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Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm At KL now...

yeah... i now at KL. Now at 1 of my fren house. Later we gonna go out for our 2nd gathering section. Some new faces gonna show up. Hope i can still recognise them.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Here wat i found....
So good his parent named him...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Loneliness come back

2day is holiday and i dun have any activity i can do. Wat i can do now is go to mamak stall there and on9 till night i think... Tis kind of life i aledi used to it. Alone at Kuantan here without fren and family is so hard. Every night i have to look around 4 side room and wonder myself wat am i doing here? I knw tat i still studying and nothing i have to worry about but sometimes, i got think bout leaving tis lonely life. Somemore, i gonna graduate dip tis end of year and maybe gonna go for UTM next year July. It's sound like i have to wait 1 year+ to be into new environment. Most ppl hope to stay in their current environment but for me, i hope to get out of here as soon as possible. Most ppl think i all alone here so good where i can do anything i wan. I can go clubbing or doing something i never do b4. But they dunno tat without fren here, nothing u can do.

Everyday go outside juz to on9 look like a dull life. During holiday like 2day, most ppl will go out and have lot of fun with their frean or even their bf/gf. I hope i can do like them. Can be wif somebody and have lot of fun. Most ppl will ask me wat do i surf everytime i go to mamak stall? The same site i visit every single day, LYN. In tis site, i think i can be wat i'm. I can shoot ppl and ppl can shoot me. Really have lot of fun there. At there, all my loneliness feeling is gone. I have no idea wat make me continue blogging but i do knw tat LYN have make me become more better person who need to leave all the loneliness feeling and continue doing wat i'm doing here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


tis few month ago wen i was in emo situition wif something tat i wun post up here, i found a site wer i can say everything i wan without ppl knowing who am i or who i talking bout...
LYN forum, i found it's so interesting wer sometimes i can bully them or being bullied back. 1 word can describe, it's so much fun there.

After being there for few month, i kinda realise tat wat i'm doing now is a very stupid thing. I not sure whether i can let go but i'll try my best...

Thx to all LYN member tat help me.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Back Blogging

Now i decide to back blogging after been away for quite a long time.
Will update soon...

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Final now. Still the same, din study much. So regret especially Electronic subject wer i din study at all. Juz hav a look then go to sleep. T.T

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Ok, tis post is purposely for me to release my anger toward some1. As some ppl knw tat i currently teaching "S" for "sergeant or shorty" tuition. He bcome my source of money so sometime, i juz be patient to him. He long time no study tat i knw and i teach him step by step. But i hav teach him for 3 or 4 semester aledi and i cant remember it. It's a long period for me to face him. It's nothing wrong for me to teach him but sometimes, give me a break. Everytime come to for tuition ask the same question over and over again. I hav taught him 4 times for the same topic and same final question. Still wen i change the number, he start confused liao....

Let say, tis question:


The ans is 55, but if u tell him the exact answer is 55, he'll juz listen. The most effective teach him to solve tis question is teach him 1+2=3, then 3+3=6 ......... Meaning u hav to teach him really really step by step. Not i wan to tease him, but i really dunno wat he hav learn in tis sem. Everything wan ask me and the lecturer, somemore ask for private class wif lecturer. Wif private class also no use for him cuz at the end, he'll ask me to teach him again. U can think tat he learn from class, private class, and my tuition. Still like tis..... Really wan give up aledi..

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Final is coming

Final is due to next week and my first paper is the most i hate, TITAS II. Although tis subject u juz required to read 2 chapter out of 6 only cuz they only ask bout China and Japan civilization. The bad thing is i know ntg bout their history. Esp China, so many Dynasty and Empire. Japan more easy but hard to remember. T.T

Although final is coming but i still use my time at Zam Zam. Juz to download and surfing, but most is for download la. So many thing to download, really addicted to them. Ai... cannot like tat, hav to stop my habit and start go to study.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


It's been so long since i post sth here. I've been extremely busy and stress during tis few weeks. Oopss, it's been almost more than a month aledi.... Currently, i so stress bout my project as i knw not much bout these project. After v finish do all the testing practice wic v gain a little knowldege wat v gonna do to the project, it's left around 2 weeks for us to finish the project but 2 bad, there's some component not complete yet and the most important thing, Board, still not bought yet. Wic mean, without the board, v can do ntg. So, tis 2 weeks v been rushing to complete the project but eventhough u finish them doesn't mean mission accomplished. Wat coming out is the most head-cracked situition wer u hav to make sure ur board is in 100% function or at least it's functioning well. First, u hav to test the DIP switch, LED (small bulb), keypad, 7-segment, and motor. Each of them is applied wif 1 or 2 IC and u hav to make sure the Ic is operating ur component. TO troubleshoot all these really stressful to me. V finish troubleshoot tis board on Sat, 10th November 2007 wic can some of my happiest moment wer i finally finish them and after tat, my lecturer, En Zamri invite all of us to go to his house for open house.

UTM Mission begin from 12nd - 16th (the first 4 days is to test our project)

Our lab start at 12nd so v hav to go there at 11st. V go there by bus, (the actual transport is by van but dunno how v argue, can get the bus =p). Start going at 10.30am and reach there around 2 or 3pm. V not gonna stay at UTM but the college near it, College Telecom. Wat i can bout this college is their hostel look like the launching rocket pit. Seriously, u can imagine there's 2 block of building wic is the room, bridge connected them and right at the middle is the lift wic look like the rocket. Haha.... our Malaysia since wen hav tis rocket launch pit??? But there's a problem here, v gonna stay at 16th floor wic i'm SCARED!!!After put all our thing at our own room, it's rocking the KL time. They plan go to Lowyat as Hafiz wanna buy Ext Harddisk. Sergeant wanna buy 1GB pendrive wer there's seem to be promotion wer it's only sold at most RM30. The chepest i can c is RM29. Well, juz RM1 but he still ask us if it's cheap. OMG, think urself la. Not quite like him.

Can u c how many floor there are????

Me at the lift. Wish dunwan go out there. @.@

The next day, v hav to wake up so early as the class start at 8.30am. For those newbies, us, who din knw much bout area of UTM hav to go early to find our class. Well, not our college hav lab at UTM, there Lagenda college (only 1 ppl) from Seremban and PTI (7 ppl?) from Perak. I can say our college is the most successful cuz Lagenda separate all the component wic can be so confusing and PTI the worst, din do anything as they expect to do them here. Dunno wat their lecturer knw bout tis lab. Is killing them.

1st day, v gonna test our LED functioning wer u gonna use their expanded mode wic our college dun hav for us to practice but v're ready for tis. The lecturer wan us to write a software to make the LED to rotate left or right, and blink. At the same time, u gonna make the 7-segment rotate as well. Juz to show the number is increasing tat enough. Seem easy to us but there's some problem. I not sure wat happening but our board din show the exact result as it should be. So, waste so much time to troubleshoot again. Class end at 4pm wic is the longest class i ever hav in my life. Can u imagine tat u're having the same class from morning till evening? Not quite satisfied wif my result 2day so gonna go back to hostel and repair it.

2nd day, v gonna test our DIP switch. DIP switch hav 8 switch on them and u hav to make sure tat all 7 is functioning. Unfortunately, the 7th swtich seem cant be used and lecturer say nvm, remember dun use tat switch. Now, u hav to write a software so tat wen u open 1 of the switch it'll rotate left or right and blink. Although 1 of the swtich is spoiled but wen v put all 2gether from previous day, all messed up. It's not functioning again. It's really make me so so so stressful. At college, there's no problem at all but why here?

3rd day, the lecturer is changed to anothere ppl who responsible to test out keypad and motor. So, test the keypad first. U hav to make sure tat wen u press ur keypad, the computer can read the data from wat u press. Well, once again, got problem again. T.T So, hav check so many hours but still dunno wer is the mistake. At last, it the stupid IC is not grounded and tat's why it's not functioning. So so frustrated!!!!!!!! Next, the lecturer bring a CD-Rom and wan us type a data so the CD-Rom will opened. Well, somehow our board can manage 5V and can operate the CD-Rom.=[

4th day, the final project. U hav to write a software wer u hav to insert 4 digit password and there's onlt 3 trial. If all the password is wrong, LED will half blink. So, if the password is correct, press 1 for LED and 2 for motor. For LED, press A to rotate left, B for blink, C for 2 way coming and D for reset. For motor, press A to move forward, press B to move reverse, press C to stop and D to reset. Tis is the most happiest day for tis year cuz i done them b4 afternoon and i quite proud of me. After all the failure the previous day but if u dun give up, at the end, u'll given a gift.

The last day is not for our project but it's Techno Lab and all v need to do is collect the data. Then, go back to our hostel and copy the report from other ppl report. =p So miss the experience tat v get at UTM, but dun wori, next semester i gonna go again. Dunno next semester will gonna be more fun than do our project or not? Waiting for tat.....

Act cool...

Wer the head sudd come off???? =p

Outside the UTM

After finish our class....

Under the tree relaxing. The guy from the right is Lagenda boy!!!

Tis is the program wer v gonna use to make our board functioning.

Tis is our board at Kuantan.

Tis is also our board at UTM. Big difference???

After some stessful day, v also manage to go to KLCC.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Starbuck AGAIN!!!!!!!!

2day i promise to take my sis go to KL as my mum go travel at Sarawak. Actually, i hav chance to go there but my mum say 1 person need to pay RM2000. =.=! no hope liao...

Not juz 2 of us going, my sis's fren also going. Tat mean, i hav to leave them. My sis wan go to Sg Wang buy soe music book for her teaching class. So, her fren acc her and wer m i going to? Go to Times Square, then go to Borders, and lastly Starbuck. T.T

Happy Birthday To Me

Ok, i knw it's been long time ago my birthday aledi pass. Tat time i wanna blog sth but unfortunately it's hardly to on9 at my house. Damn Streamyx!!!! First, i wanna say thx to all my fren who wish me on tat day. Also, i hav to thank YY cuz she the first to send me a wish right after 12am. Then, it's the reminder at my hp wic i knw is set by my sis. Haha.... so tricky my sis...

The night b4 tat, i go yc wif my best fren, Zhong Wei. He now holiday and will start his new sem next Jan. =.=! Tat long!!!! So, wen i free, i'll go to find him. Actually, is he find me more than i find him =p
Tat night, v go out so early, i think 9pm? No place to go, juz place my motor at Beta shop and both of us look like fools walk 2gether around the city. After tat, v find some place to sit and chat. Tat night v chat very fun, most thing cant b heard by other ppl. Haha....

After 12am, he say wanna continue like tat then he treat me eat dinsum. Walao weh!!!!!! So nice.... Well, i quite happy tat day, many fren wish me as they dn 4get. Also, i quite proud (not quite) wen i read paper, they say v should remember 10/10 cuz tat day our first Malaysian go to outer space. =p