pirates Of The Carribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest" too. Althoughi watch aledi, but tis movie is worth to watch 2 or 3 times. So, i go and watch lah. Same feel like last time i watch...
Well, tis is my KL journey for the whole month lah. I mb wun go KL again cuz hav to prepare for my next sem. Tat all for 2day, bb.....

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nan Quan Mama

(A Series of Pink Crushes)

zhong sheng qiao xing meng ya de ai qing
wei feng tou lou chun lai de xun xi
wo cheng tian duo zai bei wo
huan xiang he ni shou qian shou
tian king bu jin piao qi le xiao yu
jiao men kou mei you ren lai jie ni
ru guo ni yun xu
neng fou rang wo
bang ni cheng san pei ni zou

cai hong she chuan tai yang yu ( she chuan tao yang yu )
xiang ai qing chuan suo si ji ( chuan suo le si ji )
lan tian gan zou le wu yun
jiao shi lo tou wen le ni

chu lian de fen se xi
lian jia pang de chun mi
tou lou ai qing lai lon de xiao mi mi
cui mian ban de mo li
xian ru ni de xian jing
chou yao chi xi wang neng gou zai dao ni
chu lian de fen se xi
ren xing de da yan jing
xiang mian hua tang ban qiao pi you tao qi
mei you yun hao tian qi
xiang lian ai de xin qing
qi wo de BUBU zai zhe ni
da cheng tian mi

di yao ku da shang dan lan yan ying
xun dao zhu ren dou bei ni xi yin
mei quan yu de cao mei yin
duo zai wei jin li chuan xi
gua zai ban pai shang de bang qiu mao
shi xia ke xiang yue ni de an hao
shou ji mei xun hao
ye neng shou dao
fang xue yi qi shi han bao

repeat ***

qi wo de BUBU he ni
yi lu da cheng tian mi












Sunday, July 09, 2006

Is there Justice

Why the world is so cruel,
Let he live in this world,
Not knowing who is he,
Whether bad or good,
In my memory,
He hav none good thing to show,
He very bad as devil,
Who like to harm ppl,
No matter they are their friends,
Or even their relatives,
Esp my family,
My family hav been suffering under him,
Without any right to talk.

In this world,
Only 'HE can handle him,
Only 'HE can solve any problem,
'HE is my dad,
I so admire my dad,
But he have leave my family,
For past 4 years,
After 'HE leave,
He think he own everything,
He treat my family like servant,
I so sympathy to my mum,
My mum suffer the most,
Hav to take burden to take care her family,
N also hav to face him,
There nothing we can do.

Till recently,
He still treat us like that,
I cant stand anymore,
My mum 2,
We discovered he been cheating us,
Since 'HE leave,
So we investigated him,
It is true,
Now we dare to face him,
With all the every evidence we hav here,
But he ignore us,
Try to avoid us,
Wen we fouund him,
He denied,
Say he dint lie to us,
Wen we start to argue,
He used unproper words toward my mum,
Also 'HE....
I cant stand anymore,
He now insulting my family,
I fight wif him,
I punch him like a mad man,
My mum stop me,
We will never win,
With a lot of gang wif him.

Help us now,
Let him face ur true power,
Let justice punish him,
Let justice make him no way out,
This kind of ppl,
No worth to protect,
No worth to help,
No worth to b his relative,
We been suffering under him,
The most suffer is my dear mum,
She hav to carry this burden,
Actually she no need to carry,
But I as her SON,
Dunno how to help her,
She say I no need to help her,
Juz concentrate my study,
This cruel world i no need to knw,
It not the right time for me to face it,
I see my mum really suffer,
She work very hard,
I blame myself,
Cant help my mum,
I promise i will study hard,
Let him see how good we are,
Not under his control.

Curse u....


06.06.06 is the date wer some ppl is a good day n some ppl say is a bad day.
Good - This date is only appear once in lifetime n never show again even thousand or million year ahead. So, everybody will take this date to do sth speacial esp to their loved 1. Ppl say on that date in 6.06 am is the best time to show ur love........ I dun blieve it.
Bad - Bad i only knw wen i watch "The Omen" wif initial 666. The demon number wer the demon will arise from the hell n human will b extinct. Walao, i luv this movie.....
But, this time i wanna talk bout my frens birthday, Chan Yee How. His (not her, mb u tin Yee How is a gal's name) birthday fall at 0707. 2 bad, this year is 2006 not 2007. If not, his got a perfect initial 777 (for chinese it seem not a very good number). But nvm, next 4 year is my turn. My birthday at 10.10, so the next 4 year will b 10.10.10. The intial is 101010. For chinese i heard tat 10 is the luckiest number cuz "sap chuen sap mei" (10 perfect). 2day v hav a party at other frens house, Soo Wei (an active gal i ever see). But they last minute call me out, nvm, i dun care so much. Mb they 4get i now on holiday leh.... Wen i reach there, everybody wait for me. But i need also to drink something to yeng chau...... Wen i drink, OMG..... is arak. Luckily not very much alcohol in there. If not, i need some ppl to send me back as i mabuk liao. From tat moment, my attitude of not drink alcohol hav been broken....... I nv drink Shandy or Red Wine b4. I hope my mum wun scold me. After eat the cake, v play game cuz there r leftover for the cake. V play count the number n i count it cuz i the fastest counter (mb cuz i 2 good in Math, walao, i so chuen liao, hehe). Hehe, so fun at tat time.
2day i go KL again to my factory to deliver thing n help my frens, the birthday kid, to buy cinema ticket fro Re-Cycle. I watch the movie aledi, so i dun watch wif them. Then, i hav to send the ticket to my frens at Petaling Street wer they now on tuition wif the Mr. Goh (my ex-PA tuition teacher) He really good at teaching. Tat y i so amazed to his tuition center wer the class is like a hall. The class can muat 100 ppl in. Quite lot ppl tuition wif him geh. So popular.... I reach there round 11.45 am. Then i sms my frens to come out n take the ticket but he say wait a few minutes cuz they nearly finish the class. I wait for him outside the tuition center n giv them the ticket. Then i go wif my ^.^ go gai gai at Petaling Street. She wan buy some comic n i acc her lah. So hot there.... V decided to go to Times Square cuz there got air-condition mah. V there din gai gai but go to the Borders n read book. I read some comic or novel. She read cooking n art books. Quite interesting. The Borders is juz near the cinema. While v read the books, i saw my frens coming out from the cinema. Then, they go inside the Borders to take the shortcut but they dun c me. Hehe........ How come they dun c me sit at the side n watching them coming in leh??

Friday, July 07, 2006


Tis movie is a production of Pang-Brothers who currently again film a horror movie. This time the name is quite strange (Re-cycle). When i n my frens look at the name, v laugh n wonder really there are recycle for the ghost meh... So, i watch the movie the time it release 06.07.2006. But u knw lah, if the movie is so interesting, it will show up at the cinema a week earlier but at night hour lah. The time to watch the movie is the time everybody sleep.... Haha. Anyway the main character is Malaysian actor-singer, Li Xin Jie. She hav also film with Pang-Brothers in "The Eye". "The Eye" is much better the Shu Qi "The Eye 2" n the copycat "The Eye 10". Li Xin Jie hav big eye n so afraid to look at her eyes even at the movie. So hong bou.... But as u all knw tat ppl who write or film the ghost story sure easily got strange thing happen..... U knw wat i mean lah.

Here the story begin.. Li Xin Jie in the movie called Chu Xun. She is a popular novelist where her novel bout love story touches the heart of all the readers. The readers wait for her next novel named "Ghost Land". When she start write the story at her house (her house look like a ghost house n so creepy), she start write some plot of the ghost story. Her first idea is start from a girl named ....(4get, not important the name in this movie) who hav a long hair n unnormal height. But she admit her fate n learn how to keep living....... Strange the ghost story start wif it, so Chu Xun throw it away n here the scarry thing happen. She feel tat in her house add one more ppl liao. U knw who is it... The first character she write for her novel (the long hair n tall woman). After the strange thing happen, Chu Xun go to her computer n write the event she juz experience for her novel. Sound crazy she still dunno wat she is facing.... Then the same event happen again till her ex-boyfren come to her house to ask her out for a dinner. As u knw, her first novel bout the love story mainly bout how she experince wif him b4 he dump her n go to AS. He wanna say sorry to her n explain y he do like tat last 8 years (wao, pretty a long time). He also say he divorced aledi n last time is she (her wife) say she hav his baby. So, he hav no choice but to dump her. He ask can she giv him another chance. As v wish, she dump him as he dump her. *clap hand lah* After tat, she go to backstreet i tin, n some strong force seem pulling her but last a while lah. Then, she continue her ghost story n write bout the new character take the lift at 10th floor n wanna go down. But the lift stop at 7th floor n cant b closed...... She hav no idea how to continue n decided to go back to the street i tin. Yeepee, the floor she live is also 10th floor n u knw wat happen lah. Her story happen at her world n the lift really stop at the 7th floor n cant close it. She look outside n c a little girl ask her grandmum tat lift has arrive. Then they go to the G floor n she go out wif the little girl. But the grandmum say tat they hav not reach the floor yet. One more floor to go...... Walao, a bit hong bou liao cuz c them go down weh.

Wen she go outside, she realised tat she hav reach an unknown world. She saw many strange thing happen lah but i lazy to describe all. She saw an old man read a book after a few strange thing happen n she run all the way lah. He say tat she is not suppose to come to this place n explain tat this world is created from the unwanted thing. The thing tat is useless to us or b 4gotten will appear at this world. Then, he ask her to go straight to save herself from sth called the "cleaning" woh. I tin wat it mean to clean sth tat is unwanted in their world. Then, he reach some kind of jungle which i tin some ppl commit suicide by hanging themselves on the tree. As u knw, if u hang urself in the forest, sure u ll b unfound by us. So, they appear at this world. Then, the hanging ppl seem alive n get near her... Then, hero... i mean heroin come n rescue the world. A small girl ask her to get on the toy horse n go another area. A toy story... All the unwanted toy can b found here 2. After a little chat wif the girl n knw tat to get out of this world, she need to go to the Transit. So, she suggest her to go to c one person tat is the old man. N again, they go to another area n now this area look like a big library. This time, this area is for unwanted book lah whether the book is ruinedd or 2 old to b read by us.... The old man say the way to go the Transit is very dangerous n say sth to b remember on their way to the Transit. The old man also giv some "dead ppl money" n say mb useful.
Now, their journey to the Transit begin... They reach wat they call "Ghost Bridge". The little girl ask Chu Xun to hold her breath. How can a human hold their breath wen they scared leh. As last, she nearly fall down n take a breath. The dead ppl seem smell the breath n went crazy. The little ask her to jump into the well. (How come there is a well there leh. =.=') Wen she jump in, she reach an area where the world seem so fresh like our body. Yep, she reach an area where the baby is being dumped. So cham the baby, some is very small n some is nearly time to b born. But baby here will grow up 2. After she come out, they go up the mountain n c many beautiful flower. The old man say pick the flower as many as they can.... So, they pick the flower n go up again. Now they reach the place look like an old graveyard. Many dead ppl but look like zombie sit down n look so lonely. U guess tis time wat area is here...... Correct, this area is for the 4gotten graveyard esp our ancestor... So, they giv them some flower for them to cross over the place... Unfortunately, zombie is 2 many n the flower is not enough.... I love the song wen they giv the flower T.T... The zombie seem angry n they scared. Now, they remember wat the old man giv them., "dead ppl money". Chu Xun throw the money up n the zombie seem like the money. They cross the place easily..... At last, they reach the Transit, but the little girl fainted czu she cant stand the light there. Light defeat the darkness..... She finally realised tat the little girl actually is her daughter where she "gugurkan" wen she wif her ex-bf..... Strange leh, ghost at here can grow up n b little girl. But, the ghost here knw the arrival of her n claimed tat is her who take them into the world.... U remember the long hair n tall lady at her first plot... She appear 2... But the Transit open n all the ghost disappear n also the little girl.....
At last, she go back to her real world n now she lay down at her bed. Wen she got up, she heard some ppl talking outside. The sound seem familiar, yes, it is her at outside. Two Li Xin Jie n the ghost story start again at the first event....... Really match the name Re-cycle. As far, tis movie is quite ok, but i dun like the ending lol.......
Hope u enjoy the movie!!!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


There is one thing tat every1 sometime will blif. Tat is their fortune. Some ppl really blif it n always bcareful at everything they did, some didn't even to bother bout them. I the one of them. I really dun blif in fortune cuz i tin it seem so nonsense n unlogic... So, i still remember wat my aunt always told me wen i was small "DUN EVER EVER CUT IT OUT, IF NOT U LL HAV BAD LUCK IN 1 DAY". Didnt it feel so strange..... NO!!!!, read properly lah, it say u ll get bad luck in 1 day. If she say u ll get bad luck in future, then i blif lah. Bt in 1 day, wat ll happen oh. So, i dun care bout it.... Juz cut it out, dun tell me wat is it cuz i wun tell u all.... HAHA. The day after i cut it out, many thing really happen. Firstly, my hp. It seem tat my hp cant function as it like... So, i shut it up n reopen it again. So @#$, cant open it. I take it to the shop n let them check my hp. They feel strange cuz they seem dunno wat happen to my hp.

Boss : I think ur hp went gila liao, need to change it. But dun wori, u still under warranty. I try n change it to u.
Me : Really. Thank God i still hav very little hope.
Boss : But it take bout 1 or 2 week to take back ur hp
Me : Wat i going to use?
Boss : U use this first lah..... It lao yah one. Dun mind lah
Me : Can use ok liao...

I so dissapointed to say such a word. She giv me a Nokia phone (dun ask wat hp is it). Very very lao yah ah. Everytime i wan write some msg, i need to rub my finger wif YOKO YOKO cuz it really pain.... Wish tat my hp can go home quickly..

Second thing tat hurt me is my lp. My Acer lp seem went wrong 2. But i dun care much cuz i still can use mah. Till recently, same like my hp. Cant open it.... Again, go to the Beta Shop (Zhong Wei's Uncle shop, very close to me).

Uncle Li : Hello, ah Teh (actually my real name is Tay) Wat bring u here?
Me : Hehe, same thing happen lah. My lp cant open even once....
Uncle Li : Really!!! Let me check it
After few minutes....
Uncle Li : Can u tell wat hav u done to it...
Me : Din do anything ah. Juz listen to song n on9 lol....
Uncle Li : Strange weh..... It seem ur harddisk hav broke down liao..
Me : Wat!!!!
Uncle Li : Dun wori, i remmeber u buy no long b4 mah. Is the warranty date over yet...
Me : No..
Uncle Li : Good, let me change for u lah...
I wait for him after he take my lp away. When he come back...
Uncle Li : Ah Teh, y u still here. Anything else..
Me : Hah!!! I thought u giv me another new lp for me...
Uncle Li : (Laugh) Ah Teh, ah Teh.... Wat happen to u?
Me : Dunno!!!
Uncle Li : It take 3 week n or 1 month to take back ur new lp cuz they need to check ur lp first then they change for u mah
Me : Yeah meh???
Uncle Li : Of course lah, i hav no right to giv u a new one.... Wait 1 month lah
Me : ..............................xp

Oh my....., 1 month cant use my lp. So malu weh i stand in the shop wait for the new lp, i 4get it need to take it to KL. I sure boring now since i now on holiday. I start my new sem at August. Still many days to go ah.... But i told myself dun wori, my house still left one desktop for me to on9 enough lah. Unfortunately.... Yep, my desktp also ruin liao xp. Hav to take it AGAIN to the shop n c the Uncle Li face..

Uncle Li : Eiii... Ah Teh, it still not yet 1 hours n i c u again.
Me : Hehe, Uncle ah. My desktop....
Uncle Li : Not again... Since u come back really many thing happen oh. Wat happen actually?
Me : Bad luck gua....

Hehe, now everything gone like a strong wind. 1 day lose all my favourite thing. Dunno wat can do. Well, there r more but i juz name some of them..... (Some is wen i take motor, bath, eat, n many lah). So Bad Luck ah. If i knw, i better listen to my aunt then i hav all my thing back in normal but luckily, it is juz 1 day. If more, i dun wat ll happen to me.... Dun ever try to take the risk if it relate to our fortune cuz it may be better or worse than wat happen to me....

Thank to my warranty still not over....

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Few days ago, i go to KL wif my frens. Foo Wai Lun (the smartest fren i ever know, he really geng ah), and Lee Hsien Wen (a normal fren :p) go wif me to KL to rock the KL as v long time no c liao. Actually, there is one more fren. I would to introduce my best n closest pal in my lifetime, Li Zhong Wei. Zhong Wei hav been fren wif me since Standard 6 at SK Sungai Marong. I remember he came from Penang n transfer here. Since then, v been fren till now n 4ever..... I still remember how v meet, so funny.... But this year, he n his family hav moved out to Shah Alam to easy him to go to college, KBU. So, at tat time, v need to meet him at kl n not go to kl wif us at Bentong. V take the 8.30 am bus n reach the Titiwangsa at bout 9.45 am. Then, v take the monorail to Times Square. Yep, our first mission is to watch the juz on cinema movie, Superman Returns. Sound a bit like children.... But bcuz so early n v no need to buy the ticket (later i tell u y?), so v go to the Low Yatt Plaza to c some stuff. Also v see some lp cuz my two frens wan to buy but dunno wat to buy. Now, is the stupid thing....

V reach the Low Yatt Plaza round 10.30 am but almost all the shop is still closed. V like a clown walk here n there n look here n there. N wait the shop to open, n u knw v wait till wat time.... Round 11.30 am, the shop starting to open, but v promise to watch the movie at 12.00 pm. So, v juz shop a bit. Foo buy a "mouse" in RM8 (but not USB, Foo so disappointed) n i buy a "AAA charger" in RM25 (wao, cheap, cheap, cheap.....). But Zhong Wei still on the way to come, n he say v watch without him. So, v go n meet Hsien Wen frens (he invited them to join us n they buy the ticket aledi). Total ppl watch this movie is 8 person. Wen v reach there, v go to Hall 9, but v c nobody there. Hsien Wen called them but, u know wat they say. They say they now eating breakfast, ask us to wait for a while. V wait till 12.15 pm then they arrive. Wen v go in, they all go to toilet. Oh my.... Then v watch the movie. I can tell tat this movie is so boring, less of action. Foo yawns almost 10 times n nearly to sleep. But tis movie end up at 2.45 pm (walao, tat long ah, i prefer watch the LOTR).

After tat, i called Zhong Wei n he claimed tat he now at Sungei Wang. N i not eat breakfast yet, so v go to Sungei Wang n to the food court to hav a meal first. V spent there bout 1 hour cuz Sungei Wang nothing so fun to go. U guess after eat v go wer..... Boy's World (CC) at Low Yatt Plaza. I come back, Low Yatt... V play DOTA for 80 minutes. After v say goodbye to the others, our real mission is coming. Me, Zhong Wei, Foo n Hsien Wen wait tis time for so long. Yes, v take LRT to go to Petaling Street. Y v go there? Shop some stuff there, ring, necklace, watch, beg n many more. But too hot there.... V walk till 8.00 pm. Then, v take the Metrobus to go to Sunway. V go there to swim....... Juz kidding lah, v go there to hav some drink then Boy's World again. V play DOTA for some time, n v challenge the ppl there.

1st round ( 5 vs 5). V lose so badly as i so long din play liao, n 4get the strategy. Ppl there tease me cuz dunno how to play. They called us noob.... My frens so angry n tis time, only 4 of us. Ppl there 2.

2nd round ( 4 vs 4 ). Wen v pick our hero (the heroes is chosen random), i picked my frens favourite hero. Zhong Wei swap his hero to me. N i use his hero. Now, is time for us to buo shao. I din killed a lot, but i help my partner to kill them. N at last, victory is at our side. Ppl there so shamed cuz lose to noob hah.....

V played till 2 or 3 am, then v decided to stop. V go out n take the taxi to go Hsien Wen condor. Wen v reach there, v continue to chat, n dun feel tired. At last v sleep round 5 am...... So tired....