Who M I, I M Chai Bin

Monday, June 18, 2007

A-Z Survey

A - Amanda
B - Bobby (not dog)
C - Conney
D - De Liong
E - Eileen
F - Foo
G - Grace
H - Hui Fei
I - Iko
J - Jane
K - Kar Wen
L - Liew
M - Mah Kah Sing
N - Nani (Jenn Nann)
O - Ooi
P - Poy Poy (Chow)
Q - (none)
R - Rain (i think is Yuan Xin?)
S - Soon Ken
T - Tay Chai Bin =p no lah, cant myself....... Then, Tay Chai Yee and Tay Chai Yan can gua =p
U - Usagi (Ling, my super sailormoon fan cousin)
V - Vivian (my mum fren, also mine =p)
W - Wen Wen (is Hsien Wen, haha....)
X - (X-Men? Haha....) (none)
Y - Yuan Xin, can twice? If not, Yee Chee (p/s : his name got 6E, Lee Yee Chee)
Z - Zhong Wei, my all-time best pal

1. What does A sms you about ? (Amanda)
She don’t sms me unless I sms her first =p. V chat at MSN only, weird? :(

2. How many siblings does B have? (Bobby)
He the one!!!

3. What is C’s nickname? (Conney)
I dunno her nickname!

4. How do you get to know D? (De Liong)
Form 3 same class.

5. How desperate is E? (Eileen)
Very desperate!!!!!!!!

6. How much is F older/younger then you? (Foo)
Younger than me 11 days =p

7. Name one of G’s best friend? (Grace)
I am not sure.

8. Does H knows I? (Hui Fei and Iko)
They don’t know each other.

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy? (Jane)
Last time, normal fren. Now, really enemy.

10. Under what conditions will K & L get married? (Kar Wen and Liew)
When both of them turn gay and Malaysia allow gay marriage.

11. How many people do you know with M’s initial? (Mah Kah Sing)
I don’t feel like thinking right now.. Mei Keng, Mei Teng, Meow...

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone with N? (Nani)
I din called him, he called me ask me bout Add Math homework.

13. Do you think O knows P? (Ooi and Poy Poy)
Of course, same primary and class.....

14. How geeky is Q? (None)
No Q….

15. Is R very popular? (Rain)
Erm, very very popular. The real Rain =p

16. What happens if S likes you? (Soon Ken)

17. Is T a very random person? (Tay Chai Yee)

18. How are U and V related? (Usagi and Vivian)
They dun even knw each other....

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend? (Wen)
"Bak Chi"

20. When is the last time u met up with X? (none)

21. Are Y & Z enemies? (Yee Chee and Zhong Wei)
They don’t even know each other.

22. Use one word to describe P. (Poy Poy)
Fat and Thin. (Very FAT b4, very THIN now)

23. Use two words to describe V. (Vivian)

24. Use three words to describe L. (Liew)
Tall, hardworking, and good.

25. Who loves you more? C or H? (Conney and Hui Fei)
I don’t think they love me, but if I have to choose, then it will be Hui Fei =p

27. Of everyone from A - Z, who do you love the most?
Secret!!!! Or none!!!!

28. Will you betray any of them?
I don’t betray but mb some will...

29. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z?
I have....

30. Does N shares the same interest with you?
Hmm,… I don’t think so.

1st Week Work

OK, i start work at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng last Monday and i start work at 1pm finish at 11pm. Seem very very long work but at tat time i think is worth it. I guess it wrong!!!! Work never easy. Ok, let talk bout my first day work. I reach 1Utama around 12 sth and start to search the restaurant. U knw, 1U tat huge, very hard to recognise the route. Then, i start walk in there and ask to start my work. The cashier juz gv me the uniform and ask me to change and work now. Fine!!! After tat, a senior, Ah Dong, explain to me tat every drink hav their own straw. Hah???? They use many diff kind of glass and every glass hav diff straw. Some need small, some need big, some need spoon and so on. Many thing to remember then he explain to me bout the meal they offer. Then, i juz say tat i not very very good at chinese. They feel shocked cuz dunno chinese how to take order. I say i can slowly learn (actually learn ntg =p) So, first day i only take the food and drink, clear the table, say "Welcome", "Bye Bye" to the customer, and at last sweep and mop the floor. Everything finish around 11.30pm. After tat, v take supper b4 walking back to the hostel. I thought the hostel is soe kind of condor but wrong. Is actually an old and left behind house. And i need to share wif 6 other worker in 1 ROOM!!! All share same toilet and i wait so long to hav my turn use the toilet. Zzzzzz

The next day i work SS. Oh yeah, 4get to mention. Full timer got 3 type of shift.
SS = 9.30am - 2pm, 6.30pm - 11pm
Morning = 9.30am - 6.30pm
Noon = 12pm or 2pm - 11pm
So, i hav to wake up so early and Ah Dong work wif me. And so on for the next few day. Everyday work the same thing. Take order, order, order. Ai....

But Ah Dong last Sat resign aledi. 2 more worker also resign tis week. 1 worker at 30th. 2 waitress 7th next month and 1 waiter is end of July. Wat should i do!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Work again

Ok, last time i post sth bout work but tat work is temporaly, but tis time, i will be working as full-time at a restaurant. Now, i state my journey to find work.

I wake up early in the morning and go fetch my fren, Chue to go pasar to get back his trouser but unfortunately, the shop not open yet so need to wait till 10 sth. So, v go to Yuen Kei to eat breakfast. After tat, v take 10.30pm bus to KL. Wen v reach there around 11 sth, v take Lrt to go Plaza Rakyat to take bus to go to 1Utama. Yep, i gonna work at 1U.

Reach there around 1pm and here, my job-seeker start. I try to find a simple simple job like sales assistant. I heard tis job is very simple but the salary is so so only. First station, 1uIt. It's a computer shop and it need a promoter. I got some IT knowledge so juz hentam go in and ask for job. They juz ask me fill in the form and wait for good news. As u all knw, 1U is very very big and although there are many shop, not all shop suit for me. Most of the shop is ladies and children cloth. Therefore, in my opinion these job only seek for female worker. *Sigh* Guys really hard to find work. Another station i ask is a cloth shop, HangTen (nice name) Wen i go in there, the supervisor is very friendly and wen she knw i from Bentong come far far away to here to seek job, she show some interest. after filling the form, she ask me to wait the phone. I got a feeling tis shop gonna hire me and i also interest to work there. I also heard the supervisor talk to the worker how much his salary. He say "Basic RM900 plus commission Rm2o0". Hmm.... Rm1100 quite lot of money. $.$

Next, juz go around and around seem cant find any shop can ask. Most of them i ask state aledi full. I also think of work at Parkson but hav to go office and do this and tat, feel lazy. Got 2 shop really pissed me. First shop wen i ask for job, she ask me to get the photostate of IC and SPM cert and also 2 picture. Walao.... never think find a cloth shop need tis kind of thing. So, juz go out there. Second shop, Reject Shop, i go in there ask any vacancy, he ask me to wait. I also dunno wait for wat as i knw he quite bz. So, i juz wait. Wen he finish his thing, he still ask me to wait. I ask wait for wat? He say wait for the supervisor who has gone to break. OMG.... y he din tell me early and really paiseh go out like tat. At least ask for job 1st. Wen the supervisor come back, i straight ask any vacancy? She juz tell me here only offer for part-timer. Damn..... i wait tat long, 20 minute and they juz tell me only hire part-timer!!!!! After tat, think tat no hope and juz go to any shop fill in the form and wait their reply. Last 2 shop is G2000 and Copa Cie.

After tat feel, a bit hungry and i happen to pass by a Mongkok Restaurant. Hmm... nv heard nor eat b4. Juz go in and hav a try. Wao... c the worker seem very very bz but still go time to serve me. Good service. Wen i c the menu, so many diff food and seem yummy!!!! Wen i ask for order, the worker askme wanna b member of their restaurant to get 10% discount. Wao!!!! Got tis service 2. After i finish order, i got feeling tell me to ask for job here. So, i juz simply ask and they ask me to fill in the form but if like tat, the member card cannot b used cuz i ll be staff. No other choice, i juz fill in the job form and straight, the manager ask me to go to the corner there to walk-in-interview.

Here the explanation :
Basic : Rm650
Total hour work : 150-200, mb more than 200
1 hour salary : Rm2.50
Therefore, minimum salary : RM1025
Time work for full-timer : 9.30am till 11pm
Meal included.
1st meal : 12pm
2nd meal : 6.30pm
3rd meal : 11pm
If wanna stay at hostel, minus salary RM40

After i heard tis, RM1025 is only the minimum salary and it'll b more. Wao!!!!! I straight say tat i accept tis job. After finish eat, i straight take taxi go back as i hav founs the job. Feel happy but there is another problem. Tis job is very very hard to work. More than 12 hour work per day, mb i cant stand but tis is a challenge to me. There is some funny thing. The time i on the way go back to Bentong, i receive an unknown call. I take it and guess wat. It's from HangTen!!! She say tat there is a good news wic is i'm hired and hope can meet now o discuss the salary. I told her tat i on the way back, she ask me next mon start work and i so stupid i accept it. OMG!!!! I really hope can work at HangTen but i aledi accept the Mongkok work. Therefore, on the way back, i think and think wic i should choose. HangTen is a simple job but din include hostel and food, while Mongkok include everything but very hard to work as the time to work is overtime. The moment i so headache bout it, another unknown call again. Tis time is from G2000. He ask me to meet him at 7.30pm to discuss and i straight say i cant cuz i on the way back. He ask me if i still wanna tis job, i say sorry. Luckily i rejected. Now left tis problem....

So, wic 1 i gonna choose? Next monday i gonna work but i hav no idea wat i should work. Easy job wif low salary or hard job wif high salary?

Saturday, June 02, 2007


Yesterday i go to Putrajaya to settle my factory thing. It's called "Penilaian Pekerja Asing" wer the officer will come to my factory to nilai our foreign worker to see if they r legal or not, or can work at Malaysia. I also heard some time later, all the foreign worker will get their own Mykad. Syoknya...... Anyway, y i need to go to Putrajaya bcuz my factory hav 3 foreign worker and only 2 of them got "penilaian" from the officer wer 1 worker hav to go back to his country as his wife has operation. Therefore, he din get the "penilaian" and i need to go there to appeal for another "penilaian". Now i realise tat go to Putrajaya is damn damn damn far although quite pretty but i wan say sth. Although it looks pretty but very bad construction. My meaning bad construction is such as parking lot. Their building is damn big and the parking lot i think for the worker aledi full liao. Some even park the car bside the road.

Tis is the example:

Here is Putrajaya, 2 bad only can c the side. Quite pretty their flower

So, can u c how they park their car. It's actually 2 ways road.

Really pretty tis place

Here, u need to hand over ur IC b4 u can deal anything here.
*I remember tat v hav the right not to hand over the IC*

The office is at 7th floor and wen u reach there, u need to use the ID visitor card to open the door. Sound like a strict security.

Here is the office and v deal foreign worker here. I ask them to allow me to meet the officer so i can send the appeal form to him. Last night, i hav on9 keyin the document at their website but stupid streamyx plus some problem at their website force me to come to Putrajaya to settle them. And also, last time v aledi pay the Bank Draft for 3 worker and tis time hope they can take the last draft so tat no need to pay another RM370. So ma fan!!!!

Now, i at the lift there capture myself. M i look like a businessman. Hey, i study engineering????